Futureistic Two + 1

Review of the scriptures in light of science and appropriate commentaries by the initiated will lead a casual but honest reader to truth.To conclude, therefore, let no man out of weak conceit of sobriety, or an ill-applied moderation, think or maintain, that a man can search too far or be too well-studied in the book of God’s word, or in the book of God’s works; divinity or philosophy; but rather let men endeavor an endless progress or proficiency in both. God is an imaginary standin.

TMT:: Editors: Sha and Rafiq. Evolution: The elephant in the room, for both Christianity and Islam. I’ve told you sbout the connection between the jews scriptures and the Bible and Qu’ran and you have not bothered to check it out. That rubbish about “The Elephant in the room” is being put out by the jews right under your nose. People, your people, have lost loved ones because of your stupidity in not checking. This is also published elsewhere.

Maurice Buccaile, A French Surgeon taught us how to read the Quran. Read again the New Testament in the Bible. Jesus exposed the jews to themselves and to us in the NT.

@uup @duponline @sinnf @AllianceNI Gov has left open the door. Familiar: UUP left the door open to Dublin/SF in 1921 by throwing away the Constitution of Northern Ireland.

Travel agents expect UAE explanation on Muslim visa ban. This why the jews need Normalisation.

How Islam Taught Medieval Christian Europe Religious and Political Tolerance. Allah forbids you not, respecting those who have not fought against you on account of your religion, and who have not driven you forth from your homes, that you be kind to them and act equitably towards them. Same to the jews referring to their stay in Egypt. Bearing in mind they were chased out of Egypt. WHY? They’re not wanted in Palestine either, their behaviour would be telling outsiders. They have not changed their ways, they cannot, they need the Earth to accommodate them.

@ralphbaxter They have proven over the years, they want a UI. They r bricks in a wall. They have no interest in religion. God is an imaginary standin created 2 take the blame for the jews to. Only the jews knew their scriptures. The crucificion failed, Jesus exposed them>.

Kushner to visit Saudi Arabia and Qatar seeking deal to end crisis. Another sneak.

@jimrae You missed God is an imaginary standin created by the jews as the “third person” to absolve the jews of the responsibility Their scriptures known only to them until they had Jesus crucified. which backfired he exposed them to themselves. The ‘inside’ story is the NT. He revealed the scriptures. Thru his disciples. The NT is Jesus’ soul. He realised he was 2b Crucified, went thru with it, leaving his disiples to follow his instructions. He put his soul in the care of his disiples. Resulting in the Bible.

@alexkane The two parties that threw away the ConNI in 1921 are UUP and DUP leaving the back door of the NI/UK open to Dublin/SF cutting themselves and the people of NI off from the NI/UK. (NOT Dup/SF). Get ur facts right, drop ur jewsih back-to-front point of view.

@NileGardiner you r not paying attention to jews/US bullying – Sudan.

@AnnTravers6 Re DUP no regard for NI, threw away Constitution of NI in 1921, feet anchored in Eire (“U****r” to date. Rem “Says no”. History fits alongside Dublin/SF.

@JohnMulholland They are already a laughing stock and it shows. The bungling morons threw away the ConNI in 1921 and still maintain their actions putting “U****r” before NI publically Worldwide.

Raab ‘concerned’ about situation in Iran after killing of nuclear scientist. “I have no idea. I don’t have any of the facts that would enable me to answer that question at this point.”. It’s becoming a habit that when the jews are in trouble of their own doing nobody knows. {Because you are a jew”}. ‘Universal’ protection of the jews by themselves, and the ignorance of the masses.

Jews invasion of Palestine with USUK. Unacceptable. already was Palestine, home of the Palestinians. Cowardly British and US did the dirty work helping the jews/hebrews/fruit of Abrahams bowels. Cowardly jews, u could not have done it without UK and US. You do not have the guts or the brains.

STOP agreeing with the JEWS, they are jews, of the house of Jacob:: they are the fruit of Abrahams bowels. {scriptures}, if your not afraid to, take a read of the New Trstament in the Bible (used by the Presbyterians, the other is hard to understand).

Insulting someone’s faith not freedom, Erdoğan says. Faith (religion) is an insult to man’s intelligence.

France versus Turkey. Both Premiers are jews > target World Domination > don’t forget it > :it’s their only out of the trouble they are in.

Open Letter to French President Emmanuel Macron. P Macron is a jew. Open to all jews. The jews r in trouble. This is how they cover up. In other parts of the World. The jews are squatting in most if not all Countries, where are they all going to live, Palestine would not be big enough {unless it includes all other Nations on the Earth}. Is there some very stupid person somewhere.

@garymiddleton Plain 2c who’s to blame. 1921. Tne newly formed Government of Northern Ireland was a party to signing the ConNI and threw it away. An open door to Dublin/SF {closed to Britain}. The stupidity. Politicians? They’re clueless. Still in “U****r” 2 this day. As1 u2 r2 blame for not standing up 2 UUP and DUP, they NEED open public chastisement/ridicule from someone who would would have the support of the public and London. I am in favour of you standing up.

Middle East: The priority for our region. The region is in shambles, has been so for decades, but especially since 2011 when the ominous “Arab Spring” events hit several Arab countries bringing about unprecedented suffering, dislocation, forced migration, and terror. Aggravated by the jews for their own aim: World Domination. Knowing their involvement through the Qu’ran. Important to keep in mind.

I do not include the jews in my thinking. My future is mine The barrier behind which the jews hide is visible to me > knowledge of religion across the board knowing they have cut themselves off from us {Gentiles – non jews} leaving their poison in our minds under different names.

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I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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