The Jew has always used Royalty to get what he wants. By doing so the people are prevented from getting involved. There is no Royalty in the USA. The jew has a clear passage to take over and use the USA against the rest of the World. Their handicap is having to look up to Royalty, whereas Commoners can be taken unaware of the danger. The system went wrong in England during 16th century. The jew had been banished in 1200, Charles I was beheaded, the Lord Proctector brought them back and set them up in busines. The Jew was involved in the leadup to the Battle of Hastings, England lost the battle. When I wrote to The Queen she took the side of the Jew. I am aware of the ‘Jews’ history. The Queen has delivered herself into the hands of the Jew. It is obvious he will try using Her. I have taken up the “I will send a Comforter” promise Jesus made in book of John whilst awaiting his crucifixion, see previous. Description in Revelations “like unto the son of man”, “he will be called the Word of God”, “only he knows his name”. As the Comforter I take responsibility for the Gentiles, (but they are put off by the Queen being for the Jew), and the Domestic and Wildlife “a boy/child will lead them”. I prefer my own words as opposed to the wording of the Bible. Any attempt by the jew to involve Her will be met. She is already under suspicion and has been some thirty+ years (since being told by myself). The historical record of the Jew points to use of Heads of State, obvious continuous world involvement through the Bible and Qu’ran, both traceable to the original Scriptures of the Jew, it’s at this point that World Domination comes to mind. Beginning: Aryans (Jew, light skinned), created the Reg Veda, Hindustan bible. Ending: The Jew created the Qu’ran through Muhammad. Both now meet on what was common ground, Hindustan, but is now Hindustan and Pakistan, brought about by the Qu’ran. The ignorance of the masses in relation to the Bible and Qu’ran is in the Jews’ favour. Knowing the contents of the Bible and enough of the Qu’ran enables myself to stand up to the Jew with the aim of getting rid of him. They obviously pose a threat to the World. The Queen has been informed of my standing for the Domestic and Wildlife. We evolved from them throigh Black (original man) to White. (NOTABLE:: Aryans/Jew, Reg Veda, origin of White Supremacy). The Jew is using White Supremacy as a front. Their handicap has always been their fear of being the underling. Three tier: Royalty, commoner/citizen, underling/stranger. This is shown in their attitude towards Royalty. I have withdrawn the appointment of Empress of India, further evidence of the Jews’ use of Royalty. She, the Queen, is also Defender of the faith, {Jesus Christ’s faith in Judaism}, continued from King Henry VIII.

Published by 3lu5d

I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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