Noam Chomsky On The Long History Of US Meddling In Foreign Elections. Trump and Putin are jews.

Urdu Video: Secularism in Islam and rising above Sectarianism. The Qu’ran was doomed as such from the start. It was created psychologically by the jews through Mohammad. After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ his disciples published their experiences with Jesus as instructed by Jesus prior to the crucifixion. The Bible was created on the disciples and Paul of Tarsus’s accounts plus extracts from the jews scriptures. The jews later got hold of Mohammad and copied Jesus actions. . The main contents were ‘copied’ psychologically through Mohammad. TWO points are used to cover up the origins: Mohammad an Egyptian {in the same role as Jesus} and a ‘named’ God {Allah} giving the impression of a new start separate from the scriptures/Bible <including the same wording in places>.

The Palestinians are the OWNERS of PALESTINE, the US knowledge of external affairs is in the hands of bungling amateurs at the whim of the jews, other nations are not helping.

The problem is Qu’ran {Muslam} . It is NOT a self-chosen religion. It’s origins are in the jews scriptures and is therefore a threat to Hindustan. UNSC do not take religion into account (constant ignorance of religious connections results in never ending trouble {wars etc.)). The Qu’ran is an extract from the jews scriptures and as such is being used by the jews [rem. WWI, the jews behind the trouble] through the Bible is also extraction of jews scriptures.

The difference between the Indigoness Palestinians and the jews? A big one but the Qu’ran is the Palestinians hidden danger (copied from Jews scriptures), giving the jews the upper hand. One-sided <psychological> warfare.

Legal group demands Israel end impunity for killing of Palestinian citizens. :: Adalah says public perception of Palestinians as the ‘enemy’ encourages deadly police violence. :: History proves the jews do not act on provocation > World Domination > is their reason.

Adalah says public perception of Palestinians as the ‘enemy’ encourages deadly police violence. Wrong : the jews do

BEIRUT — Lebanon and Israel said on Thursday they will hold US-brokered negotiations on their disputed land and maritime borders, in what Washington hailed as a “historic” agreement between two sides technically still at war. Bookie 2/1.

TMT:: A spat over a comparison between present-day America and 1930s Germany showed the American-Jewish establishment is unequipped to protect its community, no doubt about it: the jews continuing their crawling, poormouthing,, snivelling, whimpering act since the end of WW2 whilst illegally occupying part of Palestine, killing Palestinians (including children), destroying homes, business’s of the Palestinian people. Relying on US/World blind eye to what the jews themselves call ‘progress’ to World Domination:- 6 times caught and dealt with (6th: WWI/WW2).

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I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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