Religious freedom is a voluntary form of lifetime under observation and and only applies to the origin, trace Bible and Qu’ran.

Technically the words Religion and Freedom are in opposition to each other. So simple it could easily slip through especially if you have never given thought to it.

RELIGION:: 1. Born : 2. Baptised at first year. 3. Sunday School at aged 5 (varied). 4. Admitted at aged 12. 5. Marriage. 6. Death/Burial. FREEDOM:: No commitments.

Of THREE:: One: jews Scriptures, of their own compilation. Two: Bible and Qu’ran are madeup of extracts from the jews Scriptures [both second rate, compiled behind our, [Bible and Qu’ran], backs. Bible> Jesus C. through his disciples. no contact with us. Qu’ran> jews through Muhammad <in a trance>. Chronicles of the World part 1 (from beginning of time to mid 1900’s).

Published by 3lu5d

I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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