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Saudi King not informed of MBS, Netanyahu covert meeting – analysis. Pompeo, who has been trying to coax Saudi Arabia to follow the lead of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan in normalizing ties with Israel, declined to confirm the meeting. This is showing up the jews for their smallmindedness, not new, they are fighting to cover up their stupidity. Their lifestyle is a sham. The Bible shows they consider themselves “different from humanity”, Jews AND Gentiles.

Black lives matter. So white lives. So brown. So Copper. So domestic and wildlife. Starting to copy what the whites have done is not the answer and it is not a good thing to hear “they have always been of a lower standard”. Use your education inteligently. Equality is in the mind.

@ArleenFoster @duponline @uup The “Nationlists” have never feared of anyone here. There’s no one here. The UUP handed Dublin the Constitution of Northern Ireland in 1921 and still live elsewhere, their mentality.

Why Muslim nations have regressed – Part I. I am ex Presbyterian. I came across a Bible, read it thoroughly, found it is complete rubbish, it is copied from the jews scriptures as is I have found so is the Qu’ran, division, corruption, incitement is done by the jews THROUGH the Qu’ran and Bible. The jews are getting away with murder because of the ignorance of the truth. The Bible and Qu’ran are drummed into the children destroying their chances of growing up with their OWN mind.

@News_Letter Re your Readers Charter. You maintain accuracy yet you are stuck with the Protestants in out-of-date 9 Counties. Ignoring the Constitution of Northern Ireland. They show no interest whatsoever in Northern Ireland. They r no different to Dublin/SFjust as dangerous.

@ArleenFoster @duponline @uup @Peston I have written to Arleen informing her to drop the offensive “U” from party titles. I am aware of no action, nor acknowledgement.

I did not come. I am not of the father. I was born naturally (note: as was Jesus), I grew up educated, attended Sunday School and Sunday meetings as an adult. came across a Bible, read it thoroughly, I came away better informed, there is a vast difference between heresay and actually reading, words and their meanings get lost in heresay.

@AndrewMcDonald Stormont has been distorted since 1921, they threw away the Constitution of Northern Ireland.

@theskybeagle With today’s knowledge nobody in their right mind would trust the Eire Government to treat the IRA equally, have your head seen to immediately.

Religion exists because the parents don’t have ihe intelligence to NOT pass it on to the children, to whom it is meaningless, Allow them time to make up their own minds. Religion is attractive because the people imagine they are promised. A funeral is a sign of the future without religion {bible – composed by the jews for themselves}. Use your education to live; it is genuine not imagined.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s top nuclear scientist, assassinated near Tehran. Clearly obvious the US protecting the jews. Already aware Biden no different. It’s obvious that Nations afraid of the US sitting back leaving Nations standing up to the US vulnerable. A combination of Nations will stop the US: the jews will retaliate psychologically from the US and other Nations harbouring them whilst they plan what to do with their host Nation.

The jews r still after the New Testament – half of the Bible – Jesus Christ’s soul that He withheld from them by agreeing to the Crucifiction. He passed on what He had in mind to his disiples, for them to tell.

@udup @uup Both of u r responsible for throwing the Constitution of Northern Ireland away. Neither hav made any attempt to correct. Solved the police, I talked to a policeman and the name was updated to fit with the ConNI. I’m now talking 2 the UselessUP and the DestructiveUP.

David Tomlinson He died on a cross AND He didn’t come back. Nails in his hands and ankles, a spear through his heart, probably why, another thing, God was never born [created}], out of the jews immmmmagination.

@Johnmooreni Im not surprised, they have always done whatever suited themselves due 2 an absence of opposition. The natives live in a ‘place’ of their own having thrown away the 1 item that stops Dublin/SF, the ConNI, u cannot accuse outsiders of ignorance blinded by “U****r”.

@JimAllister The UUP threw away the ConNI in 1921. Claiming/Broadcasting, “U****r” “says no”. Blinding the World to NI’s existence. Open door/invitation/welcome to Dublin. There is noone here bar the British Army {don’t, I AM}, facing Dublin/SF. Served 71/72.

‘Ulster’ “U****r”. Jeff Beresford I don’t like the word. I don’t like the boneheads who use it, most if not all know that it is blotting out the existence of Northern Ireland to the rest of the World and encouraging our lifetime enemy Dublin. NOTE:: WWI [1914-1918] The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. Dublin 1916 Easter Uprising against Northern Ireland/UK still continuing to date  including the troubles 1969-1997.

Iran wants war. I don’t blame Iran. I blame US, UK, Can, Aus, New: for not standing up to the jews. It’s not too late, time is waiting.

Good 2 see Muslims and Christains in Palestine or anywhere:> they have a lot in common, both are subject to the jews/scriptures, should try to get hold of and see how much.

You r not aware of the minaturised brainpower of the ruling class of Northern Ireland, they r the 1’s who threw away the Constitution of Northern Ireland in 1921, they still haven’t caught on that its not a local newspaper.

Religion is the jews playground, they use religious minded people who regard religion as their own unaware it is copied from the jews scriptures, is anti non jews, causes confusion and division, death and suffering. Recall::> “WWI The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”, [the Bible started out as One and only, is now splintered round the Earth renamed in parts]. The jews are in control, are behind what has/is happened/happening. The Bible and Qu’ran are being used to blind the people to what the jews have in mind. The faith!/inter-faith alleged “terorist” killing are motivated to distract attention from the jews < “they are NOT ‘seen’ to be involved”. Deeper Police investigations re interrogation bearing in mind knowledge of faith involvement/coverup required.

Jordan reiterates rejection of Israeli attempts to alter status quo at Al Aqsa. I support Jordan. I am aware of the jews creeping agenda.

Biden appointment of a Palestinian?, {check for truth} to leadership team sparks controversy. In a Biden administration we will have an open door to the Hill {Golan Heights}? and this team will make sure their views are always represented in the White House.”I am aware of your back-to-front rhetoric double talk”. [That reference to ‘hill’ is to hill in Palestine]. UK PM [a new Jerusalem of the UK], misleading rhetoric, not a joke.

Hadith of Life. TEHRAN – “Hadith of Life”, a book featuring quotes of the Prophet Muhammad (S) and Imams of the Shia about the discipline of life has recently been published in English and Arabic versions. The Hadiths are NOT Mohammad’s, they are copied from the jews scriptures. Do your homework first, starting with the jews scriptures.

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I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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