The start of the wsrs:: WW1 The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. After the wars:: , saturated with jew war heros, there’s something wrong with the people. Allowed the jew to invade Palestine. USUK bending over backwards supporting the jews. There is….

The gutless cowardly invaders in Palestine have run crying to facebook and twitter, appealing to the ignorant/turning their backs in the outside World unwittingly supporting the jews due 2being blinded by religion which stsrted and ends with the jews.

@ChrisSmyth237 I know what the zUUP did in 1921. Country saturatef with disgusting Dublin orientated *U****r*, SF freedom of movement. Remberance Day:: Mary Lou ‘remembered 1916, the Protestants dont remember the Constltution of Northern Ireland. Drownded out by stupidity.

If (only) Amy Coney Barrett was a Muslim. Jews ‘not knowing’ she is a jew.

Covid, Race & Islamophobia – Are World Leaders Solving, or Creating More Problems?. The World Leadwes are not taking note of the jews scriptures, the Bible, and the Qu’ran combination. The Qu’ran and the Bible are construed mainly of extracts of the jews scriptures, enablish the jews to psychologically control the masses creating isolated trouble spots throughout the world. WWI, The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. King of England in ignorance of thei jews intention. iin 1917, promised the jews a place in the Middle East, they chose Palestine to voinvide with their presence there when Jesus Christ was born, lived and was crucified, for the purpose of causing confusion, their ‘pretending not to know weapon’.

How Can the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims Argue Afterlife. The reason for burials is::> there is no life in the body.

Unravelling the Truth About Eve: Her Position in History According to Islam. Eve has never existed, “Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden” [Bible], is the jews gatecrashing evolution, (simple-minded, illiteracy). Evolution from ape/monkey family, hairy/black skin. Kick-start to the jews scriptural fallacy. Adam and Eve “white”, signifying ‘white supremacy’. *Jews behind the trouble*.

To ban the Bible is to keep the people in the dark, the truth is in the contents. Lack of readingcause of ignorance. I read the Bible > I know the truth, I threw it where it belongs >> the bin. Rsndom talk about is ignorance, given the wrong impression. Jews are afraid of it.

@News_Letter Ruth Dudley Edwards openly misleading the readers. Trump stated he had promised the jews he will help them. I know, I txt Trump, he panicked, ran to Palestine the wall, complying with their record “I stumble and fall, I run to the wall”. I had heard him earlier.

Muslims’ culturally rooted love for Prophet manifests in his birthday commemorations Previous. Not true. The jews created the rooted love, through Mohammmad, for the also created. Qu’ran. The jews also created the myth surrounding Mohammad to fit with the Qu’ran.

Smallminded supporters of smallminded religion, denying public freedom.

Europe’s violent extremism problem. Qu’ran problem. Qu’ran is mainly copied from the jews scriptures, therefore remote jews vonnection. Psychological influence through the Qu’ran. Jews connection covered up/deliberately ignored by jews in governmrnt positions. The same happening in relation to Palestine. Heads of State take note: the jews through the Qu’ran and the Bible.

Joe Biden’s love affair with Israel will pick up where it left off. Joe Biden IS A JEW. He is a party to what they are doing in Palestine.

Another Ahmadi-Muslim assassinated in Peshawar, Pakistan. The Qu’ran consists of extracts of the Jews scriptures. Remotely instigation through the Qu’ran. I have repeatedly informed TMT of the jews ‘invisable’ connection. Muslim, Islam, Ahmadi are Qu’ran inspired.

@ArleenFoster As a supposed First Minister you could not go any lower than applaud Biden, outsider led by SF/Dublin. Protestants in NI continually talking out of their other end. To Govern the Country they immediately abandoned in 1921. More Dublin than Belfast.

Disgusting Stormont buckling again to SF/Dublin. Disgraceful throwing away those who gave their lives for our security, mary Lou temembered 1916, the protestants remember nothing, big mouths buckling to roundabout cowards.

Jews in Dubai. There to remain in love with themselves, their future is witheld, protected by their scriptures. World Domination is their aim, through scriptures/Qu’ran.

@Finola Mcaffrey The Bible and Qu’ran are copies of the jews scriptures i.e. the followers are not to their own, they are unknowingly on their knees to the jews (there is no God), the scriptures are the jews own mentality, written enyirely by themselves.

I am a Jew, a Catholic, a Christian and a Muslim; I am Zia H Shah. You r not a jew. You r just copying the jew word for word. You are vonning ur own kind. Standing up to the jews would be more inline. U r brainwashed by sticking solely to the Qu’ran, diminished responsibility.

British Convert to Islam: Myriam Francois-Cerrah ‘I found Qur’an mother of all philosophies’. You are a liar, a jew, you are deceiving the people, you kmow the Qu’ran and Bible are copied from the jews scriptures, they are both second rate thrown away judaism, bait.

@News_Letter Covid cash payment. Another SF ploy wasted on the protestants, SF making headway while they dream about a non-existent 9-County future. They live in ignorance of SF being in denial of the NI Constitution, they are Dublin based in support of their own Constitution.

@DannyKinahan You turned your back on the Constitution of Northern Ireland in 1921. The Army is UK (I served). I am born and raised in NI. I know the mess that was made in 1921. I know they are still the same, backs turned smit by the jews. I know the Bible too, bin fodder.

Al-Andalus revisited: Why the values of the Muslim golden age are more important now than ever before. Still ignoring the Jewish connection> the Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures. Unwittingly carrying the jews into the future.

@PeterRobinson Hear me NOW: Mary Lou leader of SF based in Dublin, anti Northern Ireland Constitution. Moronic Protestants, Loyalists, Unionists sharing with SF!! I, like everyone else sees the stupidity, Media/TV.

Israeli minister warns of war if Biden wins, returns to Iran deal. Heads-of-State note, this is the jews, complaining, back tracking, back to front rhetric, their aim is World Domination, unchanging, their only way out, they are under pressure of common sense. They are afraid of the truth being known.

@BrianGibson. The jews created the Scriptures including God. The scriptures is God. Note who sent Moses – the name? Just in case: Jehovah is a Roman God. The jews did not conquer Rome so they have no claim to Jehovah. God has seven names – search.

@Saudi @Kuwait @Serbia Trump personally in support of the jews trapped, panic: only way out World Domination, through “Normalisation”. Remember it was the jews who suggested “Normalisation”, forward thinking whilst the World sleeps.

@Saudi @Kuwait @Serbia Trump personally in support of the jews trapped, panic: only way out World Domination, through “Normalisation”. Remember it was the jews who suggested “Normalisation”, forward thinking whilst the World sleeps.

To:> Silverius Mccann The scripture is the jews truth. Narrow, imaginary mentality.

The green line is a red line for peace. The jews aim is beyond Palestine. It is World Domination. To maintain peace and stability the jews must be told point blank:> Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinians as it has been for Centuries. You, the jew, have been promised a place in the Middle East by the King of England in 1917. The US, weakminded with pressured religion by the jews and UK (Fd), (derivitiv of the jews scriptures) throughout the Bible and eventual Qu’ran. Original Biblically weakened: UK>, US, NZ, Aus, Can, (previous underlings of the UK). The jews are murdering people and destroying property in Palestine in open defience of the World Nations.

Normalisation with the jews is suicidal, their motive is witheld:: it is World Domination under cover of religion. Qu’ran and Bible are derivatives of the jews scriptures. Followers blind to the connection.

Escalating the demographic war: The Strategic goal of Israeli racism in Palestine is World Domination, whilst the World is blinded by the jews scriptures through the Bible and Qu’ran, obviously mislead, diversified, blinded, covering up what they really have in mind, World Domination. Palestine would not be capable of accomodating all of them, scattered round the Earth, uncheaked numbers in each Country.

Urdu Video: Ghamidi Beautifully Describing Again, How the Quran Should be Read in Flexible Terms in the Context of the Time. The Qu’ran is a threat to Urdu. being Judaism in disguise, copied in the main from the jews scriptures.

TMT:: Rafiq:: You are ignoring my warning about the Qu’ran and the Bible. Take into account the number of deaths, both sides, since I told you.

Why has the West turned against Islam?. WWI The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. Bible and Qu’ran: copied extracts of the Jews scriptures, jews behind the Qu’ran.

No matter who the Electrol College Choses. It does matter. I am a Gentile, aware of the jews manipulation behind the scenes through the Bible and Qu’ran, being copied off the jews scriptures, are not seperate issues, they are of the scriptures and be aware of the closeness of the jews, psychological contact, be aware.

A Christian Convert to Islam Explores How the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) Treated Christians. Bilal Atkinson, originally from England. Bilal, you are a fake, a jew. Y ou rely on the ignorance of the Gentiles/Catholics. Note the first pointer to the jews confusion. Gentiles and Catholics are one and the same, they are NOT jews. The instigation of friction manipulated by the whilst the Gentiles/Catholics live in ignorance. The same with the Qu’ran, started as one person, one book, now splintered, Islam, Muslim, Ahmadi, the cause of friction.

Disfunctional US, turned its back on Palestine/Palistinians and picked up handful of stateless begging nobodys. Trump epitomises the US.

To the::>. Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The Battle for the Soul of Muslim. As Jesus predicted for himself having upset the jews “lying in wait for my soul”. Consider: the Qu’ran is, in the main, copied from the jews scriptures. PLAIN TO SEE::> “the jews are lying in wait for the souls of the Qu’ran followers’.

The Battle for the Soul of Islam. As Jesus predicted for himself having upset the jews “lying in wait for my soul”. Consider: the Qu’ran is, in the main, copied from the jews scriptures. PLAIN TO SEE::> “the jews are lying in wait for the souls of the Qu’ran followers’.

@liamkennedy Your first name knocks out your status. there are NO good points for shared island unit at present. SF/IRA/Dublin self praising: devoid of reality.

UK still ignoring the harm they have done to Palestine/Palestinians to the rest of the World including themselves wide open to the jews residing in most if not all Countries in anticipation of World Domination.

Video: Angela Merkel lays the limits of free speech and defines hate speech. Use of the Bible and Qu’ran is not free speech. Both are copied from the jews scriptures. Overall control remains with the jews. Psychological influence, dangerous because it is not known by the masses. Once upon a time only the jews knew the existence of the jews scriptures. Jesus Christ crucified: exposed:> the jews scriptures now known in the Bible and Qu’ran.

Jordan Times:: A new approach to tolerance from all sides. “latent conflict is considered the riskiest, as it is hidden as it grows, becoming stronger and spreading its roots before it comes to the surface through complex and deep issues that need to be addressed” .The “latest” is not new, Judaism through the Bible and Qu’ran. Both are made up mainly from the jews scriptures, the jews hold the upper hand.

Jinns and Demons: A Rational Islamic Perspective. Jinns are People, demons figment of the jew imagination.

@Saudi @Kuwait @Serbia The Qu’ran, main parts are copied from the jews scriptures, the jews are/not at the Umrah in person but are aware what you are doing. Bible and Qu’ran:: followers committing suicide.

The implications of US policy shift on Jerusalem. It is not a shift, it is planned. Why doesn’t the TMT stand up for the Palestinians? Why don’t Qu’ran followers stand up for the Palestinians?. Why is it there are so many cowards on the Earth when the real cowards are just the jews hiding in most if not all Countries on the Earth?. Obvious they will need more than one country to reside jn with the alternative being World Domination. They are working towards World Domination through “normalisation”. Are ALL nations afraid of the jews?

Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution under serious challenge. A repeat of the Balfour Declaration whilst nations insist on sleeping.

Police arrest after man shoots a Grrek orthodox priest in French city of Lyon. Perpetrators behind the scenes under cover of Qu’ran/jews scriptures connection.

Macron says he can ‘understand’ shock of prophet cartoons. For the purpose of causing trouble that allows the real perpetrators to get away under cover of (Qu’ran), copied extracts from the jews scriptures. Obvious who the real perpetrators are highlighted in Palestine. The people’s ignorance of the jews influence through the Bible and Qu’ran, known to the jews of which you are.

Russia will not allow anti-Islam publications, Peskov says. Does Russia support the jews anti Gentile/Catholic rhetoric?

Should President Macron Take PM Justin Trudeau, PM Jacinda Ardern and Me As Religious Coexistence Advisers?. I would not:> lt would be the unchallenged jews choice.

Choices for French Muslims. Targeting the ‘victims’ ignoring the predator. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures> *start at the very beginning, that’s a very good place to start*.

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Europe. This is the jews in hiding. Rem: WWI “the jews behind the trouble”.

What is the Science of Happiness?. US Universities information below standard, US overall unreliable, disfunctional. Their support of the jews contrary to human decency knowing what they are openly doing to the Palestinians, showing a complete disregard for human death and destruction.

First, Islam is the only religion which claims to be and is the final, the universal and eternal religion for all times and for all peoples. Second, it is the only religion which acknowledges and bears witness to the veracity of every other religion and claims that the truth is not the monopoly of Islam alone.THE QU’RAN IS, IN THE MAIN, COPIED FROM THE JEWS SCRIPTURES, .

First, Islam is the only religion which claims to be and is the final, the universal and eternal religion for all times and for all peoples. Second, it is the only religion which acknowledges and bears witness to the veracity of every other religion and claims that the truth is not the monopoly of Islam alone.THE QU’RAN IS, IN THE MAIN, COPIED FROM THE JEWS SCRIPTURES, <SECOND RATE JUDAISM>. Nice:Not in Our Name!. Still the Qu’ran copied from the jews scriptures. Start, Mohammad, Book, Allah. Muslim, same book, Mohammad, Allah. Islam, same book, Mohammad, Allah. Ahmadiyya Muslim, same book, Mohammad, Allah. TMT: Grow up. Jews behind rem WWI Bible {also copied from the jews scriptures}.

@PeterRobinson you r a joke. Idea of pro Union > both parties have been anti-Union from the beginning, threw awaythe Constitution of Northern Ireland/UK, withdrew fro the Conservative & Unionist Party. It’s not London that’s stupid.

Shared Ancestry: Religious Leaders Call for Solidarity in Abrahamic Faiths. It is not shared. It is judaism. Abraham is a jew. It is the jews faith alone. Childhood acceptance of religion from birth, parents and forced scceptance.

How Mohammed bin Salman is quietly enabling an Israeli axis in the Arab world. The claims made by Israeli-American billionaire Haim Saban > an obvious puppet of the jews.

Knifeman kills three in suspected terror attack at French church in Nice. Requested. Example of brainwashing common in the scriptures . More attention needed when analysing perpetrators.

West Bank Palestinians’ olive trees burn as U.N. urges protection for harvest. Why is it that the UN is not, by now, ahead of the jews? Jews in the UN?, the World does not see the jews on all sides?

Statement by Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in light of Recent Developments in France. Compare jews scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran > dates of origin and contents.

Does God Exist? William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens. Combined knowledge of the jews scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran proves non existent. This knowledge is common amongst the jews.

Does God Exist? William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens. God is a figment of the ancient jews mentality. Overrulled by modern education.

Pakistan’s Imran Khan urges Muslim unity against Islamophobia. This is the jews behind the scenes. WWI they complained and thus gave themselves away. They are not complaining now because no one has stood up to them, so they continue. The people are blinded to them by the Bible and Qu’ran both products of the jews scriptures.

Turkey condemns violent attack in France’s Nice, expresses solidarity with French people. Being a jew he knows what isgoing on behind.

Statement by Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in light of Recent Developments in France. I have noticed the stupidity of the Muslims, Islamists, Ahmadiyyat squabbling over who is the “true”. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures passed on by the jews themselves through Mohannad (in his ignorance too).

For the majority of Muslims, the most blatant bias is that when it comes to criticising or mocking Islam and its symbols, the establishment’s definition of freedom of expression is universal, absolute and indisputable. While insisting that Muslims embrace criticism and mockery of what is sacred to them, it has very little tolerance for criticism of Israel, Israeli policies and Zionism.

If anything, it appears that it is the state rather

@samuelmorrison. Shared Island. The protestants threw away the Constitution of Northern Ireland and cling to an “U****r” future. Their stupidity makes the mind boggle, does not fit with anyone. “U****r” was never contemplated other than the protestants, “mission impossible”.

Charles Darwin: An Epiphany for the Muslims, A Catastrophe for the Christians. Christianity has got nothing to do with evolution. Judaism /Christianity came out of evolution, NOT the other way round.

@KilclooneyJohn. Finucane :, SF and the leader of the British Labour Party are one and the same, anti the hand that feeds them. Both orientated otherwise. Their weapon religion to override common sense. Politics is second place, they are a disgrace, the downfall of nationality.

Islam perfectly compatible with development: San Diego State University professor, Islam is a product of Judaism thus the compatibility with development is the jews leading as they have been leading since the 7th century, created the Qu’ran through Mohammad {copied Jesus creation Christianity) > like unto.

Opinion: Erdogan and Khan are hypocritical about Macron’s France. Erdogan and Emmanuel are jews, supporting the jews in Palestine, openly murdering men, women and children, the brave peace-loving World does nothing, blinded by the jews religious use of people, thru the Bible and Qu’ran, both extracts of the Jews scriptures, giving the jews psychological power over their actions. Khan is? odd one out, playing with the jews whose aim is World Domination (includes Pakistan).

liam kennedy not being a Unionist yourself, and by name. I already know the protestants from 1921, turned their backs on the Constution of Northern Ireland which they themselves signed and “agreed” to, you are not the truth, referred to them as “U****r” Protestants.

France Blasphemy. Imam by Allah. Fijisun. The Qu’ran is a product of the jews scriptures, followers influenced psychologically by the jews.

The US is still embroiled in Middle Eastern wars – so why were they absent from the presidential debates? NOT KNEW:: The US is ruled by the jews, through the Bible and Qu’ran plus jews in power up to Presidential level, even the blind can “see” that.

Anger spreads in Islamic world after Macron’s backing for Muhammad cartoons. Jews highliting through the Qu’ran.

Using Arabs or Muslims as scapegoats has a history. Still being used by the jews through the Qu’ran.

In the Face of the Cartoon Row: The Best Movie about the Prophet Muhammad — ‘The Message’. Not interested > I know the truth.

JORDAN: Upon Royal directives, international advisory board formed to oversee Baptism Site Development Zone. This is another “hidden” step towards World Domination by the jews via the Qu’ran.

Acts of discrimination were motivated by fear of alienating Jewish voters. Manipulation by the jews influence through the Bible and Qu’ran.

@PeterRobinson The stumbling block is your own doing, smothering Northern Ireland with “U****r” everywhere UDR, UVF, UFF, etc. Northern Ireland nowhere in sight. Stand on the Constiution of Northern Ireland. The Constitution, got lost, was not passed on to the next generations.

Making the pandemic management a regional matter almost designed 2 break up the Country. Could u seek out the Constitution of Northern Ireland and consider what they did with IT.

The UK just claimed its Middle East ties are ‘stronger than ever’. Here’s what it means for human rights. ::> WWI, The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. The UK still deliberately “unaware” of the Kaiser’s words “behind”.

What Every Jew needs to know: The Sabbath was made by the jews for their own purpose, why are they doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?” applies only to the jews. The Bible and Qu’ran are made up of extracts of the Jews scriptures, by the jews, about the jews, for the jews.

Morocco calls Muhammad cartoons an ‘act of provocation’ as France urges Arab countries not to overreact. The president (Royalty demonised), of France, Emmanuel Macron, is a Jew, his allegiance is to the jews, including the jews in Palestine. He is aware of the Qu’ran being a copied product of the jews scriptures.

PM Imran Khan takes on French President Macron over his anti-Islam policies. PM Imran Khan : why for Islam and against Muslim. The Qu’ran is a product of Judaism.

Debate by Intelligence Squared: The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World. The RCC csme out of ignorance of the time. Hindsight.

How Godless Arabs Changed Europe. Collationes, written in Latin, tells the story of a dialogue between a Christian, a Jew and a Philosopher. A Christian is a copybook jew. As is followers of Qu’ran.

OIC body urges respect for religions. The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization should learn to read and not be afraid to compare and question. The rrason for the “abuse” is ignorance of the contents, being TOLD bits and pieces is giving the wrong message. The Qu’ran and the Bible consist of (in the main), extracts from the jews scriptures giving the jews the overall psychological control. Clerics should first check/compare. The Bible and Qu’ran came into being AFTER the crucifixion, NOT at the same time as the scriptures, the reference to the Abrahamic religion is wrong, the Bible and Qu’ran are mere copies of the original scriptures brought about because of the Crucifixion. The jews scriptures were originally only known to the jews themselves.

Why Pakistan Does Not Deserve The Service Of Atif Mian. When you can explain why Muslim, Islam, Ahmadi, one Book Qu’ran, one Allah, you will be of service. The Bible too has that problem, Catholics, Protestants, one Bible, one god.

MBS said he would be killed by his ‘own people’ if Riyadh normalised ties with Israel: Report,. Agree. That jews backend is loving under the impression that being so makes him something. He’s a barstool.

Psalm 23 – A psalm of David: A Message of Hope. This is the reason Jesus wept. The scriptures depict the jews of BC times, God-fearing, holy etc. When Jesus started his ministry he found that theywere not the same jews. Independent, self-assured of their difference and superiority from the Gentiles (reformation Bible). Jesus dropped the “godly” image to appease but it did not work. He adopted an additional strategy “I will send a Comforter”, “I place before you a stumbling block” (Scriptures), thus still maintaining the scriptures. He reminded them of Abrahams “curse”, Israel “the fruit of Abrahams bowels”.

Liberty, equality, fraternity, except Muslims. Rem. WWI the jews “BEHIND” the trouble. The Bible and Qu’ran are made up of excerps from the jews scriptures (look close).

Palestinian lawyers file lawsuit against Britain for 1917 Balfour Declaration. I agree. The harm done to the Palestinians by Britain, added to by the dysfunctional US to date. I am fully aware of the UK’s continued blindeye ignorance of the jews blatant destruction in Palestine. Another blunder “Lord” Balfour obviously a jew. USUK politics.

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I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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