Unknown fact>”the Christians live in ignorance of the interpretation of the contents of the Bible”.

TMT: Biology of Our Human Family:- Who are we Related to? My reply: This is deliberate diversification by the Jews to draw attention to faith/religion in which they are the instigators, by the use of psychological’slavery’ (kneeling(Bible) /prayer mats (Qu’ran), blinding us to our own ability to trace our own ancestry. Our most recent observation being:> [WW1, The Kaiser “the Jews behind the trouble”. EVIDENCE: through the Bible and the Qu’ran:- Jews Scriptures (original), Bible from JC through the Disciples and the Apostle Paul, Qu’ran the Jews through Mohammed (“psychological”), all three are transliterations of the Jews Torah and Talmud (scriptures).

Published by 3lu5d

I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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