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Biden’s win good for Abbas but may not alter Palestinian reality. His first International visit! Palestine, Golan Heights : the hooded claw.

Biblical Truth:: God is an unborn imaginary standin. Jesus is not a God. He was born naturally of a woman {Bible}. He took up the scriptures and found himself *another will come*. He equalled the clerics and stood up to them using his knowledge of the scriptures *{power}* to *heal the sick*, *{faith healing}* using their *own* knowledge of the scriptures. This ‘method’ is still practiced in modern times by the RCC. I hope to meet one them in person, curiosity.

India’s low-caste women raped to ‘keep them in their place’. Everyone is entitled to humane worldwide equality. Seperatist law levels are invites to criminals. The law should be ahead of the criminals, not in line with them. The Law of supported equality would be a barrier to abusers of persons.

Can Biden move the Rohingya crisis toward a resolution? Biden is a jew, the Rohingya is no concern of his as is the case with everyone else. What is the name of his first external visit? and to whom does it belong?
Binden has a problem as is the case with the jews, he is domestically orientated resulting in confusion to cover up his jewish {World Domination} aim.

Yes, Islam Is Facing a Crisis. No, France Isn’t Helping Solve It. France is under/subject to. Emmanuel Micro. Emmanuel is a mame given to Maher Shalal Hashbas (scriptures/Bible), and Jesus Christ (Bible/ NT). The confusing issue every time is “religion”, religion is always two-sided (because it is the jews behind the trouble. Biblical and Qu’ranical problems are instigated and controlled by the jews.

Yorkshire MP speaks of ‘bondage of tyranny and the fear of persecution’ faced by Ahmadi Muslims. The Qu’ran is made up of {in the main 85/90 %} extracts from the jews scriptures. Yours, the Qu’ran’s followers problem. I have advised the TMT (the Muslim Times), on a number of occasions of this connection, they are refusing without checking. As a Muslim you are ahead of the Christain Politians they are one not the other.

@AssmannGudrun     Stop calling the jews what they are not ‘I****l’, they ARE JEWS called/referred to as JEWS. They are the WANDERING JEW in the Bible/jews scriptures, homeless, stateless, beggars. When meeting>> remember their mentality is back-2-front to you> non-jews.

Quote of The Day by Chuba Williams Okadigbo for Universal Brotherhood. If you are emotionally attached to your tribe, religion or political leaning to the point that truth and justice become secondary considerations, your education is useless. A most honest intelligent statement, best ever I have seen. Analyse, consider, remember, use.

The Bible IS:~>. THE WORD OF THE JEWS, {written, passed, professed by the jews}.

Benjamin Netanyahu*>. Women are NOT animals as animals r animals. Being jooish. is addling ur brains as I have noted not recently but still. It is the case with all joos. Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinians. Joos r what fruit is (scriptural). Therefore:>   Biblical Truth.

@Philip_McGarry4 SF is not anchored in NI. They do not regard themselves as subject to NI rules, they r Dublin orientated (their HQ), it’s no surprise the Protestants r NOT aware of this. They’re busy mouthing “U****r” with the boneheads in Stormont. P or C? no diff.

@alexkane @UUP @Duponline. You are blind to NI’s history and therefore to the UUP/DUP, they threw away the Constitution being themselves trusted to defend it. Opposed, they are still unchanged because they are naturally stupid and unaware of it. SF to teach them. LOL. u r a j.

77 years later, Lebanon faces a grim reality. Another let down by the jew influenced rich Arab Nations, tales of ‘brotherhood’ lose their flavour when shamed/laughed at by the jews when trouble hit. Remember WWI The Kaiser “the jews” < behind the trouble >. They don’t have the courage to be at the front.

@News_Letter O’Neill is @ the helm of Northern Ireland, because the Prodestants, absent Loyalists and Unionists are proven/ing. mentally unfit (99 yrs 357 days).

@mairiac31 SF remains Eire domiciled BECAUSE the TWO *useless* stinking *U* parties have not got the guts to stand up for NI against them, they never have, they threw away the Constitution of Northern Ireland in 1921 as soon as it was signed (visable brainpower – hah). LOL.

Worse:: UUP threw away the Constitution of Northern Ireland in 1921, clinging onto out of date, no longer existent “U****r”, they are a joke, a mockery of the UK almost 100 yrs, they’re talking about a Centenary celebration for a non-existent Country, blaming England won’t do.

Biden is a jew, allegiance worldwide. “deep ties”?, connections Worldwide. He is a jew, squatting worldwide in most if not all Nations pending their aim of World Domination. Pockets of jews in most if not all Nations.

Two back-to-front jews v one Saudi King. Jews have a history of fooling Royalty. They destroyed UK Royalty (blinded to the jews by Christianity), when they got a hold on US.

*Extraordinary Display of Morals by Muslims During Their Rule*. Ignorance adding to the harm already in existence, unnoticed because the Qu’ran is the creation of the jews, leaving themselves ‘out of it’, including extracts from their scriptures. The use of the term “Abrahamic” is a coverup, the scriptures, Bible & Qu’ran are not three equal, they are One with two copied extensions. The jews psychologically rule through the Bible and Qu’ran. Scriptural extracts are a giveaway, requires education.

How the Israel Lobby Controls America by William Gordon. Through the Bible, Christains, not paying attention to detail when reading the Bible, blinded by hearsay from birth, putting heresay first automatic. Heresay is NOT the truth, agreeing with your neighbour is ignorance, both the same. https://archive.org/details/HowTheIsraelLobbyControlsAmerica.

Debate: Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism. Agree Zionism. Question Semitism. Greek, Goth semite. No evidence for Jews.

TMT: Video: The Fool Proof Recipe to Knockout Islamophobia. TELL THE TRUTH.

https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/11/20/edinburgh-castle-changing-war-heroes-memorial-after-one-person-complained-of-imperialism/ India is NOT Jewish, or Christain. That disgusting “India” cross is depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, a jew. Christainity is sub-judaism.

@edwinpootsmla You r a latecomer to NI ‘politics’, u need to start at 1921 “The throwing away of the Constitution of Northern Ireland showing NI’s ‘Loyalist/Unionist’ lnterpretation of the Constitution, still shouldering out of date *U****r* in preference. Bah *’U’UP, DUP*.

Shocking ignorance of the World heads-of-state or proof of the jews continual ‘deceiving the World’ in open cowardly enforced defiance.

Hollywood Actress Emilie Francois, Now a Muslim, Speaks of Social Justice in Islam. She is a jew. They do that, “change to look good”, already knowing their own is enough to make them convincing to the unsuspecting brainwashed followers.

It was NOT the Conservative Party, it was the protestants/Loyalists/Unionists who turned their backs on the Constution of Northern Ireland, having signed it, and taken up the now abandoned (got their compass, map, orienteering back-2-front). Dumdums, boneheads, Dublin numbskulls.

@duponline good 2C ‘2 wks’ confirmed. Remember what u did in 1921, turned ur backs, abandoned the Constitution, continuing 2 hump abandoned 9 Counties putting NI into the background, *back-2-front* still, 2day. Get ur feet into Northern Ireland. (Nesbit – feet behind).

Swiss churches continue to lose members. *The answer lies in the soil*, as far as you go. Original jews scriptures, God unborn. Job: ‘another will come’. Jesus did come, born of woman, a real person. The jews of the day were not the Phrophets of ‘yesterday’. He wept. He “I will send a Comforter”. He did: put before them a ‘stumbling block’ i.e. Scriptures. Binle is extension of scriptures. Revelations Ch 1. (Bible in use by Presbyterian Church). Noticible differences, confusion. Jews psychological interference through the Bible (and Qu’ran).

TMT: Austria: Anti-Muslim rhetoric rises after Vienna attack. Now is your chance to help your ‘own kind’, tell them the truth. The jews scriptures to Qu’ran.

Covid 19: Religious Versus Scientific Perspectives, Now that We Have Two Scientific Vaccines? Scientific Perspectives, lets remember we live ON the Earth regardless of WHO tries to say different, (incl in writing).

EGYPT Azhar Grand Sheikh: Islam bans marriage of Muslim women to non-Muslims. Power-crazy cowards, crawling to the jews through the Qu’ran.

Yazidis appoint new spiritual leader in Iraq – in pictures. DISGRACEFUL what religion is doing to the people (Gentiles), jews are fulfilled on there own sctiptures.

@zackkhan You are a jew deceiving the public. To the public:: You have not noticed that God/Satan are/is one, jews scriptural imagination. Their policy of jews and gentiles, good and bad. Their ingrained spite is lifelong, generation to generation.

Saudi Arabia intensifies moves to end war in Yemen. By involving the US you are inadvertently supporting the jews plundering Palestine.

Arab American attitudes towards their heritage and the Middle East. Anything to do with the US is onesided in favour of the jews. The jews are thr real poer in the US. Their top positions are taken by the jews.

A Promised Land, a good line but the jews take objection to their words being used. They must be openly seen to be what they are in Palestine. Already Christainised US, riddled with jews is blinded by the Bible not being thoroughly read. The “hidden” truth.

Arab American attitudes towards their heritage and the Middle East this conflict was one of the most important foreign policy challenges facing the US administration. 5 per cent of Arab Americans ranked resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The US is the last Country to have any say on the jews invasion of Palestine, they are the stupid fools who buckled to the jews back to front rhetoric, and are still stupidly unaware of the jews World Domination intention.

Muslim prayer leader stabbed in London Central Mosque fears future attack, court hears. Time afer time, Time after time. I’ve told you about that.

Front-page ‘NY Times’ story on Iran-Al Qaeda links is dishonest — and could help justify a U.S./Israeli attack. Further evidence jews/bowdown US, non-jews take note.

Front-page ‘NY Times’ story on Iran-Al Qaeda links is dishonest — and could help justify a U.S./Israeli attack. jews/US towards World Domination by the jews.

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I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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