Mid-East latest.

Justice for the Palestinians can unlock Middle East peace. World still blind to the jews. The rot in mankind.

Kuwait singer renounces Islam, converts to Judaism. Just a name change.

ICC to elect new prosecutor after failing to reach consensus. Buckling. Jews object to Fatou Bensouda. Cowards come running.

Close quarters >> stick the boot in. Their aim is World Domination, they will continue 2 do what they are doing now. The stupid World sitting watching, they don’t see what’s coming 2 them. Palestine was caught unaware, see it happening again, one at a time, blinded by religion and Normalisation.

“U****r” is nonexistent knocked out by Northern Ireland. It has been part of Ireland until the creation of NI. The Protestants are out of touch with reality. Their perception of the past, present, and future is 100 % imagination, “knowledge” of the Bible is “confusion”. All talk.

Biden maintains US policy of protecting Israeli impunity. Open proof of jews ‘togetherness’ at all levels including top positions of power. “ambassadors asking them to lobby their host governments to issue statements against the ICC ruling and to send a “discreet message to the prosecutor asking her not to move forward with the investigation.” Some good news at last.

Armed against women and children. Creators of god, playing god, ignorance of the Gentiles.

“U****r” is nonexistent, is NOT British. Keep Northern Ireland UK. Its time we took notice of the harm to NI/UK by digging up “U****r”. RIP “U****r”. It never was part of NI/UK.

Biased and prejudiced is the jews lifeblood. Without it they would get nowhere. Back-to-front usual rhetoric is their game, jews only World their aim.

Jews: Joint List splits, as Netanyahu plots his path to victory. Proof of the jews overriding control. A coalition of Arab parties in Jews parliament. The jews are one. It’s religion (again: of the jews) that’s blinding the Gentiles. Take another look:>> the Bible is entirely about the jews, by the jews, for the jews. Jesus fulfilled his position in being the foretold ‘another will come”. He completed his mission by “I will send a comforter” – revealed in Revelations (worded differently in different Bibles). Jews maintaining control through, by, with the Bible.

Cowards. Wake up world, palestine the tip of the iceberg. Out of nowhere in 1947 (scattered round the Earth in most if not all Countries, World Domination in mind).

US woman becomes Muslim after watching Turkish series. Probably got jewish roots. She must be aware of the resemblance of the scriptures, Qu’ran and Bible. Judaism under different names.

U can tell the jews what they are, stateless, waiting for salutations in heaven. The Bible, by, about, for the jews, Christians living on Biblical imagination. The Bible is the jews own creation. Christians are mistaking themselves for jews.

@uup.@duponline @Tuv @presbyterian @welby Finally caught on, levelling with the grassroots, they too are not polititians. 100 years wasted. Brewery.

70% to 85% of Americans need to be fully vaccinated for a return to normal, Fauci says. So far it’s less than 2%. Its a long wait to try and put US on a level with everyone else. Alteady aware of less than 2%, it fits. Plain to see, jews in the high places, no Gentiles.

“Ulster” is not NI/UK. Ulster is anti UK. “Ulster” existed as part of Iteland, prior to the creation of Northern Ireland. Ulster is the non-existent joke in the prodestants mentality.

@uduponline @uup. @Tuv @presbyterian @welby Bland statements are not enough. Throw them in the bin. They never stood one single time.

Kosovo establishes jews ties, to open embassy in Jerusalem. Blind leadership. Jews aim World Domination through ‘ties’, ‘occupation’, stupid blindness to the jews history.

A Jordanian renaissance to save the legacy of 100 years Jan 31,2021 – JORDAN TIMES –. The jews are still looking to the future. Their plans for the future still in place. Still the possibility of being caught unawawes.

The Way of the Warrior: Samurais and Spirituality. All forms of religion are imaginary. Outside the natural mind.

I’M A MUSLIM WOMAN LIVING IN FRANCE: HERE’S HOW WE REALLY FEEL. Under control of judaism/Bible/Qu’ran. Overlooking the blindness. Bible/Qur’an are copied from judaism. Leaders not paying attention to datail.

Swiss religious leaders: Ban on burqas would violate religious freedom. If nations (bar stateless jews) were to dump religion it would free the world from physchological terrorism and leave the jews in their own their own created prison.

Jews rejection of Ugandan Jews highlights bigger problem of ethnic supremacy. Jews policy, only one jews. The cowards in Palestine. Future already planned.

@Benlowry Northern Ireland. It is not weakness, it is frame of mind. 9-Counties v NI /Uk. The frame has been anti from the start. They had no idea from the start. London carried us, (dead weight). 100 years.

The moderate segment of Islam; Ahmadis – the people without land. Proof that ill gotten religion is still the cause of confusion.

Sharjah: Emir’s wife criticises UAE/jews education cooperation. AGREE. Jews making inroads to World Domination.

OPINION | In controversial move, jew NGO critiques jews as “apartheid”. Jews Information Center for Human Rights. Jew humour lol.


Many see Palestine as a land of peace, hope, it’s the cowardly invaders who give the wrong impression. The surprising part is the World sitting back, imitating the cowardly US, (harbouring the jews), not lifting a finger for the Palestinians, to give us peace, leaving us instead with the kmowledge of ‘the jews behind the trouble’ WWI, the jews ridiculed the Kaiser, WW2, the jews still complaining, avoiding ‘behind the trouble’, ridicule, not human enough to admit their wrongdoing. It would be a good thing if the Gentiles take note.

Unwillingness or inability of one side to depart from their habitual positions and behavior patterns {the jews}. The jews are aiming for World Domination as their way out of their present situation (as always due to ‘no change’ necessity). I see by their actions rather than listen to their lies (back-to-front rhetoric). The World is under the jews influence but obviously unaware. The ‘followers’ of the Bible and Qu’ran are living in ignorance of both books being copies of the scriptures <half of the Bible> (other half by Jesus’ disiples). Christains still live by the old testament, assuming they are right. (The OT is the jews scriptures, the NT is the revelations of Jesus interpretation of the scriptures and the jews.

To:- SpeakerPelosi The real enemy is the jews. People blinded by the Bible – the jews coverup. The Bible is by the jews, for the jews. The jews aim is World Domination. I am not blind. The jews are waiting for salutations in heaven.

@JimAllister @News_Letter Fighting spirit back to front, thats the way it has been from the start. They wanted their beloved “U****r”. They have not changed. The way that their going it won’t be sf to blame. They never knew what they were supposed to do – govern.

Marking Holocaust remembering ‘jews behind the trouble’, numbers murdered during WWI/2.

Political analysts welcome US move to restore ties with Palestinians, UNRWA. FALSE. The US is only a mouth for the jews. Who are the willing analysts? How many are jews. There are no intermediateries. Biblical: jews and gentiles. It is the truth. Palestine is the tip of the iceberg – World Domination., Nation by Nation. Worth noting: the jews have nothing. They are stateless, still the wandering jew from the Scriptures. How the Gentiles are so stupid as to the jews history:- Reality: “lying in wait” for Centuries. Gentiles wake up before not when its too late. Not surprised thejews laughing up their sleeves. I see this happening, it fits with their history, they see themselves as having their foot at the door. Scriptural truth::> indication:> ‘they are the fruit of Abrahams bowels’ dirty, not wanted

Archbishop of Athens recklessly alleges Muslims “are people of war”. Not only but Islamists. Jews behind the trouble in WW1, resulting in holocaust. Jews behind Muslims and Islamists >> Qu’ran copied from jews scriptures > open door for, by the jews. Jews complaining. Jews ignoring ‘behind the trouble in WWI’. Jews criticised the Kaiser. Jews deny wrongdoing regardless of what they do {law unto themselves, ignoring ‘behind the trouble’}. Gentiles constantly reminded of the past by the jews, ignorant of themselves. Gentiles should be aware of the jews ‘ignorance’ of their own actions.

Iran:: Jews behind the trouble, short memories causing death and suffering. Cold war, psychological, from a distance, small world.

What is Islam’s view on obedience to the law of the land?. The Qur’an commands Muslims to remain faithful to not only Allah and the Prophet Muhammad(sa), but also the authority they live under. What is written in the Qu’ran is one thing, what people feel is something else. I would not be foolish to take the Qu’ran as being the people.

COVID vaccines: Israeli hasbara versus reality. Still proving they are not what they say they are. Nobodys from outer space. Concocted, ancient ‘scriptures’, out of date, of no intelligent use in todays World. Scriptures, by, for the illiterate.

Islamic theology being taught in German universities. Islamic theology is second rate judaism as is Christainity. What’s wrong with people? How is it they do not see rewritten judaism. Comparing Bible and Qu’ran with jews scriptures will open their eyes, expose their fear of the jews > the jews are in reality ‘god’ they wrote the ‘Word of God’, the Bible and Qu’ran. Shocking, grownup people afraid to know and speak the truth. Jews overriding, off putting influence. Throw away the imaginary fear of nothing, the Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures. Allah is the same ‘god’ as the ‘god’ of the jews and christains, “the only one god” created by the jews. The jews are the creators of ‘god’ as we, today, are forced to accept. QU’RAN followers wake up, you are as dumb as the christians, they are born, grow up and fall for anything their parents fell for. Wasted lives, they choose suicide opposed to education.

The United States, the world’s oldest democracy, led the charge in embracing new technologies of empowerment. Thats a joke. Proven, they don’t have the education, intelligence, brains. The US has been under the jews thumb throughout the two World Wars, 1916 – 1945. The jews behind the trouble WWI, complained, caused WW2. The problem is the World being afraid of the jews and allowing them to know it. No one has as yet stood up for Palestine, shame on the World. When the jews blamed Germany the World jumped on Germany. The jews are proving the cowardice of the World. Instead of standing up to the jews, the World crawls off, shame, disgust. Shame on the World.

Jordan demands Israel end Al-Aqsa ‘provocations’. The jews don’t listen to anyone without World support. They are known to force themselves unto others whilst the World watches unaware they too are future targets. Not paying attention to the jews history.


As We Are Now

How easily people are led. ‘Divine’ guidance, as the Bible/Qur’an presents it, is reliable because it emanates from the jews. Ones own mind, free thinking. ‘Interference’ Bible and Qu’ran, being copied from the jews scriptures. Clearly the jews scriptures renamed but plain to see on the knowledge of the existence and contents of the jews scriptures. The children are misled by their misled parents not paying attention to fact AND fiction.

Noam Chomsky: Three major threats to life on earth that we must address in 2021. the United Arab Emirates and Morocco agreed to recognize Israel on the condition that they could purchase $23 billion and $1 billion worth of U.S.-made weapons, respectively. That is an obvious denial of common sense. The UAE and Morocco Governments have delivered their Countries to the jews. Failure to take note of the jews history to see their continued quest on how to achieve World Domination. Country by Country. Turning a blind eye to the jews is a denial of their history and day to day anti-human acts on the Palestinians (shameful), Abraham deemed them ‘the fruit of his bowels’. The Gentiles {non-jews}, have a disgustingly cowardly approach to the jews. It is the Gentiles who suffer for their own stupidity, the jews are a threat to the future of mankind.

The dead are dead. The jews are waiting for salutations in heaven. Gentiles, death is the end of life on Earth. The Earth lives on. The jews rely on their own scriptures, written from their imagination, afraid of reality. Gentiles have nothing, brought up on jews scriptures.

Astounding, the bravery of the jew invaders, uprooting olive trees, that takes Abrahams fruit.

Video and Book Review: The Leadership of Muhammad by Prof. John Adair. Read the Quran, Mohammad was ‘forced’ to do what he did, clifftop, ‘considered throwing himself off’, his mind completely taken over by the jews. He was led. The jews are now ‘leading’ through using Mohammad. How easily people are brought down and forced to follow a fixed routine. Psychological slavery. Disgraceful in modern day educated society, belongs in ancient times, illiterate, uneducated.

@Pontifex @Saudi Kamala was not born to jewish parents. She has been fasttracked into judaism, spotted as a ‘riser’. Gentiles in places of power should be aware of the jews rise to power, Gentiles weakned by centuries of Biblical brainwashing, US boasters being taken advantage of.

Jews worried, Hindustan is not part of the Judaism Empire.

Highliting:> Hindu faith at distance with world religions: Jews complaining under cover of/using US, because it is not Judaism, i.e. not under the Jews thumb. Truth is finally being forced into the open. Jews aim of World Domination through religion. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – ‘hidden’ truth. Christainity is of Jesus Christ a jew, supportive of Judaism. Islam – copied extention to Judaism.

The eternal promise of the Arab Spring. Proven history. Jews behind unrest throughout the world. They are not to be underestimated. World Domination is their aim. Already in most if not all Countries on the Earth. Invasion of Palestine to gain a foothold on the Earth. Observation:: They are preparing themselves for World Domination. The ROTW is not showing any interest. NOTE:: The jews are the planners of the future. Bear in mind: the jews iniated ‘Normalisation’, some Countries immediately caught being unaware of what the jews had in mind. They are more than secretative, they are individual, out of necessity, they must maintain their ‘difference’ to survive.

@julianoneill @Presbyterian @Pontifex @welby @uduponline @uup the government’s uneducated antics have always played into the hands of the opposition. Handicapped by their own personal failure to accept NI/UK. Blaming London is boosted by Dublin influence.

Pakistani Ahmadis accused of blasphemy over Islamic tombstones. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures. The jews have psychological control over Qu’ran followers/believers. Unexplainable actions, little things didn’t mean to do. Belief in God is in line with the jews way of staying on top as the scriptures. Imaginary standin, jews, believers/followers.

@Pontifex @welby @Presbyterian @ScotPressAwards @UN @Timesofgaza @Saudi @Serbia @Kuwait @UAE Religion is not the Gentiles, it is the jews mentality. The Gentiles have always been behind psychologically ‘tuned’ as in trained because u have the same words as the jews in mind.

Letters from readers: Quran urges respectful discourse. These are the words of the jews, pleading. “And say to My servants that they should speak that which is best. Surely, Satan (equivalent imagination of existence of ‘God’) stirs up discord among them. Surely, Satan is an open enemy to man”. This is the mentality of the jews, they are mentally deranged. Put your education BEFORE religion.

Saudi Arabia Redefines Role as World’s Defender of Muslims. Muslims are unaware of their connection/subjection to Judaism through copied Qu’ran {from Jews scriptures}. As you are yourself committed to the jews through the Qu’ran. You are blinded by the copied Qu’ran to the jews connection. The jews are not playacting, they have no choice. They are relying on ignorance of the Qu’ran connection. First obvious blunder in the Qu’ran ‘we killed Jesus Christ the son of Allah. Utter nonsence, He eas already dead six hundres years before Mohammad was born and the Qu’ran created. Mohammad was forced to do what he did by the jews, are still active unchanged today to keep things unchanged.

Declassified US document reveals Indo-Pacific strategy. But where is Indonesia? Jews in high places, through time. 1947 to date. Noone sticking to the laws of the land. Jews and Gentiles by the jews, unchanged, they live in fear of beinge xposed. Jesus sexposed them to themselves 2000 yrs ago, now in writing in the Bible (New Testament). I’m already of the jews lying, putting people off from checking, includes their scriptures. They are not nationalised. They are not compelled to comply with National customs. It is their life style. They have no allegience to anyone.

ANALYSIS: Has Macron succeeded in creating an ‘Islam for France’? He called for the creation of an “Islam de France”. Signs of confused frame of mind. No reason for Islam over Muslim, two of a kind. Cause for future concern, conflicts. Coinciding with the jews future aim of World Domination. Jews in place of Gentiles in places of power, world-wide. I am the ‘not-a-jew’ in the Bible. Rev 1::Like unto, will be called, only he knows. Found: Bible is 100 % jews rhetoric, about self, for self, by self. Jews and Gentiles, not on the level, Jews religion, Gentiles nothing, taken in by jews in ignorance, Jews religion not including both.

The Muslim Times has the best collection to promote secularism and deaccelerate sectarianism. The MT is in ignorance of reality. Open your ears sesrch, check, find the truth. Stand up, face the jews The Qu’ran is paired with half the Bible, the other half is by the disiples about Jesus’ birth, life and death. Deliberate falsehood:: the Qu’ran :: ‘we killed Jesus Christ the son of Allah’ . Staring the Christains in the face. I would not be swayed by such stupidity. I am aware the Qu’ran is by the jews through Muhammad. When the Qu’ran first appeared the now believers were living in ignorance. The jews psychological influence ‘led’ them in their ignorance to believe’, compare to Mohammad, he too was made to believe.

Jordan condemns new Israeli settlement activities. Not new. Gentiles wake up to the jews unchanging aim of World Domination. Jews plan for Palestine, bits and pieces quickly forgotten. Gentiles timetrained to not see jews progress, aim in mind. Gentiles should pay attention to jews activity from 1947 to date. Today Palestine, tomorrow the World. Jews psychological influence blinding the Gentiles to the future. Jews already planned future, Gentiles not seeing the obvious weapons used by the jews, both are the Bible and Qu’ran, blind to the future, there is no heaven or hell, come awake. They deserve to be treated the way

Biden’s foreign policies in the world and the Middle East. Biden’s foreign policies are US/jew based i.e. domesticated, limited to future already decided by the jews. Biden is a jew.

US relations with the rest of the world will remain largely unchanged. The “relations” are onbehalf of the jews by the jews.

Biden’s foreign policies in the world and the Middle East. Jews in the Chair are NOT Americans. Future to suit the jews. Gentiles take note.

Fear of Palestinian narrative behind jews ban of ‘Jenin, Jenin’. A Palestinian people with a coherent, collective narrative will always exist, no matter the geography, the physical hardship and the political circumstances. This is what the jews fear most.

To Refute the Hate-mongering of White Supremacists I visited Martin Luther King’s Memorial. Ignorance. Skin colour is caused by the sun. Putting skin before intelligence, knowledge etc.

Jews isn’t a democracy, it’s an ‘apartheid regime,’ rights group says. Correct. Scriptures, religion. Continue to think they are something bacause of the millions on their knees to the jews religion. Bible, Qu’ran, control boxes, supplied information, attract to trap. Jews are already familiar with the contents of the Bible and Qu’ran. Bible and Qu’ran believers are in harmony with the jews, in thinking, and prayer. Tne jews and Gentiles division created by the jews for the maintenance of their own privacy. Gentiles unwittingly complying. The Gentiles religion shielding the jews. They are what the Gentiles see, but theGentiles are still unaware of {unexpected) haterid born through life, i.e. of the Gentiles presence on the planet (sounds like madness but true). Their aim is World domination, their only way out. The Gentiles are psychologically subdued by the jews but fail to notice. With the adoption of the jews attitude the Gentiles would eventually see and feel themselves to be free of the jews. Dump the connections, catch up to them.

Jews: Converts to Islam on the rise as Jewish group vows to show ‘a way out’. Jews are afraid of exposureJews panic as people act according to their own mind. Inhuman proof of the difference between jews and Gentiles, unaware they live under the auspices of judaism, the Bible. Gentiles should be aware of being blinded to the jews by the jews, the Bible is jewish. Technically the Gentiles are not using their own minds because of centuries of biblical indoctrination. Dumping the “{jews Bible}” will “free” the Gentiles.

@PalestineToday @Pontifex @welby @Presbyterian @UN @aneesafilisteen   The UN is  the jews doing, they are centuries old, the Gentiles unaware what the jews have been doing behind their backs. Christains, the Qu’ran believers r caught in jews clutches. The Qu’ran is copied judaism@PalestineToday @Pontifex @welby @Presbyterian @UN @aneesafilisteen   The UN is  the jews doing, they are centuries old, the Gentiles unaware what the jews have been doing behind their backs. Christains, the Qu’ran believers r caught in jews clutches. The Qu’ran is copied judaism.

The Growing Problem of Online Radicalization. Weakned by religion, people are easily led. The

The true meaning of rafa‘a: Proof that Jesus has passed away. Jesus was dead 600 years before the Qu’ran, had nothing to do with it nor it him. Weakminded believers. Being led to believe anything. I have already said the Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures thus THE connection.

Atonement contradicts the law of nature. Then whoso does an atom’s weight of good will see it). Bukum, balderdash, garbage, bin fodder.

@aneesafilisteen @welby @Pontifex @Presbyterian The jews see the gentiles (all non jews), as an obstacle, “dangerous mentality”, the gentiles not taking the jews seriously enough, Heads of State are UN, strangled, jews forward planning. Idiotic white supremeisists jews cover.

Atonement contradicts the law of nature. Where does this come from? Stupidity.

Bible NT, Jesus exposed the jews to themselves revealed.

@WGazapal @aneesafilisteen @PalestineToday @wisermann @Saudi @Uae The jews are waiting for salutations in heaven. Their aim is World Domination. I’m not turning my back to them.

@Presbyterian @Pontifex @JustinWelby @uup @uduponline 100 years on. Disgraceful:: Nothing changed. Obvious whats wrong with NI/UK. Jumped on, spat upon, internal continuous anti attitude {did’nt get their beloved 9-Counties} stuck with NI (bile are they).

The Best Ted Talk to understand Democratic & Republican divide in USA. The jews impersonate Democratic and Republicans. They are fooling the people. They have to be stood up to. They rely on their scriptures, the Gentiles don’t realise that they are copying the jews in every way but blinded to the untruth of the jews religion created by the jews claiming to be the only truth of God. They have created an imaginary standin, they call it God. Think how easily this was done, centuries ago whilst illiteracy was rife. You can see thru them and their religion using your own acquired knowledge and Education. You were not born with teligion, it was forced upon you, the parents abandoning their children The children should have religion forced unto them without being given the chance to decide for themselves. The jews lifestyle is different to the Gentiles. My advice is strictly directed at the Gentiles, you are born independent of the jews. Separate, different way of life. The Jews cause the confusion, avoid contact untill made aware by sticking to your own kind. This attitufe is their own centuties old doing, maintained to date and beyond.

Greece wants EU pressure on Turkey to take back migrants. Erdogan is a jew. Their mentality is outside Earthly comprehension. They have/are proving they have no regard for anything Earthly. Their aim World Domination, on their own, not shared. They cannot live with other people. Self isolated, from Biblical times. They have been isolated for centuries, they don’t intend to change, they cannot, they are caught in their own trap. The reason is the Bible, their doing, not ours.

Pakistan must limit extremists’ activities: security expert. Imran Khan blames neighboring countries for exploiting sectarian terrorism, there is no evidence for such a claim. The ‘evidence’ is knowing the Qu’ran is copied from and based on the jews scriptures, the Qu’ran was created psychologically by the jews {a selected jew} through Mohammad, an innocent Arab, Egyptain. He was used psychologically, Qu’ran. His mind completely taken over, still practiced today in comical sketches.

Europe’s beef with Jews and Muslims. The jews are the leaders, Muslims the trot behind.

It is time the US citizens stopped putting the blame on other American Countries. Their own stupidity is causing them to blame “everyone else” i.e. America. I am embittered at the UK for not standing up to the weakling US. It once was, is now under the jews.

Religion continues to decline in Switzerland. Good, worth waking up and taking a stand for the future.

@Presbyterian @presbycollege @princesscombat @scotpres @Pontifex @PDChina @GovtofPakistan
Your rubbish into ‘in disguise”. A whole lotta centuries, (6 failures), still no end.

Immigration, intermarriage, education makes US Jewry large, diverse. US Jewry is the dirt in Palestine everywhere else. World Domination.

The question of whether Islam is a part of Germany?. Rubbish; the jews shoving in pretence. Germany had nothing to do with Islam, a ploy to excite the narrow-minded followers. Sticking to one book results in one-track-mind, isolation, limited knowledge.

The GOP’s carnival of hypocrisy. The jews way of life, self-separated from the Gentiles {non-jews}. Downfall of Jesus, faith in the scriptures, wept, they were lost, he completed his mission to the end, crucified for real and gave up the ghost, commended his spirit to God. {The use of the word ‘hypochracy’ suggest ‘belief’ in the jews scriptures. When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn I learned furing the past 50 yrs of my life.

Nobody has lifted a finger in support of Palestine. Sickening cowardice at the top. Copying the cowardly jews. Back-to-front life on Earth. The jews personal defence system is their psychological not giving in to the truth. The key:: stateless fruit of Abrahams bowels.

Reaffirming two-state solution, Quartet ministerial meeting concludes in Cairo. Rafique, go back to school. The jews aim with the help of the likes of you, and sit on their backsides vovering up their stupidity, they have had from 1947 to get to know the jews. The jews are afraid of the gentiles (numerical), they are stupidly avoiding standing up to the jews, their aim is World Domination.the only way out to themselves. The Gentiles {non-jews} are in a position to stand up for themselves by stopping the jews in their tracks before its too late. No Country is safe, UK andUS are a cowardly assurance, both could have stood up long ago but for the blinding religion. They can stand up now that the jews are known. So far no signs of observatory intelligence we are sick of.

@Presbyterian @welby @Pontifex @uup Cowards, be prepared round the clock. God is on their side, they created an imaginary standin, they call it God {fooling the public}. Notice: when the jews dip out, they leave their standin.

Jordan, Egypt could join Quartet’s Mideast peace drive. The jews threat is still there, any future agreements will involve the UAE with their hanger-ons jews. They have been a threat for Centuries from India, Babylon, Assiria, Rome, England, Germany, UN formed under jews supervision for future personal purposes {staring in the face}, needs someone to see and standup.

Deadliest jew raids on Syria in years kill 57. Still on World Domination, no opposition. Not to be waited for, ‘to be prevented’. They care for noone. One mentality {like no other}. When choosing company I am with/for domestic and wildlife <third party>.

Gulf state religious moderation falls by the wayside in Pakistan. Jews in control. Time after time, time after time.

Pakistan attempts to prosecute Ahmadi US citizens for digital blasphemy. Due to close internal proximity the jews continue to control unopposed. At all levels.

@Pontifex @welby @Presbyterian @scotpres @UN @Saudi @Serbia @chinascio UN calls for enhanced international cooperation to tackle terrorism. Whats coming? Too little or too late.

UN calls for enhanced international cooperation to tackle terrorism. Whats coming? Too little or too late.

Jordan, Egypt could join Quartet’s Mideast peace drive. Open your eyes, noone is taking the jrws serioudy. Palestine, 53 years continuously dying, suffering, dedtruction, still the World has done nothing. The World does nothing, the jews are capable of creating the UN, Coverup for Heads-of-State.

How Israel manipulates suffering of Palestinians. THERE’S NOONE DTANDING UP FOR THE PALESTINIANS. Every day makes the World more and more cowardly. What they are doing in Palestine and the US. They are in a position to take control of anything and everything that the US is capable of. It is obvioud the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, showing no sign of opposing the jews. Weakneed Christains. Biblical typical cowardice, how the jews read the Gentiles.

UN calls for enhanced international cooperation to tackle terrorism

Professor enumerates problems in Islamic world but promises bright future. They will always be subject to the jews. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures, blanketing.

Sheldon Adelson, pro-Israel extremist who ‘crafted the course of nations,’ is dead. As is his stupid selfish, narrowminded ideas of the future, thete sre people here now with a clearer outlook than it was then, not only jews.

US in turmoil: {tall storey}:> The solution world leaders ignore. The US is HARBOURING the jews. The US is not part of the ROTW, the jews control by jewish politicians, plain to see, the US is a grovelling ground for Heads of State. Proven. The US is not the greatest, it is the least, Governed by jews (foreign). Noone in the US standing up to the jews in plain sight. Names do not make Nationalists, particularly kmown to be outsiders. Jews vote for themselves, the brainless US haven’t the brains to stick together and vote US, not jews. Barack Obama is not a jew. Black and White pull together and vote US not jews. Jews still live in the Bible, the wandering jew.

Muslim prayer app tracks user locations. Another side to religion, unaware of the jews connection, thru the Qu’ran.

Indonesia could be Asia’s next Islamic Finance Hub. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures. The hidden danger in the Qu’ran, a door left open to the jews. Unknown to themselves, refusing to accept the truth without checking, Jews scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran are one, the people are not. The Bible was picked up in ignorance, so too was the Qu’ran. Taking for granted without checking. Too many people have died.

I kick-started Trump, I tweeted him, he ran to the wall in Palestine. Jews record “I stumble and fall, I run to the wall”. They do not belong anywhere.

Fits with 1921, threw away the ConNI. Weakened the border. Responsible for sea-border. Anti-NI from the start. They both DUP/UUP made their homein “U*****s” abdomin. They still don’t know what they have done, 100 yrs anti their own Country.

Jews self-defeating manipulation of Palestinian suffering. Why hasn’t the World got round to dealing with the jews. Not agreeing out of sight is not good enough. The jews have to be told in person, otherwise they continue “self-imposed ‘I am not knowing’, cowardly jews game.” See them now”. Things thought and never happened are happening now, the jews, are an unwanted addition.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan issues special permit for Dubai royals to hunt internationally protected bird. A black mark on the Royals. All manner of life is precious. I am not anti-Royal but I have my own mind.

Will the Deal of Century include Indonesia?. I see the jews with their eyes on the World, where has mankind gone.

Will the Deal of Century include Indonesia?. US cowards. Destruction of mankind giving in to the jews. The first is the US cowards, backup UK.
I am a witness. The same jews in the Bible as sre in Palestine. Mankind blinded : cowardice.

The Algerian state, Sunni Islam and violations of religious freedom. All people are born without religion. The jews survival depends on people falling for religion. Example: Palestinians literally commiting suicide, the Qu’ran is the jews scriptures under a different name, as is also the Bible. The jews are ruling the Nations of the World. through the Bible and Qu’ran. Getting rid of the Bible and Qu’ran  will stifle the jews. They survive on unwitting support.

Don’t copy the jews words, use your own, know the difference. The jews have no place on the Earth. They r fooling the public pretending 2b religious. Religion is based on imagination, centuries ahead. I know that too. They are the wandering Jew in the Bible, update: stateless.

During a teleconference meeting, King Abdullah highlighted the important role of the Latin Patriarchate and other churches in Jerusalem in bolstering the unity of Jerusalemites, which is key to maintaining interfaith harmony and preserving the historical and legal status quo in the Holy City, according to a Royal Court statement. Differ:: All in line with not standing up to the jews where and when it matters. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures. A Trogan Horse. I see the jews from the right angle: seeing is believing.

Why did King Henry II Threaten to join Islam: BBC. The jews psychological influence.

Why is Jesus’ death so important for Muslims?. He did die on the Cross. He being a jew: Jews are waiting for salutations in Heaven. Islam, Muslim, Ahmadi, use your intelligence over the scriptures.

@Pontifex  @welby  @scotpres @Presbyterian    Why:: JESUS DIED AT THE CRUCIFIXATION.                  The jews r waiting for salutations in Heaven. Christains have the Earth. The Bible has the latest Jesus (NT).
The Qu’ran was created by the jews.
Allah is a fictional creation

The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Muslim in Today’s India, turn it round, coming from the jews, what you see them doing is what they are. They highlight Heaven and Hell, their eyes are on the EARTH.

How Qatar and Saudi Arabia would benefit from the Gulf reconciliation. The first thing to do is dump the third party.

How Qatar and Saudi Arabia would benefit from the Gulf reconciliation. WWI The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. They have been here for Centuries, they know every inch, each individual Country. Remember the Qu’ran is judaism under a different name. The jews are Allah, named by them.

Thaw in Gulf rift could bridge gap between Ankara, Arab states, reshape regional balances. WWI The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. Those same jews in Palestine.

Civil Unrest Khalifa warned: Fiji Sun USA. An elect of Allah, the Khalifa (Caliph). Islam Is a Dark Religion”. Islam Hates US”. Donald Trump makes it very clear that Muslims will be banned. Covering up the jews involvement. Those of us who abide by the Khalifa knew without doubt his prophet words will come true . Those of us who abide by the Khalifa knew without doubt his prophet words will come true if the leader(s) did not pay heed.

Civil Unrest Khalifa warned: Fiji Sun USA. The jews suggest:: the Qu’ran followers jump to it.

Like No Other – by Haim Bresheeth-Zabner. Weaponised the paranoia of “existential threats” to justify a near-constant state of war. Its themselves should be stood up to at all angles, in person, its what they are scared of.

JORDAN: Gov’t outlines grand plans to celebrate Jordan’s centennial. To be on the alert: jews, their intentions are lifelong. Scriptures. Beginning to the end. They dare not forget. Followers of the Qu’ran unawsre of the jew connection, Qu’ran copied from jews scriptures.

Why it’s time for a political party to serve all the jews. Biblical truth: jews AND gentiles. Jews alone decided, for life, as is the scriptures. The way out is to stand up to them and stop. They started centuries ago, created the Reg Veda and overcame India, were moved by King Naducadnezzar, Babylon, lettered by King Arterexes to stick to their faith, otherwise their house becomes a dunghill. Committed suicide to avoid capture. Arrived in England. moneylenders. Banished by the King from England. Charles I, behedded by the Lord Protector of England. Lord Proctector died, Son succeded the throne of England. Lord Proctector of England brought the jews back to England. {my post on Royalty/Commoner}. WWI The Kaiser, “the jews behind the trouble”. Jew complained, WW2. 1947 the jews invaded Palestine, no one stood up. Disgraceful, fools made of Royalty and commoners. They are still aiming for World Domination <centuries>. They do not rely on anyone, rely fully on the scriptures, scared of being known, as we the gentiles are.

Inhumanity on Europe’s doorstep. Palestine, reporters> deal with the matters in hand, speak out, cut out the roundabout jews running back-2-front pattern.

Interview with Dr Farooq Mahmood: ‘A financial system founded on principles of equity and justice is required’ Part II. Anything new should be patented to stop the jews laying claim. Example:: the jews created the Qu’ran and left it separate from their scriptures, leaving the Qu’ran followers in the dark to the jews psychological interference/influence. I have mentioned it to the Two Editors of the TMT, they are like children. Recent terrorism is the result of being ignorant of the connection to the jews {direct line}. Constant surveillance.

@aneesafilisteen @Presbyterian @welby @Pontifex on film: Jesus fulfilled his mission. He was Crucified did not argue. The jews are waiting for salutations in heaven. Jesus is dead. Consider their reasoning.

Debunking the myths, debunk the jews. Solved. No jews, no trouble, not everyone wants to rule the World.

Interview with Dr. Farooq Mahmood: ‘There are inherent contradictions in current day capitalism’ Part I. The Review of Religions interviewed Dr. Farooq Mahmood and talked to him about the links between finance and morality, and how the Islamic faith can contribute to a better and more sustainable economic system in the long run. The Islamic faith is false, it is in judaism. To choose Islam is to come under judaism, the same goes for all followers of the Qu’ran < is the jews creation thru Muhammad {blinded, compelled to comply}, note the difference between an unknowing Arab to Muhammad, explained in the Qu’ran.

@bobmoore The first thing the protestants did was to throw way the Constitution, remained to date bogged down, proclaiming “U****r” to the outside world causing confusion. Everything they have done is anti-NI. THIS IS THE REAL PICTURE. Paisley sen “says no” standing outside NI.

They took everything from me. Know them for the cowards that they are. They live in fear of exposure, already exposed in the Bible. “The fruit of Abrahams bowels”, Biblical. Christians, where is the VALOR? history.

Pakistan’s search for identity. All Nations takenote: this is proof of the jews interference through the Qu’ran. The Qu’ran is based on the jews scriptures and is an automatic influence on the Qu’ran followers who live in ignorance of the jews influence/interference. I have informed the two Editors of the The Muslim Times, with no result, refusing to accept without checking. They fail to see their fear is the jews psychological reaction to being rejected.

@Presbyterian @presbycollege @welby @Pontifex The scriptures from which the Bible and Qu’ran are construed is the jews scriptures, ‘scriptures under a different name’. The jews holding unto millions through the Bible and Qu’ran.

Still noone with the guts to stand up to the jews. No Nation!

@NJ_Timothy 5 years ago I txt Trump, he took off for Palestine to the jews and nose to wall. The jews allegedly packed him off back to US. I found out their record. *I stumble and fall and run to the wall*.

@RralCFrampton Are u aware of the harm that’s been done by the leaders. Threw away ConNI, agreed with the Stormont aggrement, support SF in NI (they are Dublin/Ireland orientated), their own Constitution. Differed with London (anti NI), we r lumbered with an anti NI sea-border.

@udleics see one of the world’s most prominent democratic institutions overrun by a mob, hellbent on subverting the democratic will of the people is not a sight I thought I’d ever see. It is obvious who but noone stands up. WWI The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. Exposed.

Awoke one night from a deep dream of peac. And saw, within the moonlight in his room, And to the presence in the room he said,“What writest thou?”—The vision raised its head. And with a look made of all sweet accord, Answered, “The names of those who love the Lord.” “And is mine one?” said Abou. “Nay, not so. ” Jew speciality, any mention of God or Lord is a direct link to the jews. They are involved everywhere, in most if not all Countries. Have always been planning World Domination.

Due to Trump, the US is not seen as trustworthy on world stage. Obvious, Governed by jews. The way ahead is clear, guts needed to stand up, another try i.e. Barrack Obama or equivalent, set the pace. Know the difference, jews or people.

Netanyahu should treat Arabs better if he wants their votes. Suicide either way.

@frank @Welby @Vatican Wrong about the English its the home ground really. Threw away the ConNI, agreed Stormont Agreement, differ on Brexit (they knew nothing about just picking on the PM), r stuck with Irish sea-border, constant blundering. Halfway on land border.

‘Atomic Habits’: How the Ideas of a Modern Day Book Coincide with the Spiritual Quest – Part II. I’m not interested in what somebody has assumed re the scriptures, Bible, Qu’ran. I’m only interested in what I found out from them. I know fact from fiction. I also know the truth. The jews created God from their own minds. They created an imaginary ‘standin’ and call it God.

Atomic Habits’: How the Ideas of a Modern Day Book Coincide with the Spiritual Quest – Part II. The jews still leading. Ideas to keep the unwary moving on looking for nothing. Further:: The jews scriptures saved by the jews creation of the Qu’ran. You were told Abrahamic. You were nottold Abrahamic only applies to the Original jews scriptures. Bible and Qu’ran mere copies.

TMT::> Defending Islam: The hallmark of Ahmadiyyat. Following the example of the Promised Messiahas, lead on McBeth, simpleminded people will fall for anything. The Qu’ran followers are simpleminded because the Qu’ran is not their own mind, it is judaism. Fooled by the jews promises of Messiahs. The Qu’ran is false, it is judaism under a different name, the same with the Bible. Sha and Rafique, I have told you what is wrong but you are not passing it on, the jews keep control, relying on your stupidity.

TMT:: Rafique:: A study into the Laws of Nature and its Manifestations. The jews created an imaginary standin, called it God.

Inclusive’ GCC summit to lead members to ‘reunification’: Saudi crown prince. Do not confuse with the jews ‘Normalisation’ from their side.

German Govt has agreed sales of arms to Egypt and Countries involved in the conflicts in Yemen and Libya. No arms for Palestine. I looked up to Germany but now see a Country destroyed by cowards hiding under religion denying the Palrstinians the right to live in their own Country – blatant. Because they, the jews, are stateless, Bible, ‘the wandering jew’ . Listless people every Sunday and Friday. Instead of a civilised World, I see cowards scared of cowards.
I am here, Luke and Revelations Ch 1. I am known to the jewry, I know them for what they are, the people live in ignorance of them.

@Saudi @Serbia @Kuwait @UN @EU The jews are getting away with what they are doing because of help  from jews in places of power, i.e. Politians. I am here, Luke and Revelations Ch 1. I am known to the jewry, I know them for what they are,  the people live in ignorance of them.

EU calls on jews to investigate themselves knowing their corrupt record so far, WHY THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Is the EU in total darkness or just avoiding the cowardly jews.

Northern Ireland>> Real problem there is no one capable of Governing the Country. Proven history. Bungling pretenders. Because they can blame England and have the people agreeing. (Why there is noone in the Country capable of Governing).

@UAE @Serbia @india @vat It would seem like noone is aware. The power of the jews influence through their faith, Qu’ran and Bible (half). Jesus left them to keep their faith. Said He would send a comforter aware of their weakness.

Conversion to Ahmadiyya in Indonesia: “Winning Hearts through Ethical and Spiritual Appeals” . Overlooking original source research. Because of a few the majority are trapped. I sm aware of the Qu’ran being composed of copied jews scriptures. Rushing in, not checking. Fault lies with few being told but it goes no further. Because the Qu’ran is false, so is Ahmadiyya, Islam, Muslim.

Did Jesus Exist? Why do 15% of Britons Believe Jesus Christ was a Fictional Character?. YES he did exist. The Bible (NT). He stood up to the jews and exposed them to themselves. He had nothing to do with the Gentiles, only for the jews. He took up and became the scriptures, the reason for his popularity. Everything for the jews including crucifixion. The Gentiles have both sides, scriptures (Old Testament), and Jesus (New Testament) Bible, RCC and Protestant the same except RCC referencrs left out of the Protestant version.

Joe Biden’s in-tray: The five key foreign policy issues. They have never had a foreign policy, everything domesticated. The jews policy.

Conversion to Ahmadiyya in Indonesia: Winning Hearts through Ethical and Spiritual. Instead of adding to we should be getting the truth as we see it, we are seeing the jews in Palestine. The jews scriptures, the Bible, the Qu’ran are being used indepently giving the wrong impression. The Bible and Qu’ran are being used by the jews to keep the people in ignorance. Someone should obtain a copyof the jews scriptures to compare. Abrahsmish is rubbish. The Bible and Qu’ran are ‘outside’ Abrahamish, they are copies, not originals.

IX. The Interaction of Islam and Hinduism. The Qu’ran is automatically contradictory to Hinduism i.e. contains judaism, a threat to mankind through religion unanounced in the Qu’ran except in Hadith: jews waiting for salutation in heaven. Jewish superiority based on their faith being their own creation but questionable as to continued or picked up, to be confirmed.

Ted Talk As Commentary of A Verse of the Quran. I have created men, high and low, but to worship Me.” (Al Quran 51:56). Not true. Copied from jews scriptures. Jews only. Allah {false} created by the jews through Muhammad during creation of Qu’ran Truth witheld for obvious reasons. God created by the jews for their own purpose. Technically the jews ” are” god, created in their mind.

@uduponline @uup @Tuv
‘tinged by sadness’ selfinflicked, 100 years anti-NI.

@welby @uduponline @uup.@Tuv no change, 100 years, anti NI, bogged in 9-Counties, shuns London then blames them. Farcical, don’t see selfinflicked.

Jonathan Haidt’s Ted Talk: Religion, evolution, and the ecstasy of self-transcendence. Life without {the jews religion} is growing up aquiring knowledge to be used for your own purpose. Religion is a dead end, no progress. The scriptures are thousands of years old, unchanged. Written by the jews about the jews for the jews.

Einstein’s Quote on Human Compassion. Experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest. His own mind. An individual. Untouched by outside influences. Applicable to all if more attention paid to self. A world of thinkers, awareness.

Building a Religious Case against Racism?. Back to front. Religion is the cause of racism. {jews and gentiles}.

Building a Religious Case against Racism?
You must not exploit or oppress a foreign resident, for you yourselves were foreigners in the land of Egypt.” (4). The jews wrote the scriptures. They do not live by it. They use it to suit themselves. The Gentiles get it wrong thinking the scriptures are for them {written by the jews for themselves}. Dumping religion would see the jews on the run.

TMT:: “Ameer Muawiyah: Exhibit A for ‘There is No Political System in Islam’” . The political system is the government of the Country. Religion has no place with politics. The difference: religin is controlled from outside. Hence neverending unease.

@alexkane I have texted them on a number of occasions re what they. did in 1921, discarded the ConNI and remained bogged in 9-Counties to date giving no impression of their actions in 1921. They kept what they did from the public at the time: result UFF, UVF, UDA, UDR, UU, etc.

TMT:: “Ghamidi’s Urdu Video: Respect of Present Day and Past Scholars”. I have no interest in the Qu’ran other than telling it is not what is imagined. It consists of fallacy and fiction.

TMT:: Everyone has a dream. Not just one dream – dreams. Everyone has a story.”. Everyone has the right ro refuse being forced to accept rubbish. Other peoples fantasies.

TMT:: Israel, UAE collaborating to eliminate UNRWA – report first mistake of ‘normalisation’, UAE turned against own kind by an accomplished trickster.

UNGA adopts Pak-led resolution on interreligious dialogue. Burn their interreligious dialogue, psychological poisioning.

TMT:: “African Traditional Religions” . The overlooked obedience to religion. Religion is not a necessity. Standing by education will publicise the fragility of religion. Faith is personal weakness. Education never changes, but religion is groundless, susceptible to weak mentality. We are born independant of others, by remainingso we avoid being ‘caught’ by others to suit themselves. My life would be destroyed by religion had I not read the Bible and seen religion as a personally destructive mentality. Religion is confused with natural way of life, it does not have to be accepted. Forced acceptance should be stood up to. It is disgraceful that religion is being forced upon the people by respected persons in power amounting to a mockery of the education system.

Allah forbids you not, respecting those who have not fought against you on account of your religion, and who have not driven you forth from your homes, that you be kind to them and act equitably towards them. Same to the jews referring to their stay in Egypt. Bearing in mind they were chased out of Egypt.

Video: The Story of God With Morgan Freeman – Who Is God? God of Islam: God of Nature and the Creator of our Universe. Allah was created by the jews for the creation of the Qu’ran. Qu’ran followers are actually praying to the jews as are also the Christains. Stop wasting time and lives and get the evidence about the Bible and Qu’ran. Compare:> scriptures, Bible, Qu’ran, one plus two copies, all three by the jews, two copied from one.

Book Review: The Islamic Jesus: How the King of the Jews Became a Prophet of the Muslims. Jesus had nothing to do with anyone other than the jews whom being propheticed knew what was needed. His sole purpose to save the jews. He said “I am sent not only but also unto the house of Israel”, this being the twelve tribes of Jacob. There is a problem with Israel. Abraham named Jacob ‘Israel’ and called him the fruit of his, (Abrahams), bowels. No mention of Jacobs brother Esau and his decendents, this being the reason for ‘not only but also’. Beware of false leads.

“Dear Muslim Ummah! Elect One Leader…If You Can….” I have already said that the jews set Mohammad up for the purpose of Creating the Qu’ran (copied from the jews scriptures) in retaliation to Jesus creating the Bible. The jews are using the Qu’ran to control the masses (similar to the Bible already in existence used to control the Christains). Compare scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran. Abrahamic only applies to the jews scriptures. Beware of false interpretations for the purpose of misleading. Jesus exposed the jews in the Bible (NT). I have exposed the jews as being the creators of the Bible and Qu’ran. The off-the-cuff use of Allah is deliberately misleading.

TMT:: “Video: The Story of God With Morgan Freeman – Who Is God?” . God of Islam.

Zionism is still jews imagination, as with God, Gentiles (non jews), take heed, see what they are doing. Nobodys in 1947, still nobodys. Their own religious belief, passed on second hand to the Gentiles, Bible and Qu’ran.

IRAN: U.S. sanctions’ silver lining for Iranian home appliance industry Economy. Planning normalisation see: Sudan.

TMT:: Commemorating Jesus as a Muslim. I am a Muslim, and I love Jesus, perhaps more than you may think. WHY?

TMT:: Trump Team Weighs Immunity For Saudi Prince In Assassination Plot: Report. More rediculous jumped up US exploitation. Usual US round about the jews.

TMT:: She drank water from a nearby stream. It was the season of the ripening of dates, probably around August or September. Both the Quran and Bible (New Testament, Luke 2:7-8.) give evidence of the actual time of Jesus’ birth as autumn rather than winter.

TMT:: Nowhere to be seen. No mention of the jews in Palestine. 1992. Question Huntington? jew.

God is why the jews were behind the trouble in WWI.

Ancient ritual bath may mark first New Testament-era find at Jesus’ Gethsemane., this is the jews keeping up the pressure. Jesus exposed the jews to themselves, partiy why He was Crucified. Jesus would be genuine as opposed to God. Being born, God being imaginary. That is not an invitation to suddenly turn to Jesus, He advocates the scriptures, path to ‘God’. No better off, scriptures for jews only. Would be mentally and physically kept out.

“Museum of the Bible considers suing D.C. mayor over virus shutdown, citing religious freedom claims” . The work of the Bible is the work of the jews. Allegedly intelligent people giving in to illiterate ancient writings.

Bahrain church project cements Gulf region’s reputation for religious tolerance. This is ignorance on the part of important people. Education overrulles religion. Adherence to religion is the cause of the situation, it is flaunted by influencial people for personal gain, life is of no importance.

The Smile of God by Joel Osteen. God is imaginary probably people think, imagination goes to imagination. So, happiness is imagination.

Israel first mentioned by Abraham. He named Jacob (father of the twelve tribes), Israel the fruit of my bowels.

Arab Spring: A flashback to past 10 years. The jews would have been most unhappy about democracy in the Arab world. The jews do not change. World Domination. They are already in most Countries preparing for the future. There is no Country large enough to accommodate them. World Domination the only way out. Their own mind, in the background.

Biden’s win-over: What entails Jordan?. An obvious US question shielding the jews. Worth mentioning that Biden’s status and policies would not be against the jews regime, US licking their sandals. Worth remembering, the US is second rate to the jews. All policies to be passed by the jews.

TMT:> Jesus is most popular among older Canadians, Albertans (and Christians), poll finds. They are running on guesswork. The same everywhere, the Bible not properly read (Clerics). People are left half-knowing. Jesus exposed the jews to themselves. He left it for the Christians to find out for themselves without annoying the jews. This information is 500 years old (the Reformation).

Playing into the jews hands. Anything do with religion is dirt. The jews are profiteering from the Bible and Qu’ran, followers of both are keeping the jews up in their ignorance of the contents. Shamefull, disgraceful, disgusting, advantage taken of ignorance. I am not ignorant.

It’s easy to criticize Abbas for Palestinian failures but the true blame lies with the extremists. The ‘exremists’ are right to stand up to and face the ‘extremist’ stateless nobodys occupying the Palestinians Country. The fault is with the UN/Heads-of-State, they alone for failing to act on the invasion. The jews continue to add to their incursion. Still nothing from Heads-of-States knowing what is happening. amounts to disgraceful act of united cowardice. The jews take advantage of weakness. The jews have to be stood up to see their cowardice.

@HoytStreetCOGIC @uup @uduponline @Tuv Perpetrators still adding to their throwing away the ConNI, sent the English home with their tails between their legs, says NO, lapel Badge, UDA, UDR, UB, UU, UR, Stormont agreement, latest, border in the Irish Sea.

@typers7 @uup @uduponline @Tuv not new, they threw away the ConNI in 1921, remained bogged in 9-Counties to date, send the English home with their tails between their legs, says NO with lapel badge. Universal disgrace.

@antonioguterres You should be looking at what the jews are doing IN Palestine not relying on fixed reports, I am aware what is happening and it has nothing to do with peace.

We ask God for mercy and forgiveness). Is there anyone to see the stupidity of religion. Reduced to begging “we ask God for mercy and forgiveness”. Begging to the jews imagination, therefore actually begging the jews.

TMT: History Channel Documentary: Banned from the Bible, Secrets of the Apostles. RUBBISH.

The Arab people are blinded by the Qu’ran. There two people in a powerful position afraid to accept the truth, witholding important information about the creation of the Qu’ran, it is based on the jews scriptures. They are subjected to the psychological influence of the jews.

History Channel Documentary: Banned from the Bible, Secrets of the Apostles. The Apostles are jews. Adding weight to the scriptures.

TMT> “We cannot say God did not give us a chance to lead the world” >. Fiction. The jews created god in their scriptures. Fact. When you write something it is “your word”. The jews wrote the scriptures including god in the scriptutes. Therefore the scriptures is the jews word. God is an imaginary standin created to cover up their imagination. People have been pressurised into believing in nothing. Both fact and fiction can be written, it’s up to the people to know the difference. Put your faith in your education.

Google Search Results to ‘The Caliph of Islam’- A Response to Allegations Against Islam Ahmadiyyat. Obvious jews interference through Qu’ran. One Qu’ran 3 beliefs. How can Ahmadi be Calip of Islam. Islam and Muslim overrulled> jews interference, manipulation. Qu’ran is open door to the jews as was the Bible, JC replaced the scriptures.

Israeli envoys, Jared Kushner visit Morocco after establishing relations. Israel and Morocco now plan to reopen mutual liaison offices within two weeks and to launch direct commercial flights, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita told reporters.Morocco. Another Head-of-State not paying attention to history. The jews understand “Morocco is not Palestine”, Morocco does not. World Domination.

Praying under protocol: B.C. faith leaders on welcoming worshippers back to services safely. Only the jews faith Before Christ. It would not be JC. Yet to be.

Islam’s anti-racist message from the 7th century still resonates today. All people are born equal. Education, common knowledge, that was the state of ignorance/Illiteracy. People gained literacy through time. Religion, from the past, is causing a return to illiteracy. Matching the present to the past is reliving illiteracy. People are better educated today compared to Mohammad’s day. It is noticeable that it is religious books are the reason for illiteracy.

Iran’s Judiciary chief: Jesus Christ loathes injustices. Jesus is dead the Bible says so.

It is obviously 1947. To day is not separate from the past. 1947 is a “beginning” stage in history. I am not in favour of people relying on religion. It’s narrowminded 2 be religious. The jews religion is easily exposed (it’s the jews who deny the truth by having to stick to it).

I’m afraid my “beliefs” are TRUE FACTUAL. Any objections are in the jews favour. They fear the truth. They hide their fear when its in their favour. It’s true what I know about the jews, scriptures, Bible, Mohammad, Quran, Islam, Muslim, Ahmadi. Do not deny. They are in trouble.

@aneesafilisteen @UN UN at fault. Being caught unprepared is one thing, it’s possible to catch on later. How later does it catch up on the UN?

The jews are a danger to the World. Six times caught and dealt with. It is obvious Christainity is their helper. In England 1300 Lord Protector reversed the Kings banishment of the jews. England (Balfour) handed them Palestine.

@JaneVoter @aneesafilisteen @vat jews are doing this through fear. We are witnessing their aim: World Domination. Palestine is a blinder. The jews consider the nonjews {Gentiles} as weak in comparison. We are witnessing this every day. They have been doing this for Centuries.

Do We Have the Freedom to Convert? Islam Says, ‘There Should be No Compulsion in Religion’. Dont listen to the Qu’ran. It’s a book by the jews. It’s not the Quran that speaks, it is the jews.

Liberty and Justice…For All? Reflections of an African-American, Ahmadi Muslim, Aspiring Imam. Forgetting about the jews, Palestine, the tip of the iceberg. Staring in the face. round the clock. Blinded by the Qu’ran {copied from jews scriptures}, it’s not YBF.

Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet: Why is it so loved?. Millions of followers who do not know the truth. Copied from jews scriptures. Bible, Qu’ran, Reg Veda, Zorastarian created by the jews.

@aneesafilisteen @jordan @Saudi @Serbia @Kuwait @usedgov the Bible New Testament shows Jesus Christ exposing the jews. They rely on such ‘Love thy neighbour’. They “are” neighbours in most if not all Countries. Palestine is a ‘blinder’ to the World at large. The US assisting.

Superpower countries most of the time are troubled and alerted by a small problem in any part of the world. Immediately they step in with funds and means to resolve such a dispute, something we do not criticise rather commanding it. Us is the letdown buckling to the jews.

Ahmadis believe the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) to be Khataman Nabiyyeen – Seal of the Prophets, as has been stated in the Holy Quran. Obvious jews coverup, cutting Mohammad out of the limelight, no longer in the lineup.

UN chief calls on member states to engage in trade with Iran. Implementation of Resolution 2231>> this is how to stay ahead of the jews. Had we been at this stage in 1914 the jews would not have stood a chance to do what they have and are doing.

Mizrahi jews r jews, don’t b mislead, the jew is 1. {Israel} does not exist, Leave it out,, stay with Palestine, {jews in Palestine}, they r still stateless. What worries them is being for life. Jesus weakened with the scriptures. Their fear is being known.

$4 million to the jews. A mere drop in the ocean, simple minded US help nobody. Aware of how many died in TWO WW’s, buckling to the jews. In power, no resistance, votes thrown away. Their incestous feeling of boosted greatness. Jews at the top.

@politietoslo in dumping the Palestinians u have sold them out to the scurge of the Earth – the jews, it is yourself that will suffer at their hands. Their goal is World Domination. Normalising is fooling people. The jews are professional liars. They communicate back-to-front.

@News_Letter @welby @HoytStreatCOGIC @uup @duponline @Tuv
After almost 100 years, both sides ‘unfortunate’ for the other. Severe lack of education on both sides. The World has yet to be told that Northern Ireland exists, memory, education goes missing, onesided.

How to motivate millions of Americans to get vaccinated? Let faith help. American history, religious communities have often been taken in. The danger of Christainity, NOT BEING READ PROPERLY, it is not what it is thought to be. It is how the jews got the better of Christainity.

How a poem could spark a new Iran-Turkey conflict. Overall control, the jews through the Qu’ran. Erdogan is a jew.

Francis Collins: If we don’t get 70 to 80% of Americans being immunized, this could go on and on and on:: try the US, and leave the Americans alone, could show others how to read maps.

49 years later, lessons that remain to be learnt from 1971 India-Pakistan. Jew.s through Qu’ran follower/s, planned. In the distant future ‘Mormalising’.

@PeterRobinson @uup @duponline @Tuv @welby NI works on say so. Because bogged down elsewhere {9 counties} does not say. The perpetrators are the ones who say one thing and glorify something else. NI is 6 COUNTIES not 9. NI’s obvious downfall. ‘U’ is blatant objection.

I feel for Palestine. Jews: The wandering jew in the Bible (scriptures copied) untill 1947, cowardly claim on Pallestine. Rest of the World unprepaired, blinded by the UK, [Faith Defender] Bible exposed the jews to the Christians, but overlooked. We could have avoided 1947.

Refuting William Lane Craig’s: ‘The Birth of God’. God is an imaginary standin, created by the jews. He {Jesus}, was susceptible to human limitations? Jesus was born of woman as are the rest of us, natural human with human limitations. He wept. He took up the scriptures, He found himself, in Job, ‘another will come’. Jesus was like some kind of superman!. His power was his knowledge of the scriptures. He faced the jews on their own ground, the scriptures. He overcame by being crucified ‘for his friends’. The jews created themselves with the scriptures. That was why he wept. The difference, He was genuine {Job} , they are not. They are of Jacob, the fruit of Abrahams bowels.

By my own knowledge of the truth, I am aware that the Bible is auromatically accepted as the truth, I know it is not, I am telling the truth, you automatically do not accept without checking, you remain in ignorance of the truth. See it as TWO truths: jews truth, gentiles/truth. Do not try to say that religion is the only truth> it is not, it is frail man’s creation.

@pbradfield @news_letter.co.uk @duponline @uup @Tuv @Michael08483429 @welby victims having to relate personal details to dubious personnel of opposite leaning, another sign of careless management.

CODEPINK is jews back-to-front psychologlcal mentality/rhetoric, they are back-to-front deliberately, they have found out that it works for them against the Gentiles, they keep their scriptures to the fore, their minds back-to-front to what they say. thereby confusing/overcoming their opponents.

@HoytStreetCOGIC @duponline @uup @CliffCardwell out of throwers away of the Constitution of Northern Ireland in 1921 to date unchanged confused mentality, neither English or Irish bogged in the past “U****r” blinding the outside World to the existence of Northern Ireland.

Kangaroos. They are not the only ones with minds of their own, all species are ‘born’, ‘live’, ‘die’ in their own minds, we are not alone. All, including humans have their own minds, (it’s their upbringing), all species {a midge is as clever as we are}. Its lifesaving.

Muslims concerned over ‘Present Caliph of Islam’ search on Google. Item of no particular concern as Qu’ran is second rate judaism under the control of the jews iniated for their own safety. Chtistainity on the other hand is released from the jews by Jesus Christ exposing the jews to themselves through parables allowing the Gentiles to see for themselves (Bible/New Testament).

Got $1 Million to Spare? You Can Buy an Ambassadorship. Thats jew-backed US supplement.

PhilipBradfield @sinnfein @duponline @uup @Tuv “the negative concequences of partition” . Illiteracy on both sides.

@welby @IanHenry @duponline @uup Its time the British Government stopped overlooking the destructive antics of the NI Government mishandling from the beginning, they are incapable in that they approach their position as a child approaches a toy. The mentality is at Zero.

@GerardOBoyle ni can get, U missed the point, they threw away the ConNI in 1921, they’re too stupid, the worst thing was getting self government, putty in their hands.

@JamieBrysonCPNI @JustinWelby Is the throwing away of the ConNI IN 1921 not enough to waken people up to who the true anti-NI are. Proven, clinging to “U****r” glorified over NI to the outside World, blaming England for NI’s blunders.

The jews invaded Palestine in 1947 UN aware, nothing doing, time, the jews fooled the heads-of-state resulting in UN on blind side against rightousness, handed the jews Palestine, the jews were knowingly aware they were and still are WRONG.

The people have to be told the truth ABOUT religion. The Bible is NOT the truth. It is copied from the jews scriptures. I discovered the truth about 40 years ago, 1980’s. It is necessary for the people to know the truth. A better understanding of people. People are not the books, they live in ignorance of the contents. My first solution is:: parents NOT to pass on religion to the children. Time needed to phase out. It is obvious the jews will become psychologically involved with both parents and children. As it is, its the jews who gain from religion. Proven to date. Invaded Palestine, got away with it, UN. They use psychology continuously, keeping ahead of all others, and of time. It must be made clear that the people are in ignorance. Proper teading of the related books would open up a completely new world to all. An already wanted world hidden from the people by religion. Being put off continually by the psychologically trained jews. Round the clock use of the awareness of religious interference.

No alternative to UNRWA, no renunciation of its mandate — FM of Jordan. How can the Palestinians be refugees in their own Country. Somebody up there wake up. grow up. The jews invaded Palrstine in 1947, the UN should have been aware, if not, now Palestinians have always beenin Palestine. A vagabond invades Palestine and the UN acceps the invaders. Noone in their right minds would do a dirty trick that. To consist of all Countries, why were the jews allowed to override the Palistinians, there was no reason, to rightthinking people, getting it wrong, its frightening to think all heads-of-state are that stupid.

@Saudi @kuwait @Serbia @SouthAfrica @Australia Normalisation is the jews door to World Domination.

Palestine was in existence in BC 25. There is no doubt as to the legitimacy of Palestine. The jews are the Wandering jew in the Bible (Scriptures) (Old Testament <OT>). The jews decided to lay claim to Palestine in 1947 . When JC made groundfall the jews had given up the scriptures as the word of God, and were using it as ‘their Word’ to control the Gentiles. It is written “He wept”. The jews were merely squatting in Palestine 2000 years ago, they had no claim to Palestine. Their version of Palestine 2000 years ago is false in line with their interpretation of their lifestyle, copying others.

No alternative to UNRWA, no renunciation of its mandate — FM of Jordan,(following). A jew idea thwarted. Palestinians 73 years of misery, the World still watching, doing nothing, all mouth, no action, cowardice. Simple, isolate the jews now.

@uup @duponline @Tuv @Welby @AllianceNI @UVF. “U****r” is NOT Northern Ireland. Down river.

@uup @duponline @Tuv @Welby @AllianceNI threw away ConNI in 1921. Stuck with 1921. Brainless.

I am not at all fearful of speaking the truth. I have caught on that religion in which I am involved is a farce of the jews mentality. God is their imaginary standin. This works when you approach to comment, accuse they put God to the front. Judaism is the root of Christainity (says a lot), the Bible and Qu’ran are copied from the jews scriptures.

@samuelmorrison @duponline @uup @AllianceNI NL:: London gov on NI flop gov. London restricted by self-governing. NI incapable. Threw away the ConNI in 1921. Looking to London, blaming.

Analysis | To Normalize Ties With Israel, Saudi Crown Prince Must Placate His Father – and Biden. The jews use psychology, hypnotism, mindbending, to get what they want. Not to be trusted, proven throughout history.

Biden’s Catholic faith will be on full display as the first churchgoing president in decades. Its another thing when they deliberately lie on the TV. Biden you are a jew, not a Catholic Christain.Deliberate liar.

Todays human problem is the vowardice of nations knowing one of them is in trouble, knowing why, not having the guts to stand up to the cowardly jews, pushing a people out of their own Country, not a finger to help.

Beirut beware: Your ‘savior’ is running out of patience. Someone who is openly anti.

Analysis | To Normalize Ties With Israel, Saudi Crown Prince Must Placate His Father – and Biden. Crown Prince would need to consider the future, with the jews history in mind, it goes beyond 1947. They vopy their own scriptures; holds all as one.

Jesus, the ‘Son of God’ – a Term of Endearment. His intentions were good and not good: jews and Gentiles (Bible). Shaped his mind.

World blinded by religion. All ages::>. view religion through education.

Reply: there is no reason for Palestinian Refugees. Palestine was invaded in 1947, the “peaceloving World” watched, waited, saw the jews plundering, still sitting, seeing what is happening in Palestine, still regard themselves as ‘peaceloving’, sick World.

The case for a quadripolar world. Psychological World blinded by religion. All ages::>. view religion through education.


The two sides of Northern Ireland. Jews proud to be Prodestants. Jews complaining as Catholics.

@Benlowry There has never been Unionism in NI. They r Protestants, blind to Politics. They are copying SF. They r 19 days short of 100 years, thrown away, wasted.

@duponline @uup @Tuv N_L. SAT Dec 12. “This Govt has”. Confused mentality, illiterate, fondness, fantasy, not seeing the danger, Dublin/SF. 19 days. Centenery of ConNI thrown away in 1921. 19 days, the shame, disgust, blindness, harm done to the Country.

@harrypatterson CasTy. N_L. This is the stupidity from the word go. Threw away the ConNI in 1921.

US administration moves forward with $1B Moroccan arms deal after normalization with Israel, habitual, aim is obvious. Gentiles buckling to the jews led by weak-kneed US.

Harvard psychologist to parents: Do these 7 things if you want to raise kids with flexible, resilient brains. Compare to the jews.

Lanie Tolentino Jw You have the jews lying side of it, they WERE BEHIND the trouble in WW1, 1916 (middle of WW1), Easter Uprising Dublin still continuing to day against England and Northern Ireland.

‘has thrown “Ulster”? under a bus’. Highlight the confused state of mind of Stormont through its short history. The use of “U****r” in place of Northern Ireland. Confusing outsiders other than Dublin/SF who r aware of the stupidity playing into their hands (laughter).

What is wrong in Northern Ireland is the occupants of Stormont are, in their minds, living in the past as far back as 1800’s. Just found it yesterday 10/12/20 on contacting. NI is missing from their minds. Sensational is a word for their frame of mind.

I feel for Palestine, plus my knowledge of the scriptures has given me an insight into the jews including their history. They r now as they have been through their history. One could get the impression, the World knows them from 1947, stateless, yet not one standing up to them.

@lordcarsonwest Nothern Ireland exists from 1921, the confusion is showing ur own mind, Stormont’s living in the past contradicting normality, everyday life. The generation of 1921 were left in the dark. It shows today, ‘U’ this, ‘U’ that everywhere. Confusing the English. I know, I served in an English Regiment (incl NI), I see the vast difference, they are up to date. I was born in NI. Former Omagh Technical College.

Lanie Tolentino Jw They are scattered round the Earth. They are the wandering jew in the Bible, from 1947 they are stateless. Six times (5 in the Bible/history, 6th Austwich +), scattered round the Earth in readiness of World Domination.

@davidbogle1 “but NI voted Remain”. That is not the only time they throw NI/UK away, they still live in 9-County” U****r”. The boneheads in Stormont threw away the ConNI in 1921. Denial of the Constitution is a capital offence, punishible by hanging, “the wearing of the green”.

Trump announces Morocco and Israel will normalize relations. Pressure and handout, another door to the jews.

France’s Treatment of Its Muslim Citizens Is the True Measure of Its Republican Values. Since the 2015 terrorist attacks against the staff of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Lets NOT forget that incident was deliberately started by a jew making fun of Mohammad. It appears the jews involvement in any incident prohibits them from blame. Unfairness showing non jews as perpretators becoming a habit. This will be published elsewhere.

We’ve waited so long’: Iraq’s Christians await Pope. He is as we, of the Earth, not imagined.

France Islam: French cabinet backs law targeting extremism. The attacks are ignited by the jews under cover of religion {through the Qu’ran connection being copied from the jews scriptures}. Giving jews foresight over the Qu’ran followers blindness of the connection. Heads of state wake up to the jews religious hold on people.

The dead professor and the vast pro-India disinformation campaign. Both countries have long sought to control the narrative against the other. Further evidence of jews involved, twosided situation as always no physical evidence but always in the background year upon year neither side considering their doorway, religion they are subjected to exposure by being personally known. Their historical connections are their means of being ‘invisable’ on the scene. They live a phychologicalyconnected lifestyle. always aware of what is going on, they are in most if not all countries, holding places of power including top place.

Indonesia: Jokowi creates country’s first Hindu State University. Wrong direction, not up. remain.

Jews making hay while sun of Trump administration continues to shine. TRUE. Bible, Qu’ran, in-fighting instigated by the jews, blind to the two, Bible and Qu’ran additional copies of the jews scriptures.

Anti-extremism plan is law of freedom, says France PM. Anti-extremism is a cover-up for Anti-Islam/Anti-Muslim. Judaism involvement is obvious through those involved denying being of a religious leaning depicted in the Bible i.e. “Jews and Gentiles” steming from an inferiority. Jesus exposed the jews to themselves in the modern addition to the scriptures (Bible/New Tesament), denied by the jews. Is not copied to the Qu’ran > jews exposed. Qu’ran followers psychologically banned from seeing another side of ‘their’ faith (being of the same faith) but worded differently.

@uup  @duponline  @Preston   @welby  Result of 1921 throwing away of ConNI. Rendering non-existence of NI, clinging to “U****r”. NI obliterated by “U” everywhere UU, UDR, UB, UTV, etc. Could be recovered by standing for the Constitution of Northern Ireland.

@BelfastChild60 @duponline @uup @Peston the UUP threw away the ConNI in 1921 and did not inform the next generation leaving them to grow up in ignorance as they still think they are “U****r”. Rem Paisley senior “U****r” SAYS NO. They live in ignorance of the Constitution.

This good man does not exist. The jews created an imaginary standin so they can put the blame elsewhere. It is by design fooling the public on a worldwide scale.

US envoy voices concern over religious freedom in France. I am not interested in the US voicing concern about religion. The US is blind to their own interests, on their knees to the jews since WW2. They are ignoring the Kaiser’s warning “WWI the jews behind the trouble” the jews are blinding the World through the selfimposed ignorance of the US. Uk also in the know. I am that soldier who is doing the telling.

Allah was created by the jews as part the creation of the Qu’ran. Do not question what you have not checked. Jees scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran are not three. They are one plus two extensions.

Zarif advises regional states to exclude West from regional talks. It would help if the (Qu’ran) is remembered as a front for the jews. The evidence is in the Qu’ran. Search the scriptures and be sure. Compare jews scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran. It’s the jews scriptures that is Abrahamic, speaks for itself.

@JimAllister If you were 2 sort out the mess the prodestines made in 1921 by throwing away the ConNI opening the door 2 Dublin/SF. The evidence: what is 32_County SF doing here? They keep 2 THEIR constitution. Again, where are the bigmouthed protestants now? Laughing stock.

@duponline The Disgusting Useless Pitstop. Seaborder. NI sold out again. It’s been a habit since 1921, threw away the ConNI (did not inform the people, just come to light).

@RuthDudley SF is the Eire government. SF is the 32_County sharing government of Northern Ireland with the bonehead protestants who opened the door in 1921 to Dublin by throwing away the Constitution of Northern Ireland. Still anti-NI.

The jews created the Qu’ran through Mohammad, an Egyptian, who knew nothing at all. Mohammads story is in the Qu’ran, what he was made to do.

Zarif advises regional states to exclude West from regional talks. Obviously confusing US with EU. The US is one Country, harbouring, arming, helping (Sudan). The EU consists of a number of Countries, each with their own points of view.

How the UAE weaponised western fears of Islam to crush dissent. Rafique:: I told you long ago. Stop harbouring the jews.

@Welby I was born in NI, I am 74+ yrs. I am ex Omagh Technical College. I am ex-service. I attended Sunday School and continued as a member of the Presbyterian Church. I have read the Bible thorougly. I consider the discussions on Lambeth to be unfair, life here is unfair.

Why the Arabic World Turned Away from Science On the lost Golden Age and the rejection of reason. Check dates, jews involved.

Beitar Jerusalem: UAE sheikh buys stake in racism-tainted Israeli club. Still unaware of the jews, deeper in debt, normalising is THEIR door. They are in trouble is enough to anyone to stand up to them immediately. Their getting away is to them their “heaven”. It’s the Earth they are after, heads of state sleeping, not keeping the jews past, present and future in mind.

It would be helpful if leaders were 2 “be real”, stop proping up a non-existent country. They r the wandering jew created by themselves. They have never had a country, I would not be fooled by their poormouthing. They thrive on their scriptures, deny them.

It signals inexperience of the problem. Unaware of what the jews r, they’re not civilised. They cannot be talked 2, they have 2 be made 2, they have no way out, they must be put down before they schieve their aim. They are running in fear of being caught. No comparison 2 people.

Why the Arabic World Turned Away from Science On the lost Golden Age and the rejection of reason. It is not the Arabic World to blame, it is the jews religion that’s causing the trouble. WWI The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”, still to this day, denied by the jews. I c cowardice in the face of cowardly jews.

Disgraceful Germany. Buckling to the jews is tantamount to commiting suicide, planned for later, I c the World crumbling to a proven rotten section of humanity, cut off by themselves remaining outside normal existence. Blatently laughing at the submissive attitude of people.

More than that. They r cowards, they know they r wrong but noone standing up to them. The jews are the rot in mankind and the time to deal with them is now. They r grown ups deliberately acting like a wayward child needing to be punished now, not when its too late.

Why Europe must fill regional void left by US. The US has not left. Jew supported. Jews unopposed.

The age of proxies. Only reason:: Cowards: TMT, covering for cowards:, jews.

The age of proxies. Wrong, on the wrong side, not listening, Nation A hits Nation B, but the whole world thinks that it is Nation C who hit National B because Nation A (jews) hides behind Nation C (US). Cowardice, pointed.

Arleen: Been done numerous times, denial. Pay attention to what is happening. Damage was done in 1921, In Dublins favour. The perpretators r ignoring their stupidity, threw away the ConNI. Continuing shouting 9 counties. They represent illiteracy. NI is missing from their minds.

Saudi Arabia says end to diplomatic rift with Qatar ‘within reach’. Any involvement by US (Jews behind the trouble WWI), is on behalf of the jews. Heads-of-state are still ignoring the jews history involving ME Nations.

He gave his life for the disbelieving jews. He was fooled by the scriptures. He too believed in a God. He is dead. He was born a human like all of us, took up the scriptures and believed. He had no choice but to believe the scriptures. God is an imaginary standin. The jews a r enforcing religion for their own safety, they r not admitting the truth. Not a good thing to follow, better using your head.

@udatheman @dup @uup @billyhutchinson @AllianceNI The protestants. You threw away the Constitution of Northern Ireland. You spend your time shouting about somewhere that does not exist. You r a back-to-front mindless heap. Downriver all the way without the prodestants.

Who killed Iran’s nuclear mastermind … and why now?. Because the weaknee US plus others are assuring the jews instead of standing up to them.

A world against Islam: The dire need for Muslim unity. The World is “turned” against Islam by the jews through not only the Qu’ran. Time after time I’m telling the TMT. The truth about the jews scriptures, the Bible and Qu’ran are one.

The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam. Bunkum.

Lanie Tolentino Jw I think you are confusing the jews with God. The jews created God in their own image. God is an imaginary standin, created and used by the jews. I think you are also confusing the mind with the heart. heart is a piece of flesh, the mind is eyes and ears feeding the brain.

@Vatican The connection between RCC and Qu’ran is simply both Bible and Qu’ran are made up of copied extracts from the jews scriptures. Jews holding the ‘reins’. Psychological control over the mind. Jesus exposed the jews to themselves through parables> i.e. ‘The Good Samaritan’.

@dup @uup @UDA Irish stare involved “as UK parthers. The mess you made throwing away the ConNI. You forgot its part of the Union. Laughable “Unionists” strutting around outside the Union turned your backs. Dublin/SF in from the start whilst you are still in 9 Counties.

@billyhutchinson The reason things are the way they r. The protestants threw away the ConNI, rendering Northern Ireland non-existent on a daily basis (somewhere else – its starts with  a ‘U’). The true enemies of NI/UK has been the protestants. They don’t know how stupid they r.

As we are.

Zarif urges Germany to end ‘despicable Covid Apartheid’ against Palestinians. It is wrong of Deutchland to look down on another people. I am seeing the wars again, jews complaining of the treatment they asked for, now Deutchland (again) is reprating their actions against a innocent people. It is obvious the jews are still trying to clear themselves of their atrocities by shifting the blame. There are obviously stupid people in high places side by side with the jews, not keeping the jews recorded history, wiped out by people in their ignorance accepting the jews as equals. That is blinding the next generation, governments should have the next generation in mind to be in possession of what is important in the immediate future, it is this oversight that has allowed the jews to fool the public. Always keep the future in mind. Knowledge of the jews history is how to overcome them. That word ‘overcome’ is prominent in the Bible {Revelations}. I speak as BiblicalTruths.

@Mark_RaineyNI @dup today is the result of the Protestants denying the Constitution of NI. They r that stupid. They have not got the guts 2 stand up for NI, they never have had. In face of SF they cower. I am born, brought up, educated in NI, disgusted at the stupidity.

Palestinians:: Grow up: call them what they r 2 the World:: jews. Stop appeasing them. They are relying on their scriptures, Israel the fruit of Abraham’s bowels, that is what they are.

London is moving towards Dublin BECAUSE u have thrown away the ConNI. U have/r rendering NI/UK non-existent. Continually mouthing “U****r” to the outside World. 99 yrs 26 days. Disgrace, moronic ‘U’ – UP. Suits Dublin/DF.

TMT:: What is driving Saudi Arabia’s apparent rapprochement with Turkey?. Ignorance including your witholding valuable lifesaving information.

The Prodestants still anti-NI, from inside Northern Ireland there is no difference between UUP and SF, Both are anti-NI. There could not be another Country with so many stupid people. Anti-themselves.

Answering the Question of Suffering for Sir David Attenborough. ‘God’ is the imaginary standin the jews hide behind.

The same scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran. Antisemitism is a trick. Maintain a psychological memory of their history, in person or ortherwise, six times caught and dealt with. Austwich+ 5 times, England: King, Germany: Kaiser, Roman Army: Assiriya: King Arterexes, Babylon: King Nabchadnezzar.

War criminals having the nerve to smile after they’ve murdered millions round the globe. Because they are that. They are afraid to show their fear. Jesus Christ exposed them to themselves in the Bible (New Testament), it’s been overlooked since it came into being (the reformation) 13/1400. Could be inspired from the jews being brought back to England, setup in business.

Gulf States, Saudis, Crave Israel’s Iron Dome, Arab Media Reveal. An invitation to be another Palestine.

Christians and Qu’ran followers are stirred up by the jews, all jews aware. Not unusual for jews to pretending to not know. “I am not knowing” is the jews amongst themselves.

Macron is a jew, the jews, worldwide are in trouble. People should be aware Macron is picking on the Qu’ran, using his position to help the jews. Rem: WW1 The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. The Nazis did what they did because of the jews behind the trouble. The jews have the habit of forgetting their crimes. Jews history:: Six times caught and dealt with, all involved Royalty.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar Near U.S.-Brokered Deal to End Lengthy Rift. Plain to see, this is the US on behalf of the jews.

Trump’s waning weeks in the White House could be the most dangerous. As dangerous as a penny banger. The danger is ‘his followers’ mental incapability).

GHANA: ‘Let us preach peace’-Maulvi. Maulvi Mohammed Quaye, Ahmadiyya, Zonal Missionary. Whilst you are preaching you should be mindful of what the jews are doing in Palestine (Palestinians are shared of the Qu’ran).

TMT: Biology of Our Human Family:- Who are we Related to? My reply: This is deliberate diversification by the Jews to draw attention to faith/religion in which they are the instigators, by the use of psychological’slavery’ (kneeling(Bible) /prayer mats (Qu’ran), blinding us to our own ability to trace our own ancestry. Our most recent observation being:> [WW1, The Kaiser “the Jews behind the trouble”. EVIDENCE: through the Bible and the Qu’ran:- Jews Scriptures (original), Bible from JC through the Disciples and the Apostle Paul, Qu’ran the Jews through Mohammed (“psychological”), all three are transliterations of the Jews Torah and Talmud (scriptures).

Georgia’s unexpected role in future of Middle East. It’s still Trump with a different name.

Germany turning against the PalestiniansThis is more than racism, it’s condemming an innocent people to a life of misery including suffering and death. I have always regarded Germany as a persecuted people because of the jews trampling over them (on their knees), TO THEM (the jews), the Qu’ran being ‘of the jews.

UN envoy meets TRNC, Greek Cypriot leaders for way forward on Cyprus talks. Jews still in control:: the Bible and Qu’ran, followers blind to the origins of both.

Untold Stories: My Journey Back to God. As a result, I spent long hours of the morning silently pleading for Allah’s guidance and pleasure. Qur’an and the ahadith [sayings] of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sa), copied. The Qu’ran contains approx 90% copied from the jews scriptures. Mohammad was an ordinary Egyptian psychologically caught by the jews and made to do what he did (recorded in the Qu’ran). Both Bible and Qu’ran are extensions of the jews scriptures. Religion is narrow-minded. I freed my mind by reading about other religions, I concluded the Bible and Qu’ran are copied from the jews scriptures. The jews created Allah. I found that God is an imaginary standin created by the jews. The Bible was created by Jesus Christ through his disciples. The Qu’ran by the Jews through Mohammad. I threw the Bible and religion away, clearing my own mind.

@antonioguteres4    As you are  aware the jews are destroying  people, property, business, the world at large. They are living in most if not all Countries. This tells us they are deceiving everyone, World Domination is their answer to their problem. Normalisation is their door.

Futureistic Two + 1

Review of the scriptures in light of science and appropriate commentaries by the initiated will lead a casual but honest reader to truth.To conclude, therefore, let no man out of weak conceit of sobriety, or an ill-applied moderation, think or maintain, that a man can search too far or be too well-studied in the book of God’s word, or in the book of God’s works; divinity or philosophy; but rather let men endeavor an endless progress or proficiency in both. God is an imaginary standin.

TMT:: Editors: Sha and Rafiq. Evolution: The elephant in the room, for both Christianity and Islam. I’ve told you sbout the connection between the jews scriptures and the Bible and Qu’ran and you have not bothered to check it out. That rubbish about “The Elephant in the room” is being put out by the jews right under your nose. People, your people, have lost loved ones because of your stupidity in not checking. This is also published elsewhere.

Maurice Buccaile, A French Surgeon taught us how to read the Quran. Read again the New Testament in the Bible. Jesus exposed the jews to themselves and to us in the NT.

@uup @duponline @sinnf @AllianceNI Gov has left open the door. Familiar: UUP left the door open to Dublin/SF in 1921 by throwing away the Constitution of Northern Ireland.

Travel agents expect UAE explanation on Muslim visa ban. This why the jews need Normalisation.

How Islam Taught Medieval Christian Europe Religious and Political Tolerance. Allah forbids you not, respecting those who have not fought against you on account of your religion, and who have not driven you forth from your homes, that you be kind to them and act equitably towards them. Same to the jews referring to their stay in Egypt. Bearing in mind they were chased out of Egypt. WHY? They’re not wanted in Palestine either, their behaviour would be telling outsiders. They have not changed their ways, they cannot, they need the Earth to accommodate them.

@ralphbaxter They have proven over the years, they want a UI. They r bricks in a wall. They have no interest in religion. God is an imaginary standin created 2 take the blame for the jews to. Only the jews knew their scriptures. The crucificion failed, Jesus exposed them>.

Kushner to visit Saudi Arabia and Qatar seeking deal to end crisis. Another sneak.

@jimrae You missed God is an imaginary standin created by the jews as the “third person” to absolve the jews of the responsibility Their scriptures known only to them until they had Jesus crucified. which backfired he exposed them to themselves. The ‘inside’ story is the NT. He revealed the scriptures. Thru his disciples. The NT is Jesus’ soul. He realised he was 2b Crucified, went thru with it, leaving his disiples to follow his instructions. He put his soul in the care of his disiples. Resulting in the Bible.

@alexkane The two parties that threw away the ConNI in 1921 are UUP and DUP leaving the back door of the NI/UK open to Dublin/SF cutting themselves and the people of NI off from the NI/UK. (NOT Dup/SF). Get ur facts right, drop ur jewsih back-to-front point of view.

@NileGardiner you r not paying attention to jews/US bullying – Sudan.

@AnnTravers6 Re DUP no regard for NI, threw away Constitution of NI in 1921, feet anchored in Eire (“U****r” to date. Rem “Says no”. History fits alongside Dublin/SF.

@JohnMulholland They are already a laughing stock and it shows. The bungling morons threw away the ConNI in 1921 and still maintain their actions putting “U****r” before NI publically Worldwide.

Raab ‘concerned’ about situation in Iran after killing of nuclear scientist. “I have no idea. I don’t have any of the facts that would enable me to answer that question at this point.”. It’s becoming a habit that when the jews are in trouble of their own doing nobody knows. {Because you are a jew”}. ‘Universal’ protection of the jews by themselves, and the ignorance of the masses.

Jews invasion of Palestine with USUK. Unacceptable. already was Palestine, home of the Palestinians. Cowardly British and US did the dirty work helping the jews/hebrews/fruit of Abrahams bowels. Cowardly jews, u could not have done it without UK and US. You do not have the guts or the brains.

STOP agreeing with the JEWS, they are jews, of the house of Jacob:: they are the fruit of Abrahams bowels. {scriptures}, if your not afraid to, take a read of the New Trstament in the Bible (used by the Presbyterians, the other is hard to understand).

Insulting someone’s faith not freedom, Erdoğan says. Faith (religion) is an insult to man’s intelligence.

France versus Turkey. Both Premiers are jews > target World Domination > don’t forget it > :it’s their only out of the trouble they are in.

Open Letter to French President Emmanuel Macron. P Macron is a jew. Open to all jews. The jews r in trouble. This is how they cover up. In other parts of the World. The jews are squatting in most if not all Countries, where are they all going to live, Palestine would not be big enough {unless it includes all other Nations on the Earth}. Is there some very stupid person somewhere.

@garymiddleton Plain 2c who’s to blame. 1921. Tne newly formed Government of Northern Ireland was a party to signing the ConNI and threw it away. An open door to Dublin/SF {closed to Britain}. The stupidity. Politicians? They’re clueless. Still in “U****r” 2 this day. As1 u2 r2 blame for not standing up 2 UUP and DUP, they NEED open public chastisement/ridicule from someone who would would have the support of the public and London. I am in favour of you standing up.

Middle East: The priority for our region. The region is in shambles, has been so for decades, but especially since 2011 when the ominous “Arab Spring” events hit several Arab countries bringing about unprecedented suffering, dislocation, forced migration, and terror. Aggravated by the jews for their own aim: World Domination. Knowing their involvement through the Qu’ran. Important to keep in mind.

I do not include the jews in my thinking. My future is mine The barrier behind which the jews hide is visible to me > knowledge of religion across the board knowing they have cut themselves off from us {Gentiles – non jews} leaving their poison in our minds under different names.

Futuristic Two +

Saudi King not informed of MBS, Netanyahu covert meeting – analysis. Pompeo, who has been trying to coax Saudi Arabia to follow the lead of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan in normalizing ties with Israel, declined to confirm the meeting. This is showing up the jews for their smallmindedness, not new, they are fighting to cover up their stupidity. Their lifestyle is a sham. The Bible shows they consider themselves “different from humanity”, Jews AND Gentiles.

Black lives matter. So white lives. So brown. So Copper. So domestic and wildlife. Starting to copy what the whites have done is not the answer and it is not a good thing to hear “they have always been of a lower standard”. Use your education inteligently. Equality is in the mind.

@ArleenFoster @duponline @uup The “Nationlists” have never feared of anyone here. There’s no one here. The UUP handed Dublin the Constitution of Northern Ireland in 1921 and still live elsewhere, their mentality.

Why Muslim nations have regressed – Part I. I am ex Presbyterian. I came across a Bible, read it thoroughly, found it is complete rubbish, it is copied from the jews scriptures as is I have found so is the Qu’ran, division, corruption, incitement is done by the jews THROUGH the Qu’ran and Bible. The jews are getting away with murder because of the ignorance of the truth. The Bible and Qu’ran are drummed into the children destroying their chances of growing up with their OWN mind.

@News_Letter Re your Readers Charter. You maintain accuracy yet you are stuck with the Protestants in out-of-date 9 Counties. Ignoring the Constitution of Northern Ireland. They show no interest whatsoever in Northern Ireland. They r no different to Dublin/SFjust as dangerous.

@ArleenFoster @duponline @uup @Peston I have written to Arleen informing her to drop the offensive “U” from party titles. I am aware of no action, nor acknowledgement.

I did not come. I am not of the father. I was born naturally (note: as was Jesus), I grew up educated, attended Sunday School and Sunday meetings as an adult. came across a Bible, read it thoroughly, I came away better informed, there is a vast difference between heresay and actually reading, words and their meanings get lost in heresay.

@AndrewMcDonald Stormont has been distorted since 1921, they threw away the Constitution of Northern Ireland.

@theskybeagle With today’s knowledge nobody in their right mind would trust the Eire Government to treat the IRA equally, have your head seen to immediately.

Religion exists because the parents don’t have ihe intelligence to NOT pass it on to the children, to whom it is meaningless, Allow them time to make up their own minds. Religion is attractive because the people imagine they are promised. A funeral is a sign of the future without religion {bible – composed by the jews for themselves}. Use your education to live; it is genuine not imagined.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s top nuclear scientist, assassinated near Tehran. Clearly obvious the US protecting the jews. Already aware Biden no different. It’s obvious that Nations afraid of the US sitting back leaving Nations standing up to the US vulnerable. A combination of Nations will stop the US: the jews will retaliate psychologically from the US and other Nations harbouring them whilst they plan what to do with their host Nation.

The jews r still after the New Testament – half of the Bible – Jesus Christ’s soul that He withheld from them by agreeing to the Crucifiction. He passed on what He had in mind to his disiples, for them to tell.

@udup @uup Both of u r responsible for throwing the Constitution of Northern Ireland away. Neither hav made any attempt to correct. Solved the police, I talked to a policeman and the name was updated to fit with the ConNI. I’m now talking 2 the UselessUP and the DestructiveUP.

David Tomlinson He died on a cross AND He didn’t come back. Nails in his hands and ankles, a spear through his heart, probably why, another thing, God was never born [created}], out of the jews immmmmagination.

@Johnmooreni Im not surprised, they have always done whatever suited themselves due 2 an absence of opposition. The natives live in a ‘place’ of their own having thrown away the 1 item that stops Dublin/SF, the ConNI, u cannot accuse outsiders of ignorance blinded by “U****r”.

@JimAllister The UUP threw away the ConNI in 1921. Claiming/Broadcasting, “U****r” “says no”. Blinding the World to NI’s existence. Open door/invitation/welcome to Dublin. There is noone here bar the British Army {don’t, I AM}, facing Dublin/SF. Served 71/72.

‘Ulster’ “U****r”. Jeff Beresford I don’t like the word. I don’t like the boneheads who use it, most if not all know that it is blotting out the existence of Northern Ireland to the rest of the World and encouraging our lifetime enemy Dublin. NOTE:: WWI [1914-1918] The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. Dublin 1916 Easter Uprising against Northern Ireland/UK still continuing to date  including the troubles 1969-1997.

Iran wants war. I don’t blame Iran. I blame US, UK, Can, Aus, New: for not standing up to the jews. It’s not too late, time is waiting.

Good 2 see Muslims and Christains in Palestine or anywhere:> they have a lot in common, both are subject to the jews/scriptures, should try to get hold of and see how much.

You r not aware of the minaturised brainpower of the ruling class of Northern Ireland, they r the 1’s who threw away the Constitution of Northern Ireland in 1921, they still haven’t caught on that its not a local newspaper.

Religion is the jews playground, they use religious minded people who regard religion as their own unaware it is copied from the jews scriptures, is anti non jews, causes confusion and division, death and suffering. Recall::> “WWI The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”, [the Bible started out as One and only, is now splintered round the Earth renamed in parts]. The jews are in control, are behind what has/is happened/happening. The Bible and Qu’ran are being used to blind the people to what the jews have in mind. The faith!/inter-faith alleged “terorist” killing are motivated to distract attention from the jews < “they are NOT ‘seen’ to be involved”. Deeper Police investigations re interrogation bearing in mind knowledge of faith involvement/coverup required.

Jordan reiterates rejection of Israeli attempts to alter status quo at Al Aqsa. I support Jordan. I am aware of the jews creeping agenda.

Biden appointment of a Palestinian?, {check for truth} to leadership team sparks controversy. In a Biden administration we will have an open door to the Hill {Golan Heights}? and this team will make sure their views are always represented in the White House.”I am aware of your back-to-front rhetoric double talk”. [That reference to ‘hill’ is to hill in Palestine]. UK PM [a new Jerusalem of the UK], misleading rhetoric, not a joke.

Hadith of Life. TEHRAN – “Hadith of Life”, a book featuring quotes of the Prophet Muhammad (S) and Imams of the Shia about the discipline of life has recently been published in English and Arabic versions. The Hadiths are NOT Mohammad’s, they are copied from the jews scriptures. Do your homework first, starting with the jews scriptures.

Futuristic TWO

Biden’s win good for Abbas but may not alter Palestinian reality. His first International visit! Palestine, Golan Heights : the hooded claw.

Biblical Truth:: God is an unborn imaginary standin. Jesus is not a God. He was born naturally of a woman {Bible}. He took up the scriptures and found himself *another will come*. He equalled the clerics and stood up to them using his knowledge of the scriptures *{power}* to *heal the sick*, *{faith healing}* using their *own* knowledge of the scriptures. This ‘method’ is still practiced in modern times by the RCC. I hope to meet one them in person, curiosity.

India’s low-caste women raped to ‘keep them in their place’. Everyone is entitled to humane worldwide equality. Seperatist law levels are invites to criminals. The law should be ahead of the criminals, not in line with them. The Law of supported equality would be a barrier to abusers of persons.

Can Biden move the Rohingya crisis toward a resolution? Biden is a jew, the Rohingya is no concern of his as is the case with everyone else. What is the name of his first external visit? and to whom does it belong?
Binden has a problem as is the case with the jews, he is domestically orientated resulting in confusion to cover up his jewish {World Domination} aim.

Yes, Islam Is Facing a Crisis. No, France Isn’t Helping Solve It. France is under/subject to. Emmanuel Micro. Emmanuel is a mame given to Maher Shalal Hashbas (scriptures/Bible), and Jesus Christ (Bible/ NT). The confusing issue every time is “religion”, religion is always two-sided (because it is the jews behind the trouble. Biblical and Qu’ranical problems are instigated and controlled by the jews.

Yorkshire MP speaks of ‘bondage of tyranny and the fear of persecution’ faced by Ahmadi Muslims. The Qu’ran is made up of {in the main 85/90 %} extracts from the jews scriptures. Yours, the Qu’ran’s followers problem. I have advised the TMT (the Muslim Times), on a number of occasions of this connection, they are refusing without checking. As a Muslim you are ahead of the Christain Politians they are one not the other.

@AssmannGudrun     Stop calling the jews what they are not ‘I****l’, they ARE JEWS called/referred to as JEWS. They are the WANDERING JEW in the Bible/jews scriptures, homeless, stateless, beggars. When meeting>> remember their mentality is back-2-front to you> non-jews.

Quote of The Day by Chuba Williams Okadigbo for Universal Brotherhood. If you are emotionally attached to your tribe, religion or political leaning to the point that truth and justice become secondary considerations, your education is useless. A most honest intelligent statement, best ever I have seen. Analyse, consider, remember, use.

The Bible IS:~>. THE WORD OF THE JEWS, {written, passed, professed by the jews}.

Benjamin Netanyahu*>. Women are NOT animals as animals r animals. Being jooish. is addling ur brains as I have noted not recently but still. It is the case with all joos. Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinians. Joos r what fruit is (scriptural). Therefore:>   Biblical Truth.

@Philip_McGarry4 SF is not anchored in NI. They do not regard themselves as subject to NI rules, they r Dublin orientated (their HQ), it’s no surprise the Protestants r NOT aware of this. They’re busy mouthing “U****r” with the boneheads in Stormont. P or C? no diff.

@alexkane @UUP @Duponline. You are blind to NI’s history and therefore to the UUP/DUP, they threw away the Constitution being themselves trusted to defend it. Opposed, they are still unchanged because they are naturally stupid and unaware of it. SF to teach them. LOL. u r a j.

77 years later, Lebanon faces a grim reality. Another let down by the jew influenced rich Arab Nations, tales of ‘brotherhood’ lose their flavour when shamed/laughed at by the jews when trouble hit. Remember WWI The Kaiser “the jews” < behind the trouble >. They don’t have the courage to be at the front.

@News_Letter O’Neill is @ the helm of Northern Ireland, because the Prodestants, absent Loyalists and Unionists are proven/ing. mentally unfit (99 yrs 357 days).

@mairiac31 SF remains Eire domiciled BECAUSE the TWO *useless* stinking *U* parties have not got the guts to stand up for NI against them, they never have, they threw away the Constitution of Northern Ireland in 1921 as soon as it was signed (visable brainpower – hah). LOL.

Worse:: UUP threw away the Constitution of Northern Ireland in 1921, clinging onto out of date, no longer existent “U****r”, they are a joke, a mockery of the UK almost 100 yrs, they’re talking about a Centenary celebration for a non-existent Country, blaming England won’t do.

Biden is a jew, allegiance worldwide. “deep ties”?, connections Worldwide. He is a jew, squatting worldwide in most if not all Nations pending their aim of World Domination. Pockets of jews in most if not all Nations.

Two back-to-front jews v one Saudi King. Jews have a history of fooling Royalty. They destroyed UK Royalty (blinded to the jews by Christianity), when they got a hold on US.

*Extraordinary Display of Morals by Muslims During Their Rule*. Ignorance adding to the harm already in existence, unnoticed because the Qu’ran is the creation of the jews, leaving themselves ‘out of it’, including extracts from their scriptures. The use of the term “Abrahamic” is a coverup, the scriptures, Bible & Qu’ran are not three equal, they are One with two copied extensions. The jews psychologically rule through the Bible and Qu’ran. Scriptural extracts are a giveaway, requires education.

How the Israel Lobby Controls America by William Gordon. Through the Bible, Christains, not paying attention to detail when reading the Bible, blinded by hearsay from birth, putting heresay first automatic. Heresay is NOT the truth, agreeing with your neighbour is ignorance, both the same. https://archive.org/details/HowTheIsraelLobbyControlsAmerica.

Debate: Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism. Agree Zionism. Question Semitism. Greek, Goth semite. No evidence for Jews.

TMT: Video: The Fool Proof Recipe to Knockout Islamophobia. TELL THE TRUTH.

https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/11/20/edinburgh-castle-changing-war-heroes-memorial-after-one-person-complained-of-imperialism/ India is NOT Jewish, or Christain. That disgusting “India” cross is depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, a jew. Christainity is sub-judaism.

@edwinpootsmla You r a latecomer to NI ‘politics’, u need to start at 1921 “The throwing away of the Constitution of Northern Ireland showing NI’s ‘Loyalist/Unionist’ lnterpretation of the Constitution, still shouldering out of date *U****r* in preference. Bah *’U’UP, DUP*.

Shocking ignorance of the World heads-of-state or proof of the jews continual ‘deceiving the World’ in open cowardly enforced defiance.

Hollywood Actress Emilie Francois, Now a Muslim, Speaks of Social Justice in Islam. She is a jew. They do that, “change to look good”, already knowing their own is enough to make them convincing to the unsuspecting brainwashed followers.

It was NOT the Conservative Party, it was the protestants/Loyalists/Unionists who turned their backs on the Constution of Northern Ireland, having signed it, and taken up the now abandoned (got their compass, map, orienteering back-2-front). Dumdums, boneheads, Dublin numbskulls.

@duponline good 2C ‘2 wks’ confirmed. Remember what u did in 1921, turned ur backs, abandoned the Constitution, continuing 2 hump abandoned 9 Counties putting NI into the background, *back-2-front* still, 2day. Get ur feet into Northern Ireland. (Nesbit – feet behind).

Swiss churches continue to lose members. *The answer lies in the soil*, as far as you go. Original jews scriptures, God unborn. Job: ‘another will come’. Jesus did come, born of woman, a real person. The jews of the day were not the Phrophets of ‘yesterday’. He wept. He “I will send a Comforter”. He did: put before them a ‘stumbling block’ i.e. Scriptures. Binle is extension of scriptures. Revelations Ch 1. (Bible in use by Presbyterian Church). Noticible differences, confusion. Jews psychological interference through the Bible (and Qu’ran).

TMT: Austria: Anti-Muslim rhetoric rises after Vienna attack. Now is your chance to help your ‘own kind’, tell them the truth. The jews scriptures to Qu’ran.

Covid 19: Religious Versus Scientific Perspectives, Now that We Have Two Scientific Vaccines? Scientific Perspectives, lets remember we live ON the Earth regardless of WHO tries to say different, (incl in writing).

EGYPT Azhar Grand Sheikh: Islam bans marriage of Muslim women to non-Muslims. Power-crazy cowards, crawling to the jews through the Qu’ran.

Yazidis appoint new spiritual leader in Iraq – in pictures. DISGRACEFUL what religion is doing to the people (Gentiles), jews are fulfilled on there own sctiptures.

@zackkhan You are a jew deceiving the public. To the public:: You have not noticed that God/Satan are/is one, jews scriptural imagination. Their policy of jews and gentiles, good and bad. Their ingrained spite is lifelong, generation to generation.

Saudi Arabia intensifies moves to end war in Yemen. By involving the US you are inadvertently supporting the jews plundering Palestine.

Arab American attitudes towards their heritage and the Middle East. Anything to do with the US is onesided in favour of the jews. The jews are thr real poer in the US. Their top positions are taken by the jews.

A Promised Land, a good line but the jews take objection to their words being used. They must be openly seen to be what they are in Palestine. Already Christainised US, riddled with jews is blinded by the Bible not being thoroughly read. The “hidden” truth.

Arab American attitudes towards their heritage and the Middle East this conflict was one of the most important foreign policy challenges facing the US administration. 5 per cent of Arab Americans ranked resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The US is the last Country to have any say on the jews invasion of Palestine, they are the stupid fools who buckled to the jews back to front rhetoric, and are still stupidly unaware of the jews World Domination intention.

Muslim prayer leader stabbed in London Central Mosque fears future attack, court hears. Time afer time, Time after time. I’ve told you about that.

Front-page ‘NY Times’ story on Iran-Al Qaeda links is dishonest — and could help justify a U.S./Israeli attack. Further evidence jews/bowdown US, non-jews take note.

Front-page ‘NY Times’ story on Iran-Al Qaeda links is dishonest — and could help justify a U.S./Israeli attack. jews/US towards World Domination by the jews.


Conversion: With targets & incentives, new breed of evangelical groups are like start-ups. “Converts” are being led in ignorance through not reading the relevant book. Religion today is running on ignorance. I attended Sunday School as a child, I attended Sunday Services as an adult. Later in life, I came accross a Bible. I read it a number of times, at night, a chapter every night, I kept it in mind and it unraveled through time. On hindsight I discovered I knew nothing at all before reading the Bible. Personal knowledge is a requirement of living.

White Christian America Needs a Moral Awakening. White Christain is a false impression. The jews are holding on to the scriptures. The followers of the Bible and Qu’ran have nothing, both are controlled by the jews. I have told you this many times, you can check by comparing scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran. TMT:> By not checking you are misleading the public. Already proven, acts of terrorism involving death and suffering are by psychological interference by the jews through the Qu’ran.

Reading the Quran: Do They Still Cook You on the Stake, For Knowing the Scripture?. The difference between the jews and Qu’ran followers::> the jews are all aware of the scriptures, they don’t ‘cook’ their own kind:: the Qu’ran followers ‘cook’ their own kind. Noted: the followers of the Qu’ran are subject to the jews psychological influence. Someone should wake up the Calips. The jews are Allah on the qt.

Religious intolerance is ‘bigger cause of prejudice than race’, says report. Ignorance.

Trump replaces Pentagon policy chief with Islamophobic Anthony Tata. Fits with the jew/US illiterate, inhuman, uncivilised combination. Hillary take note.

Turkey offended by Pompeo’s plan to discuss religious issues. Turkey sidestepping. The truth being Pompeo is a jew and is therefore ruled out. Running to Turkey Erdogan a jew, to meet with the Greek religious leader blinding the people to the reality that the Bible and Qu’ran are extensions of the jews scriptures. he is really ‘sorting’ and combining the political and religious issues to fit with their aim of World Domination.

Austria’s new law on ‘political Islam’ opens door for crackdown on Muslims. Rafiq TMT: THE JEWS BEHIND THE TROUBLE.

The jews have a criminal record against lawful establishments continuing today. Six times caught and dealt with. They are now proving what they are doing in Palestine whilst “Normalising” with their neighbours. TRUE. Israel is Jacob a jew in the Bible. Jacob comitted a crime and was branded ‘Israel’ by Abraham and termed “the fruit of his, Abrahams, bowels”. The jews in Palestine and scattered round the Earth are “the wandering jew”, they are stateless on the ground. They are sub-human. Jesus stood up to them and exposed them to themselves, (recorded in the New Testament [Bible]). Proper attention to the New Testament by the Gentiles/Catholics would expose them today, and put a stop to the crimes they are committing, serious crimes sgainst mankind, their aim being World Domination, determines what they are capable of in the future, the World not standing up to them now.

@sebastiankurz Austria’s new law on ‘political Islam’ opens door for crackdown on Muslims. Start at the very beginning. The jews created their scriptures. The jews psychologically used Mohammad to create the Qu’ran based on their scriptures. (Bible is also of jews scriptures).

EU says fight against terror not directed at religion. So, there are plenty of possibilities to improve how we can avoid such barbaric acts, and we need to consider them all and look into them all in depth. not directed against religious beliefs. but against violent extremism. .”. combating Islamism”. Our fight against terrorism is not directed against any religious or political beliefs but against fanatical and violent extremism.” Sudden rush overlooking the main reason: “religion itself”. Origin of religion in question: the Qu’ran:, extracts from the jews scriptures make up most of the contents. The Bible came into being after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, proven by reading, half of which is copied scriptures. The Qu’ran was created from extracts of the Jews scriptures in the 7th Century by the jews, waylaid Mohammad, an Egyptian, took control of his mind (recorded in the Qu’ran). Other giveaway signs, “we killed Jesus Christ the son of Allah”, (450 years after Jesus was crucified by the Roman Army at the behest of the jews, recorded in the Bible). Other parts coincide with the scriptures. The jews are psychologically objecting to these claims, the scriptures, Qu’ran and Bible must be compared in order to see how the jews psychologically control through the minds of the followers.

The wandering jew in the Bible, the fruit of Abrahams bowels. Stateless on the ground, there’s something wrong with the Gentiles, the jews r getting away with murdering Gentiles. Since 1947 they invaded Palestine, they r the instigators of the Bible (JC) and Qu’ran (jews).

Macron’s anti-Islam, pandemic management hand power to French far-right. Macron is of the jews, the creators of the Qu’ran> Islamists, Muslims and Ahmadi.

Islamophobia disguised as secularism in France, opposition leader Melenchon says. Jews in places of power are in a position to stand up to ‘the hidden jews’ using the Bible and Qu’ran to create internal disruption. Jews in places of power – you are known to be in places of power in most if not all Countries.

Robert Fisk had true independence of mind – which is why he angered governments and parts of the media. Robert Fisk is a jew., and is therefore concistently racing to cover up the jews back to front rhetoric when it is recognised.

Islamophobia disguised as secularism in France, opposition leader Melenchon says. The Qu’ran consists of extracts of the jews scriptures. The President is a jew, with the jews behind the trouble. It pays to be aware of the concistency of religion/the jews involvement in ‘terrorist/terrorism’ incidents. Refusing to accept the jews involvement in the Bible and Qu’ran is anti common sense without checking.

Over half Muslim Labour members do not trust party to tackle Islamophobia. One book, two religions. The book (Qu’ran), is mainly composed of extracts from the jews scriptures. The jews have the intentional advantage of access into the minds of the Muslims and Islams. It would be better to be aware of the jewish connection otherwise this ‘sepratist situation’ will continue in favour of the jews. It would be better for Ahmadi be involved in a “brotherhood atmosphere”. Three are in common.

Countries critical of the jews crimes is a reference to ALL Countries on the Earth. The jews don’t have one, they came out of the Bible (the wandering jew), in 1947 laying claim to Palestine. Heads of State take note of the jews history.

Is Judaism an ethnicity? A race? A nationality? Trump signs an order and provokes an identity crisis. Judaism is a seifmade way of life controlled by/through the scriptures, a compilation of centuriesold way of life compiled by the jews predecessors. Jews come in all colors and racial backgrounds, deliberate falseification covering up the ignorance of outsiders attracted to Judaism, jews are white/pale skinned. The Bible and Qu’ran consists mainly of extracts from the jews scriptures. They use the scriptures as a means of psychological control e.g. Bible and Qu’ran. They use their scriptures to maintain their individuality. Trump is a jew therefore whatever he says is of the jews own collective (scriptural) mentality.


The start of the wsrs:: WW1 The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. After the wars:: , saturated with jew war heros, there’s something wrong with the people. Allowed the jew to invade Palestine. USUK bending over backwards supporting the jews. There is….

The gutless cowardly invaders in Palestine have run crying to facebook and twitter, appealing to the ignorant/turning their backs in the outside World unwittingly supporting the jews due 2being blinded by religion which stsrted and ends with the jews.

@ChrisSmyth237 I know what the zUUP did in 1921. Country saturatef with disgusting Dublin orientated *U****r*, SF freedom of movement. Remberance Day:: Mary Lou ‘remembered 1916, the Protestants dont remember the Constltution of Northern Ireland. Drownded out by stupidity.

If (only) Amy Coney Barrett was a Muslim. Jews ‘not knowing’ she is a jew.

Covid, Race & Islamophobia – Are World Leaders Solving, or Creating More Problems?. The World Leadwes are not taking note of the jews scriptures, the Bible, and the Qu’ran combination. The Qu’ran and the Bible are construed mainly of extracts of the jews scriptures, enablish the jews to psychologically control the masses creating isolated trouble spots throughout the world. WWI, The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. King of England in ignorance of thei jews intention. iin 1917, promised the jews a place in the Middle East, they chose Palestine to voinvide with their presence there when Jesus Christ was born, lived and was crucified, for the purpose of causing confusion, their ‘pretending not to know weapon’.

How Can the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims Argue Afterlife. The reason for burials is::> there is no life in the body.

Unravelling the Truth About Eve: Her Position in History According to Islam. Eve has never existed, “Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden” [Bible], is the jews gatecrashing evolution, (simple-minded, illiteracy). Evolution from ape/monkey family, hairy/black skin. Kick-start to the jews scriptural fallacy. Adam and Eve “white”, signifying ‘white supremacy’. *Jews behind the trouble*.

To ban the Bible is to keep the people in the dark, the truth is in the contents. Lack of readingcause of ignorance. I read the Bible > I know the truth, I threw it where it belongs >> the bin. Rsndom talk about is ignorance, given the wrong impression. Jews are afraid of it.

@News_Letter Ruth Dudley Edwards openly misleading the readers. Trump stated he had promised the jews he will help them. I know, I txt Trump, he panicked, ran to Palestine the wall, complying with their record “I stumble and fall, I run to the wall”. I had heard him earlier.

Muslims’ culturally rooted love for Prophet manifests in his birthday commemorations Previous. Not true. The jews created the rooted love, through Mohammmad, for the also created. Qu’ran. The jews also created the myth surrounding Mohammad to fit with the Qu’ran.

Smallminded supporters of smallminded religion, denying public freedom.

Europe’s violent extremism problem. Qu’ran problem. Qu’ran is mainly copied from the jews scriptures, therefore remote jews vonnection. Psychological influence through the Qu’ran. Jews connection covered up/deliberately ignored by jews in governmrnt positions. The same happening in relation to Palestine. Heads of State take note: the jews through the Qu’ran and the Bible.

Joe Biden’s love affair with Israel will pick up where it left off. Joe Biden IS A JEW. He is a party to what they are doing in Palestine.

Another Ahmadi-Muslim assassinated in Peshawar, Pakistan. The Qu’ran consists of extracts of the Jews scriptures. Remotely instigation through the Qu’ran. I have repeatedly informed TMT of the jews ‘invisable’ connection. Muslim, Islam, Ahmadi are Qu’ran inspired.

@ArleenFoster As a supposed First Minister you could not go any lower than applaud Biden, outsider led by SF/Dublin. Protestants in NI continually talking out of their other end. To Govern the Country they immediately abandoned in 1921. More Dublin than Belfast.

Disgusting Stormont buckling again to SF/Dublin. Disgraceful throwing away those who gave their lives for our security, mary Lou temembered 1916, the protestants remember nothing, big mouths buckling to roundabout cowards.

Jews in Dubai. There to remain in love with themselves, their future is witheld, protected by their scriptures. World Domination is their aim, through scriptures/Qu’ran.

@Finola Mcaffrey The Bible and Qu’ran are copies of the jews scriptures i.e. the followers are not to their own, they are unknowingly on their knees to the jews (there is no God), the scriptures are the jews own mentality, written enyirely by themselves.

I am a Jew, a Catholic, a Christian and a Muslim; I am Zia H Shah. You r not a jew. You r just copying the jew word for word. You are vonning ur own kind. Standing up to the jews would be more inline. U r brainwashed by sticking solely to the Qu’ran, diminished responsibility.

British Convert to Islam: Myriam Francois-Cerrah ‘I found Qur’an mother of all philosophies’. You are a liar, a jew, you are deceiving the people, you kmow the Qu’ran and Bible are copied from the jews scriptures, they are both second rate thrown away judaism, bait.

@News_Letter Covid cash payment. Another SF ploy wasted on the protestants, SF making headway while they dream about a non-existent 9-County future. They live in ignorance of SF being in denial of the NI Constitution, they are Dublin based in support of their own Constitution.

@DannyKinahan You turned your back on the Constitution of Northern Ireland in 1921. The Army is UK (I served). I am born and raised in NI. I know the mess that was made in 1921. I know they are still the same, backs turned smit by the jews. I know the Bible too, bin fodder.

Al-Andalus revisited: Why the values of the Muslim golden age are more important now than ever before. Still ignoring the Jewish connection> the Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures. Unwittingly carrying the jews into the future.

@PeterRobinson Hear me NOW: Mary Lou leader of SF based in Dublin, anti Northern Ireland Constitution. Moronic Protestants, Loyalists, Unionists sharing with SF!! I, like everyone else sees the stupidity, Media/TV.

Israeli minister warns of war if Biden wins, returns to Iran deal. Heads-of-State note, this is the jews, complaining, back tracking, back to front rhetric, their aim is World Domination, unchanging, their only way out, they are under pressure of common sense. They are afraid of the truth being known.

@BrianGibson. The jews created the Scriptures including God. The scriptures is God. Note who sent Moses – the name? Just in case: Jehovah is a Roman God. The jews did not conquer Rome so they have no claim to Jehovah. God has seven names – search.

@Saudi @Kuwait @Serbia Trump personally in support of the jews trapped, panic: only way out World Domination, through “Normalisation”. Remember it was the jews who suggested “Normalisation”, forward thinking whilst the World sleeps.

@Saudi @Kuwait @Serbia Trump personally in support of the jews trapped, panic: only way out World Domination, through “Normalisation”. Remember it was the jews who suggested “Normalisation”, forward thinking whilst the World sleeps.

To:> Silverius Mccann The scripture is the jews truth. Narrow, imaginary mentality.

The green line is a red line for peace. The jews aim is beyond Palestine. It is World Domination. To maintain peace and stability the jews must be told point blank:> Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinians as it has been for Centuries. You, the jew, have been promised a place in the Middle East by the King of England in 1917. The US, weakminded with pressured religion by the jews and UK (Fd), (derivitiv of the jews scriptures) throughout the Bible and eventual Qu’ran. Original Biblically weakened: UK>, US, NZ, Aus, Can, (previous underlings of the UK). The jews are murdering people and destroying property in Palestine in open defience of the World Nations.

Normalisation with the jews is suicidal, their motive is witheld:: it is World Domination under cover of religion. Qu’ran and Bible are derivatives of the jews scriptures. Followers blind to the connection.

Escalating the demographic war: The Strategic goal of Israeli racism in Palestine is World Domination, whilst the World is blinded by the jews scriptures through the Bible and Qu’ran, obviously mislead, diversified, blinded, covering up what they really have in mind, World Domination. Palestine would not be capable of accomodating all of them, scattered round the Earth, uncheaked numbers in each Country.

Urdu Video: Ghamidi Beautifully Describing Again, How the Quran Should be Read in Flexible Terms in the Context of the Time. The Qu’ran is a threat to Urdu. being Judaism in disguise, copied in the main from the jews scriptures.

TMT:: Rafiq:: You are ignoring my warning about the Qu’ran and the Bible. Take into account the number of deaths, both sides, since I told you.

Why has the West turned against Islam?. WWI The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. Bible and Qu’ran: copied extracts of the Jews scriptures, jews behind the Qu’ran.

No matter who the Electrol College Choses. It does matter. I am a Gentile, aware of the jews manipulation behind the scenes through the Bible and Qu’ran, being copied off the jews scriptures, are not seperate issues, they are of the scriptures and be aware of the closeness of the jews, psychological contact, be aware.

A Christian Convert to Islam Explores How the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) Treated Christians. Bilal Atkinson, originally from England. Bilal, you are a fake, a jew. Y ou rely on the ignorance of the Gentiles/Catholics. Note the first pointer to the jews confusion. Gentiles and Catholics are one and the same, they are NOT jews. The instigation of friction manipulated by the whilst the Gentiles/Catholics live in ignorance. The same with the Qu’ran, started as one person, one book, now splintered, Islam, Muslim, Ahmadi, the cause of friction.

Disfunctional US, turned its back on Palestine/Palistinians and picked up handful of stateless begging nobodys. Trump epitomises the US.

To the::>. Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The Battle for the Soul of Muslim. As Jesus predicted for himself having upset the jews “lying in wait for my soul”. Consider: the Qu’ran is, in the main, copied from the jews scriptures. PLAIN TO SEE::> “the jews are lying in wait for the souls of the Qu’ran followers’.

The Battle for the Soul of Islam. As Jesus predicted for himself having upset the jews “lying in wait for my soul”. Consider: the Qu’ran is, in the main, copied from the jews scriptures. PLAIN TO SEE::> “the jews are lying in wait for the souls of the Qu’ran followers’.

@liamkennedy Your first name knocks out your status. there are NO good points for shared island unit at present. SF/IRA/Dublin self praising: devoid of reality.

UK still ignoring the harm they have done to Palestine/Palestinians to the rest of the World including themselves wide open to the jews residing in most if not all Countries in anticipation of World Domination.

Video: Angela Merkel lays the limits of free speech and defines hate speech. Use of the Bible and Qu’ran is not free speech. Both are copied from the jews scriptures. Overall control remains with the jews. Psychological influence, dangerous because it is not known by the masses. Once upon a time only the jews knew the existence of the jews scriptures. Jesus Christ crucified: exposed:> the jews scriptures now known in the Bible and Qu’ran.

Jordan Times:: A new approach to tolerance from all sides. “latent conflict is considered the riskiest, as it is hidden as it grows, becoming stronger and spreading its roots before it comes to the surface through complex and deep issues that need to be addressed” .The “latest” is not new, Judaism through the Bible and Qu’ran. Both are made up mainly from the jews scriptures, the jews hold the upper hand.

Jinns and Demons: A Rational Islamic Perspective. Jinns are People, demons figment of the jew imagination.

@Saudi @Kuwait @Serbia The Qu’ran, main parts are copied from the jews scriptures, the jews are/not at the Umrah in person but are aware what you are doing. Bible and Qu’ran:: followers committing suicide.

The implications of US policy shift on Jerusalem. It is not a shift, it is planned. Why doesn’t the TMT stand up for the Palestinians? Why don’t Qu’ran followers stand up for the Palestinians?. Why is it there are so many cowards on the Earth when the real cowards are just the jews hiding in most if not all Countries on the Earth?. Obvious they will need more than one country to reside jn with the alternative being World Domination. They are working towards World Domination through “normalisation”. Are ALL nations afraid of the jews?

Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution under serious challenge. A repeat of the Balfour Declaration whilst nations insist on sleeping.

Police arrest after man shoots a Grrek orthodox priest in French city of Lyon. Perpetrators behind the scenes under cover of Qu’ran/jews scriptures connection.

Macron says he can ‘understand’ shock of prophet cartoons. For the purpose of causing trouble that allows the real perpetrators to get away under cover of (Qu’ran), copied extracts from the jews scriptures. Obvious who the real perpetrators are highlighted in Palestine. The people’s ignorance of the jews influence through the Bible and Qu’ran, known to the jews of which you are.

Russia will not allow anti-Islam publications, Peskov says. Does Russia support the jews anti Gentile/Catholic rhetoric?

Should President Macron Take PM Justin Trudeau, PM Jacinda Ardern and Me As Religious Coexistence Advisers?. I would not:> lt would be the unchallenged jews choice.

Choices for French Muslims. Targeting the ‘victims’ ignoring the predator. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures> *start at the very beginning, that’s a very good place to start*.

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Europe. This is the jews in hiding. Rem: WWI “the jews behind the trouble”.

What is the Science of Happiness?. US Universities information below standard, US overall unreliable, disfunctional. Their support of the jews contrary to human decency knowing what they are openly doing to the Palestinians, showing a complete disregard for human death and destruction.

First, Islam is the only religion which claims to be and is the final, the universal and eternal religion for all times and for all peoples. Second, it is the only religion which acknowledges and bears witness to the veracity of every other religion and claims that the truth is not the monopoly of Islam alone.THE QU’RAN IS, IN THE MAIN, COPIED FROM THE JEWS SCRIPTURES, .

First, Islam is the only religion which claims to be and is the final, the universal and eternal religion for all times and for all peoples. Second, it is the only religion which acknowledges and bears witness to the veracity of every other religion and claims that the truth is not the monopoly of Islam alone.THE QU’RAN IS, IN THE MAIN, COPIED FROM THE JEWS SCRIPTURES, <SECOND RATE JUDAISM>. Nice:Not in Our Name!. Still the Qu’ran copied from the jews scriptures. Start, Mohammad, Book, Allah. Muslim, same book, Mohammad, Allah. Islam, same book, Mohammad, Allah. Ahmadiyya Muslim, same book, Mohammad, Allah. TMT: Grow up. Jews behind rem WWI Bible {also copied from the jews scriptures}.

@PeterRobinson you r a joke. Idea of pro Union > both parties have been anti-Union from the beginning, threw awaythe Constitution of Northern Ireland/UK, withdrew fro the Conservative & Unionist Party. It’s not London that’s stupid.

Shared Ancestry: Religious Leaders Call for Solidarity in Abrahamic Faiths. It is not shared. It is judaism. Abraham is a jew. It is the jews faith alone. Childhood acceptance of religion from birth, parents and forced scceptance.

How Mohammed bin Salman is quietly enabling an Israeli axis in the Arab world. The claims made by Israeli-American billionaire Haim Saban > an obvious puppet of the jews.

Knifeman kills three in suspected terror attack at French church in Nice. Requested. Example of brainwashing common in the scriptures . More attention needed when analysing perpetrators.

West Bank Palestinians’ olive trees burn as U.N. urges protection for harvest. Why is it that the UN is not, by now, ahead of the jews? Jews in the UN?, the World does not see the jews on all sides?

Statement by Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in light of Recent Developments in France. Compare jews scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran > dates of origin and contents.

Does God Exist? William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens. Combined knowledge of the jews scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran proves non existent. This knowledge is common amongst the jews.

Does God Exist? William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens. God is a figment of the ancient jews mentality. Overrulled by modern education.

Pakistan’s Imran Khan urges Muslim unity against Islamophobia. This is the jews behind the scenes. WWI they complained and thus gave themselves away. They are not complaining now because no one has stood up to them, so they continue. The people are blinded to them by the Bible and Qu’ran both products of the jews scriptures.

Turkey condemns violent attack in France’s Nice, expresses solidarity with French people. Being a jew he knows what isgoing on behind.

Statement by Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in light of Recent Developments in France. I have noticed the stupidity of the Muslims, Islamists, Ahmadiyyat squabbling over who is the “true”. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures passed on by the jews themselves through Mohannad (in his ignorance too).

For the majority of Muslims, the most blatant bias is that when it comes to criticising or mocking Islam and its symbols, the establishment’s definition of freedom of expression is universal, absolute and indisputable. While insisting that Muslims embrace criticism and mockery of what is sacred to them, it has very little tolerance for criticism of Israel, Israeli policies and Zionism.

If anything, it appears that it is the state rather

@samuelmorrison. Shared Island. The protestants threw away the Constitution of Northern Ireland and cling to an “U****r” future. Their stupidity makes the mind boggle, does not fit with anyone. “U****r” was never contemplated other than the protestants, “mission impossible”.

Charles Darwin: An Epiphany for the Muslims, A Catastrophe for the Christians. Christianity has got nothing to do with evolution. Judaism /Christianity came out of evolution, NOT the other way round.

@KilclooneyJohn. Finucane :, SF and the leader of the British Labour Party are one and the same, anti the hand that feeds them. Both orientated otherwise. Their weapon religion to override common sense. Politics is second place, they are a disgrace, the downfall of nationality.

Islam perfectly compatible with development: San Diego State University professor, Islam is a product of Judaism thus the compatibility with development is the jews leading as they have been leading since the 7th century, created the Qu’ran through Mohammad {copied Jesus creation Christianity) > like unto.

Opinion: Erdogan and Khan are hypocritical about Macron’s France. Erdogan and Emmanuel are jews, supporting the jews in Palestine, openly murdering men, women and children, the brave peace-loving World does nothing, blinded by the jews religious use of people, thru the Bible and Qu’ran, both extracts of the Jews scriptures, giving the jews psychological power over their actions. Khan is? odd one out, playing with the jews whose aim is World Domination (includes Pakistan).

liam kennedy not being a Unionist yourself, and by name. I already know the protestants from 1921, turned their backs on the Constution of Northern Ireland which they themselves signed and “agreed” to, you are not the truth, referred to them as “U****r” Protestants.

France Blasphemy. Imam by Allah. Fijisun. The Qu’ran is a product of the jews scriptures, followers influenced psychologically by the jews.

The US is still embroiled in Middle Eastern wars – so why were they absent from the presidential debates? NOT KNEW:: The US is ruled by the jews, through the Bible and Qu’ran plus jews in power up to Presidential level, even the blind can “see” that.

Anger spreads in Islamic world after Macron’s backing for Muhammad cartoons. Jews highliting through the Qu’ran.

Using Arabs or Muslims as scapegoats has a history. Still being used by the jews through the Qu’ran.

In the Face of the Cartoon Row: The Best Movie about the Prophet Muhammad — ‘The Message’. Not interested > I know the truth.

JORDAN: Upon Royal directives, international advisory board formed to oversee Baptism Site Development Zone. This is another “hidden” step towards World Domination by the jews via the Qu’ran.

Acts of discrimination were motivated by fear of alienating Jewish voters. Manipulation by the jews influence through the Bible and Qu’ran.

@PeterRobinson The stumbling block is your own doing, smothering Northern Ireland with “U****r” everywhere UDR, UVF, UFF, etc. Northern Ireland nowhere in sight. Stand on the Constiution of Northern Ireland. The Constitution, got lost, was not passed on to the next generations.

Making the pandemic management a regional matter almost designed 2 break up the Country. Could u seek out the Constitution of Northern Ireland and consider what they did with IT.

The UK just claimed its Middle East ties are ‘stronger than ever’. Here’s what it means for human rights. ::> WWI, The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. The UK still deliberately “unaware” of the Kaiser’s words “behind”.

What Every Jew needs to know: The Sabbath was made by the jews for their own purpose, why are they doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?” applies only to the jews. The Bible and Qu’ran are made up of extracts of the Jews scriptures, by the jews, about the jews, for the jews.

Morocco calls Muhammad cartoons an ‘act of provocation’ as France urges Arab countries not to overreact. The president (Royalty demonised), of France, Emmanuel Macron, is a Jew, his allegiance is to the jews, including the jews in Palestine. He is aware of the Qu’ran being a copied product of the jews scriptures.

PM Imran Khan takes on French President Macron over his anti-Islam policies. PM Imran Khan : why for Islam and against Muslim. The Qu’ran is a product of Judaism.

Debate by Intelligence Squared: The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World. The RCC csme out of ignorance of the time. Hindsight.

How Godless Arabs Changed Europe. Collationes, written in Latin, tells the story of a dialogue between a Christian, a Jew and a Philosopher. A Christian is a copybook jew. As is followers of Qu’ran.

OIC body urges respect for religions. The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization should learn to read and not be afraid to compare and question. The rrason for the “abuse” is ignorance of the contents, being TOLD bits and pieces is giving the wrong message. The Qu’ran and the Bible consist of (in the main), extracts from the jews scriptures giving the jews the overall psychological control. Clerics should first check/compare. The Bible and Qu’ran came into being AFTER the crucifixion, NOT at the same time as the scriptures, the reference to the Abrahamic religion is wrong, the Bible and Qu’ran are mere copies of the original scriptures brought about because of the Crucifixion. The jews scriptures were originally only known to the jews themselves.

Why Pakistan Does Not Deserve The Service Of Atif Mian. When you can explain why Muslim, Islam, Ahmadi, one Book Qu’ran, one Allah, you will be of service. The Bible too has that problem, Catholics, Protestants, one Bible, one god.

MBS said he would be killed by his ‘own people’ if Riyadh normalised ties with Israel: Report,. Agree. That jews backend is loving under the impression that being so makes him something. He’s a barstool.

Psalm 23 – A psalm of David: A Message of Hope. This is the reason Jesus wept. The scriptures depict the jews of BC times, God-fearing, holy etc. When Jesus started his ministry he found that theywere not the same jews. Independent, self-assured of their difference and superiority from the Gentiles (reformation Bible). Jesus dropped the “godly” image to appease but it did not work. He adopted an additional strategy “I will send a Comforter”, “I place before you a stumbling block” (Scriptures), thus still maintaining the scriptures. He reminded them of Abrahams “curse”, Israel “the fruit of Abrahams bowels”.

Liberty, equality, fraternity, except Muslims. Rem. WWI the jews “BEHIND” the trouble. The Bible and Qu’ran are made up of excerps from the jews scriptures (look close).

Palestinian lawyers file lawsuit against Britain for 1917 Balfour Declaration. I agree. The harm done to the Palestinians by Britain, added to by the dysfunctional US to date. I am fully aware of the UK’s continued blindeye ignorance of the jews blatant destruction in Palestine. Another blunder “Lord” Balfour obviously a jew. USUK politics.


Policies targeting Arabs and Muslims did not just start with Donald Trump :: >> They started with the Qu’ran.

France, the way to Islamic reformation is to challenge institutions — not stigmatize Muslims – – is to know the Qu’ran is 99% Judaism (copied from Jews scriptures).

Debate: Human Morality, Monotheism and Organized Religion?. When properly researched by educated people:: no grounds for religion. It’s the weapon used today by the jews to blind the World, all connected and used in their blindness/ignorance.

I helped fight legal action against the government’s export of arms to Saudi Arabia. What I know now makes me ashamed. Molly Mulready. How many shady deals is Boris hiding behind including support for the jews, behind the trouble in WW1, including Dublin “easter uprising 1916” through the Bible, nowadays showing through the Qu’ran, I know the Bible and Qu’ran are transcripted from jews scriptures.

Traceable, proven – God is a figment of the jews mentality. The Bible and Qu’ran can be traced to the jews scriptures. The jews are the ‘pale skinned’ who created the Reg Veda of Hinduism. Rastafaran is a form of Christianity. It is possible that Buddhism can also be attributed to the jews. Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Rastafaran, and Qu’ran in that order. Indigenous is personal knowledge , it is self acquired, separate from faith in external knowledge. Jesus exposed the jews to themselves in the New Testament (Bible). The Old testament is copied from the jews scriptures. Someone commented on my use of the lower case letter j when mentioning the jews, I do not see it as being in any way important. They are nobody, wandering jews in the scriptures, copied to the Bible, they are stateless on the ground, squatting in Palestine falsely claiming citizenship/nationalism. This, in the face of the World Leaders (UN), is rendering the Palestinians as non-existent, a turnaround, rendering the Palestinians as a replacement of themselves. It is time the World stood up and took notice of the jews masquerading as Israelites. They have a history of being caught and dealt with openly six times – in relation to their aim of World Domination. They arrived in Egypt, through time added to their numbers, revolted and were driven out, (Recorded in the Bible). Their means of gaining attention to their side is through their scriptures best known Bible and Qu’ran. Other faith/religion are unnecessary. a means of controlling the masses. Faith replaces nationality/loyalty distracting people from their natural heritage/sense of belonging. Literally taking over the minds of the non-jews through psychological control, (Mohammad), depicted in the Bible as “laying in wait for my soul”. Putting Nationality over faith/religion results in individual self-recognition, banishing psychological interference from childhood. Noticible religion forced fron childhood {parents, baptism, school, organisations) etc}. Rejection of faith/religion leaves the jews exposed to the ‘evil’ depicted in their scriptures.


TMT:: Early Jewish History is Part of the Islamic History. I told you that ages ago, you continue to defraud your own kind.

Yet another Stormont blunder:: >> They still haven’t handled the Constitution of Northern Ireland. + Why is SF in a Political position with a Constitution which is anti-Northern Ireland Constitution. The Prodestants/Loyalists/Unionists are still advertising their stupidity of 1921/22.

From mute to menacing: why TV’s portrayal of Muslims still falls short. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures. The jews have the upper hand, psychologically. Remote control.

The backlash against an Indian jewellery advert with a Hindu-Muslim couple makes me despair. The Muslim is the dark side > Jewry influence. Should be noted for future purpose.

Sometimes it is suggested that Jews do not believe in Afterlife. This documentary clearly states otherwise around minute 34 in this video. It’s in their scriptures: “jews awaiting heavenly exaltation”.

76 days to Centenary and the protestants, have not caught on to the Bone heads in Stormont. At the time to join the United Kingdom those entrusted with the Governing of Northern Ireland turned their backs and remained in imaginary 9-County Ulster ignoring the Constitution of Northern Ireland, leaving the “door” open to Dublin, a situation immediately taken up by Sinn Fein to the point of surpassing the self-called Unionists. SF has now aligned itself with London in the absence of any Unionist opposition. From non-acceptance of the Constitution to break with Conservative and Unionist Party (London, England), to Belfast Agreement, to border in the Irish Sea, to a disregard for the land Border. The Unionists are still clowning around with the imaginary “Ulster” of their future. Openly, with SF, the UUP and UDUP denying the Constitution, a capital offence carrying Capital punishment by hanging.