Peace deals with the jews. We sre now becoming aware of what deals with the jews actually mean. Whilst making those deals the jews have been making progress subjuing the Palrstinians, people forced from their homes, murder; houses, villages, business’s destroyed. Having no right to be in Palestine in the first place, they are continuing their poormouthing, begging attitude they used to blind the USA, slipped through London under cover of UK’s biblical blindness into Palestine having fooled the King and London as to their intentions.

Charlie Hebdo reigniting contentious flame. Publishing Mohammad. Blatant incitement, obvious ‘invisable’ interference through the Qu’ran

The jews, with the submissive ‘help’ from Trump, had the Capital of Palestine moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to coincide with the jews scriptures.

Published by 3lu5d

I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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