TMT:: Early Jewish History is Part of the Islamic History. I told you that ages ago, you continue to defraud your own kind.

Yet another Stormont blunder:: >> They still haven’t handled the Constitution of Northern Ireland. + Why is SF in a Political position with a Constitution which is anti-Northern Ireland Constitution. The Prodestants/Loyalists/Unionists are still advertising their stupidity of 1921/22.

From mute to menacing: why TV’s portrayal of Muslims still falls short. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures. The jews have the upper hand, psychologically. Remote control.

The backlash against an Indian jewellery advert with a Hindu-Muslim couple makes me despair. The Muslim is the dark side > Jewry influence. Should be noted for future purpose.

Sometimes it is suggested that Jews do not believe in Afterlife. This documentary clearly states otherwise around minute 34 in this video. It’s in their scriptures: “jews awaiting heavenly exaltation”.

76 days to Centenary and the protestants, have not caught on to the Bone heads in Stormont. At the time to join the United Kingdom those entrusted with the Governing of Northern Ireland turned their backs and remained in imaginary 9-County Ulster ignoring the Constitution of Northern Ireland, leaving the “door” open to Dublin, a situation immediately taken up by Sinn Fein to the point of surpassing the self-called Unionists. SF has now aligned itself with London in the absence of any Unionist opposition. From non-acceptance of the Constitution to break with Conservative and Unionist Party (London, England), to Belfast Agreement, to border in the Irish Sea, to a disregard for the land Border. The Unionists are still clowning around with the imaginary “Ulster” of their future. Openly, with SF, the UUP and UDUP denying the Constitution, a capital offence carrying Capital punishment by hanging.

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I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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