Policies targeting Arabs and Muslims did not just start with Donald Trump :: >> They started with the Qu’ran.

France, the way to Islamic reformation is to challenge institutions — not stigmatize Muslims – – is to know the Qu’ran is 99% Judaism (copied from Jews scriptures).

Debate: Human Morality, Monotheism and Organized Religion?. When properly researched by educated people:: no grounds for religion. It’s the weapon used today by the jews to blind the World, all connected and used in their blindness/ignorance.

I helped fight legal action against the government’s export of arms to Saudi Arabia. What I know now makes me ashamed. Molly Mulready. How many shady deals is Boris hiding behind including support for the jews, behind the trouble in WW1, including Dublin “easter uprising 1916” through the Bible, nowadays showing through the Qu’ran, I know the Bible and Qu’ran are transcripted from jews scriptures.

Traceable, proven – God is a figment of the jews mentality. The Bible and Qu’ran can be traced to the jews scriptures. The jews are the ‘pale skinned’ who created the Reg Veda of Hinduism. Rastafaran is a form of Christianity. It is possible that Buddhism can also be attributed to the jews. Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Rastafaran, and Qu’ran in that order. Indigenous is personal knowledge , it is self acquired, separate from faith in external knowledge. Jesus exposed the jews to themselves in the New Testament (Bible). The Old testament is copied from the jews scriptures. Someone commented on my use of the lower case letter j when mentioning the jews, I do not see it as being in any way important. They are nobody, wandering jews in the scriptures, copied to the Bible, they are stateless on the ground, squatting in Palestine falsely claiming citizenship/nationalism. This, in the face of the World Leaders (UN), is rendering the Palestinians as non-existent, a turnaround, rendering the Palestinians as a replacement of themselves. It is time the World stood up and took notice of the jews masquerading as Israelites. They have a history of being caught and dealt with openly six times – in relation to their aim of World Domination. They arrived in Egypt, through time added to their numbers, revolted and were driven out, (Recorded in the Bible). Their means of gaining attention to their side is through their scriptures best known Bible and Qu’ran. Other faith/religion are unnecessary. a means of controlling the masses. Faith replaces nationality/loyalty distracting people from their natural heritage/sense of belonging. Literally taking over the minds of the non-jews through psychological control, (Mohammad), depicted in the Bible as “laying in wait for my soul”. Putting Nationality over faith/religion results in individual self-recognition, banishing psychological interference from childhood. Noticible religion forced fron childhood {parents, baptism, school, organisations) etc}. Rejection of faith/religion leaves the jews exposed to the ‘evil’ depicted in their scriptures.

Published by 3lu5d

I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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