Conversion: With targets & incentives, new breed of evangelical groups are like start-ups. “Converts” are being led in ignorance through not reading the relevant book. Religion today is running on ignorance. I attended Sunday School as a child, I attended Sunday Services as an adult. Later in life, I came accross a Bible. I read it a number of times, at night, a chapter every night, I kept it in mind and it unraveled through time. On hindsight I discovered I knew nothing at all before reading the Bible. Personal knowledge is a requirement of living.

White Christian America Needs a Moral Awakening. White Christain is a false impression. The jews are holding on to the scriptures. The followers of the Bible and Qu’ran have nothing, both are controlled by the jews. I have told you this many times, you can check by comparing scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran. TMT:> By not checking you are misleading the public. Already proven, acts of terrorism involving death and suffering are by psychological interference by the jews through the Qu’ran.

Reading the Quran: Do They Still Cook You on the Stake, For Knowing the Scripture?. The difference between the jews and Qu’ran followers::> the jews are all aware of the scriptures, they don’t ‘cook’ their own kind:: the Qu’ran followers ‘cook’ their own kind. Noted: the followers of the Qu’ran are subject to the jews psychological influence. Someone should wake up the Calips. The jews are Allah on the qt.

Religious intolerance is ‘bigger cause of prejudice than race’, says report. Ignorance.

Trump replaces Pentagon policy chief with Islamophobic Anthony Tata. Fits with the jew/US illiterate, inhuman, uncivilised combination. Hillary take note.

Turkey offended by Pompeo’s plan to discuss religious issues. Turkey sidestepping. The truth being Pompeo is a jew and is therefore ruled out. Running to Turkey Erdogan a jew, to meet with the Greek religious leader blinding the people to the reality that the Bible and Qu’ran are extensions of the jews scriptures. he is really ‘sorting’ and combining the political and religious issues to fit with their aim of World Domination.

Austria’s new law on ‘political Islam’ opens door for crackdown on Muslims. Rafiq TMT: THE JEWS BEHIND THE TROUBLE.

The jews have a criminal record against lawful establishments continuing today. Six times caught and dealt with. They are now proving what they are doing in Palestine whilst “Normalising” with their neighbours. TRUE. Israel is Jacob a jew in the Bible. Jacob comitted a crime and was branded ‘Israel’ by Abraham and termed “the fruit of his, Abrahams, bowels”. The jews in Palestine and scattered round the Earth are “the wandering jew”, they are stateless on the ground. They are sub-human. Jesus stood up to them and exposed them to themselves, (recorded in the New Testament [Bible]). Proper attention to the New Testament by the Gentiles/Catholics would expose them today, and put a stop to the crimes they are committing, serious crimes sgainst mankind, their aim being World Domination, determines what they are capable of in the future, the World not standing up to them now.

@sebastiankurz Austria’s new law on ‘political Islam’ opens door for crackdown on Muslims. Start at the very beginning. The jews created their scriptures. The jews psychologically used Mohammad to create the Qu’ran based on their scriptures. (Bible is also of jews scriptures).

EU says fight against terror not directed at religion. So, there are plenty of possibilities to improve how we can avoid such barbaric acts, and we need to consider them all and look into them all in depth. not directed against religious beliefs. but against violent extremism. .”. combating Islamism”. Our fight against terrorism is not directed against any religious or political beliefs but against fanatical and violent extremism.” Sudden rush overlooking the main reason: “religion itself”. Origin of religion in question: the Qu’ran:, extracts from the jews scriptures make up most of the contents. The Bible came into being after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, proven by reading, half of which is copied scriptures. The Qu’ran was created from extracts of the Jews scriptures in the 7th Century by the jews, waylaid Mohammad, an Egyptian, took control of his mind (recorded in the Qu’ran). Other giveaway signs, “we killed Jesus Christ the son of Allah”, (450 years after Jesus was crucified by the Roman Army at the behest of the jews, recorded in the Bible). Other parts coincide with the scriptures. The jews are psychologically objecting to these claims, the scriptures, Qu’ran and Bible must be compared in order to see how the jews psychologically control through the minds of the followers.

The wandering jew in the Bible, the fruit of Abrahams bowels. Stateless on the ground, there’s something wrong with the Gentiles, the jews r getting away with murdering Gentiles. Since 1947 they invaded Palestine, they r the instigators of the Bible (JC) and Qu’ran (jews).

Macron’s anti-Islam, pandemic management hand power to French far-right. Macron is of the jews, the creators of the Qu’ran> Islamists, Muslims and Ahmadi.

Islamophobia disguised as secularism in France, opposition leader Melenchon says. Jews in places of power are in a position to stand up to ‘the hidden jews’ using the Bible and Qu’ran to create internal disruption. Jews in places of power – you are known to be in places of power in most if not all Countries.

Robert Fisk had true independence of mind – which is why he angered governments and parts of the media. Robert Fisk is a jew., and is therefore concistently racing to cover up the jews back to front rhetoric when it is recognised.

Islamophobia disguised as secularism in France, opposition leader Melenchon says. The Qu’ran consists of extracts of the jews scriptures. The President is a jew, with the jews behind the trouble. It pays to be aware of the concistency of religion/the jews involvement in ‘terrorist/terrorism’ incidents. Refusing to accept the jews involvement in the Bible and Qu’ran is anti common sense without checking.

Over half Muslim Labour members do not trust party to tackle Islamophobia. One book, two religions. The book (Qu’ran), is mainly composed of extracts from the jews scriptures. The jews have the intentional advantage of access into the minds of the Muslims and Islams. It would be better to be aware of the jewish connection otherwise this ‘sepratist situation’ will continue in favour of the jews. It would be better for Ahmadi be involved in a “brotherhood atmosphere”. Three are in common.

Countries critical of the jews crimes is a reference to ALL Countries on the Earth. The jews don’t have one, they came out of the Bible (the wandering jew), in 1947 laying claim to Palestine. Heads of State take note of the jews history.

Is Judaism an ethnicity? A race? A nationality? Trump signs an order and provokes an identity crisis. Judaism is a seifmade way of life controlled by/through the scriptures, a compilation of centuriesold way of life compiled by the jews predecessors. Jews come in all colors and racial backgrounds, deliberate falseification covering up the ignorance of outsiders attracted to Judaism, jews are white/pale skinned. The Bible and Qu’ran consists mainly of extracts from the jews scriptures. They use the scriptures as a means of psychological control e.g. Bible and Qu’ran. They use their scriptures to maintain their individuality. Trump is a jew therefore whatever he says is of the jews own collective (scriptural) mentality.

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I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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