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Zarif urges Germany to end ‘despicable Covid Apartheid’ against Palestinians. It is wrong of Deutchland to look down on another people. I am seeing the wars again, jews complaining of the treatment they asked for, now Deutchland (again) is reprating their actions against a innocent people. It is obvious the jews are still trying to clear themselves of their atrocities by shifting the blame. There are obviously stupid people in high places side by side with the jews, not keeping the jews recorded history, wiped out by people in their ignorance accepting the jews as equals. That is blinding the next generation, governments should have the next generation in mind to be in possession of what is important in the immediate future, it is this oversight that has allowed the jews to fool the public. Always keep the future in mind. Knowledge of the jews history is how to overcome them. That word ‘overcome’ is prominent in the Bible {Revelations}. I speak as BiblicalTruths.

@Mark_RaineyNI @dup today is the result of the Protestants denying the Constitution of NI. They r that stupid. They have not got the guts 2 stand up for NI, they never have had. In face of SF they cower. I am born, brought up, educated in NI, disgusted at the stupidity.

Palestinians:: Grow up: call them what they r 2 the World:: jews. Stop appeasing them. They are relying on their scriptures, Israel the fruit of Abraham’s bowels, that is what they are.

London is moving towards Dublin BECAUSE u have thrown away the ConNI. U have/r rendering NI/UK non-existent. Continually mouthing “U****r” to the outside World. 99 yrs 26 days. Disgrace, moronic ‘U’ – UP. Suits Dublin/DF.

TMT:: What is driving Saudi Arabia’s apparent rapprochement with Turkey?. Ignorance including your witholding valuable lifesaving information.

The Prodestants still anti-NI, from inside Northern Ireland there is no difference between UUP and SF, Both are anti-NI. There could not be another Country with so many stupid people. Anti-themselves.

Answering the Question of Suffering for Sir David Attenborough. ‘God’ is the imaginary standin the jews hide behind.

The same scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran. Antisemitism is a trick. Maintain a psychological memory of their history, in person or ortherwise, six times caught and dealt with. Austwich+ 5 times, England: King, Germany: Kaiser, Roman Army: Assiriya: King Arterexes, Babylon: King Nabchadnezzar.

War criminals having the nerve to smile after they’ve murdered millions round the globe. Because they are that. They are afraid to show their fear. Jesus Christ exposed them to themselves in the Bible (New Testament), it’s been overlooked since it came into being (the reformation) 13/1400. Could be inspired from the jews being brought back to England, setup in business.

Gulf States, Saudis, Crave Israel’s Iron Dome, Arab Media Reveal. An invitation to be another Palestine.

Christians and Qu’ran followers are stirred up by the jews, all jews aware. Not unusual for jews to pretending to not know. “I am not knowing” is the jews amongst themselves.

Macron is a jew, the jews, worldwide are in trouble. People should be aware Macron is picking on the Qu’ran, using his position to help the jews. Rem: WW1 The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. The Nazis did what they did because of the jews behind the trouble. The jews have the habit of forgetting their crimes. Jews history:: Six times caught and dealt with, all involved Royalty.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar Near U.S.-Brokered Deal to End Lengthy Rift. Plain to see, this is the US on behalf of the jews.

Trump’s waning weeks in the White House could be the most dangerous. As dangerous as a penny banger. The danger is ‘his followers’ mental incapability).

GHANA: ‘Let us preach peace’-Maulvi. Maulvi Mohammed Quaye, Ahmadiyya, Zonal Missionary. Whilst you are preaching you should be mindful of what the jews are doing in Palestine (Palestinians are shared of the Qu’ran).

TMT: Biology of Our Human Family:- Who are we Related to? My reply: This is deliberate diversification by the Jews to draw attention to faith/religion in which they are the instigators, by the use of psychological’slavery’ (kneeling(Bible) /prayer mats (Qu’ran), blinding us to our own ability to trace our own ancestry. Our most recent observation being:> [WW1, The Kaiser “the Jews behind the trouble”. EVIDENCE: through the Bible and the Qu’ran:- Jews Scriptures (original), Bible from JC through the Disciples and the Apostle Paul, Qu’ran the Jews through Mohammed (“psychological”), all three are transliterations of the Jews Torah and Talmud (scriptures).

Georgia’s unexpected role in future of Middle East. It’s still Trump with a different name.

Germany turning against the PalestiniansThis is more than racism, it’s condemming an innocent people to a life of misery including suffering and death. I have always regarded Germany as a persecuted people because of the jews trampling over them (on their knees), TO THEM (the jews), the Qu’ran being ‘of the jews.

UN envoy meets TRNC, Greek Cypriot leaders for way forward on Cyprus talks. Jews still in control:: the Bible and Qu’ran, followers blind to the origins of both.

Untold Stories: My Journey Back to God. As a result, I spent long hours of the morning silently pleading for Allah’s guidance and pleasure. Qur’an and the ahadith [sayings] of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sa), copied. The Qu’ran contains approx 90% copied from the jews scriptures. Mohammad was an ordinary Egyptian psychologically caught by the jews and made to do what he did (recorded in the Qu’ran). Both Bible and Qu’ran are extensions of the jews scriptures. Religion is narrow-minded. I freed my mind by reading about other religions, I concluded the Bible and Qu’ran are copied from the jews scriptures. The jews created Allah. I found that God is an imaginary standin created by the jews. The Bible was created by Jesus Christ through his disciples. The Qu’ran by the Jews through Mohammad. I threw the Bible and religion away, clearing my own mind.

@antonioguteres4    As you are  aware the jews are destroying  people, property, business, the world at large. They are living in most if not all Countries. This tells us they are deceiving everyone, World Domination is their answer to their problem. Normalisation is their door.

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I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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