Mid-East latest.

Justice for the Palestinians can unlock Middle East peace. World still blind to the jews. The rot in mankind.

Kuwait singer renounces Islam, converts to Judaism. Just a name change.

ICC to elect new prosecutor after failing to reach consensus. Buckling. Jews object to Fatou Bensouda. Cowards come running.

Close quarters >> stick the boot in. Their aim is World Domination, they will continue 2 do what they are doing now. The stupid World sitting watching, they don’t see what’s coming 2 them. Palestine was caught unaware, see it happening again, one at a time, blinded by religion and Normalisation.

“U****r” is nonexistent knocked out by Northern Ireland. It has been part of Ireland until the creation of NI. The Protestants are out of touch with reality. Their perception of the past, present, and future is 100 % imagination, “knowledge” of the Bible is “confusion”. All talk.

Biden maintains US policy of protecting Israeli impunity. Open proof of jews ‘togetherness’ at all levels including top positions of power. “ambassadors asking them to lobby their host governments to issue statements against the ICC ruling and to send a “discreet message to the prosecutor asking her not to move forward with the investigation.” Some good news at last.

Armed against women and children. Creators of god, playing god, ignorance of the Gentiles.

“U****r” is nonexistent, is NOT British. Keep Northern Ireland UK. Its time we took notice of the harm to NI/UK by digging up “U****r”. RIP “U****r”. It never was part of NI/UK.

Biased and prejudiced is the jews lifeblood. Without it they would get nowhere. Back-to-front usual rhetoric is their game, jews only World their aim.

Jews: Joint List splits, as Netanyahu plots his path to victory. Proof of the jews overriding control. A coalition of Arab parties in Jews parliament. The jews are one. It’s religion (again: of the jews) that’s blinding the Gentiles. Take another look:>> the Bible is entirely about the jews, by the jews, for the jews. Jesus fulfilled his position in being the foretold ‘another will come”. He completed his mission by “I will send a comforter” – revealed in Revelations (worded differently in different Bibles). Jews maintaining control through, by, with the Bible.

Cowards. Wake up world, palestine the tip of the iceberg. Out of nowhere in 1947 (scattered round the Earth in most if not all Countries, World Domination in mind).

US woman becomes Muslim after watching Turkish series. Probably got jewish roots. She must be aware of the resemblance of the scriptures, Qu’ran and Bible. Judaism under different names.

U can tell the jews what they are, stateless, waiting for salutations in heaven. The Bible, by, about, for the jews, Christians living on Biblical imagination. The Bible is the jews own creation. Christians are mistaking themselves for jews.

@uup.@duponline @Tuv @presbyterian @welby Finally caught on, levelling with the grassroots, they too are not polititians. 100 years wasted. Brewery.

70% to 85% of Americans need to be fully vaccinated for a return to normal, Fauci says. So far it’s less than 2%. Its a long wait to try and put US on a level with everyone else. Alteady aware of less than 2%, it fits. Plain to see, jews in the high places, no Gentiles.

“Ulster” is not NI/UK. Ulster is anti UK. “Ulster” existed as part of Iteland, prior to the creation of Northern Ireland. Ulster is the non-existent joke in the prodestants mentality.

@uduponline @uup. @Tuv @presbyterian @welby Bland statements are not enough. Throw them in the bin. They never stood one single time.

Kosovo establishes jews ties, to open embassy in Jerusalem. Blind leadership. Jews aim World Domination through ‘ties’, ‘occupation’, stupid blindness to the jews history.

A Jordanian renaissance to save the legacy of 100 years Jan 31,2021 – JORDAN TIMES –. The jews are still looking to the future. Their plans for the future still in place. Still the possibility of being caught unawawes.

The Way of the Warrior: Samurais and Spirituality. All forms of religion are imaginary. Outside the natural mind.

I’M A MUSLIM WOMAN LIVING IN FRANCE: HERE’S HOW WE REALLY FEEL. Under control of judaism/Bible/Qu’ran. Overlooking the blindness. Bible/Qur’an are copied from judaism. Leaders not paying attention to datail.

Swiss religious leaders: Ban on burqas would violate religious freedom. If nations (bar stateless jews) were to dump religion it would free the world from physchological terrorism and leave the jews in their own their own created prison.

Jews rejection of Ugandan Jews highlights bigger problem of ethnic supremacy. Jews policy, only one jews. The cowards in Palestine. Future already planned.

@Benlowry Northern Ireland. It is not weakness, it is frame of mind. 9-Counties v NI /Uk. The frame has been anti from the start. They had no idea from the start. London carried us, (dead weight). 100 years.

The moderate segment of Islam; Ahmadis – the people without land. Proof that ill gotten religion is still the cause of confusion.

Sharjah: Emir’s wife criticises UAE/jews education cooperation. AGREE. Jews making inroads to World Domination.

OPINION | In controversial move, jew NGO critiques jews as “apartheid”. Jews Information Center for Human Rights. Jew humour lol.


Many see Palestine as a land of peace, hope, it’s the cowardly invaders who give the wrong impression. The surprising part is the World sitting back, imitating the cowardly US, (harbouring the jews), not lifting a finger for the Palestinians, to give us peace, leaving us instead with the kmowledge of ‘the jews behind the trouble’ WWI, the jews ridiculed the Kaiser, WW2, the jews still complaining, avoiding ‘behind the trouble’, ridicule, not human enough to admit their wrongdoing. It would be a good thing if the Gentiles take note.

Unwillingness or inability of one side to depart from their habitual positions and behavior patterns {the jews}. The jews are aiming for World Domination as their way out of their present situation (as always due to ‘no change’ necessity). I see by their actions rather than listen to their lies (back-to-front rhetoric). The World is under the jews influence but obviously unaware. The ‘followers’ of the Bible and Qu’ran are living in ignorance of both books being copies of the scriptures <half of the Bible> (other half by Jesus’ disiples). Christains still live by the old testament, assuming they are right. (The OT is the jews scriptures, the NT is the revelations of Jesus interpretation of the scriptures and the jews.

To:- SpeakerPelosi The real enemy is the jews. People blinded by the Bible – the jews coverup. The Bible is by the jews, for the jews. The jews aim is World Domination. I am not blind. The jews are waiting for salutations in heaven.

@JimAllister @News_Letter Fighting spirit back to front, thats the way it has been from the start. They wanted their beloved “U****r”. They have not changed. The way that their going it won’t be sf to blame. They never knew what they were supposed to do – govern.

Marking Holocaust remembering ‘jews behind the trouble’, numbers murdered during WWI/2.

Political analysts welcome US move to restore ties with Palestinians, UNRWA. FALSE. The US is only a mouth for the jews. Who are the willing analysts? How many are jews. There are no intermediateries. Biblical: jews and gentiles. It is the truth. Palestine is the tip of the iceberg – World Domination., Nation by Nation. Worth noting: the jews have nothing. They are stateless, still the wandering jew from the Scriptures. How the Gentiles are so stupid as to the jews history:- Reality: “lying in wait” for Centuries. Gentiles wake up before not when its too late. Not surprised thejews laughing up their sleeves. I see this happening, it fits with their history, they see themselves as having their foot at the door. Scriptural truth::> indication:> ‘they are the fruit of Abrahams bowels’ dirty, not wanted

Archbishop of Athens recklessly alleges Muslims “are people of war”. Not only but Islamists. Jews behind the trouble in WW1, resulting in holocaust. Jews behind Muslims and Islamists >> Qu’ran copied from jews scriptures > open door for, by the jews. Jews complaining. Jews ignoring ‘behind the trouble in WWI’. Jews criticised the Kaiser. Jews deny wrongdoing regardless of what they do {law unto themselves, ignoring ‘behind the trouble’}. Gentiles constantly reminded of the past by the jews, ignorant of themselves. Gentiles should be aware of the jews ‘ignorance’ of their own actions.

Iran:: Jews behind the trouble, short memories causing death and suffering. Cold war, psychological, from a distance, small world.

What is Islam’s view on obedience to the law of the land?. The Qur’an commands Muslims to remain faithful to not only Allah and the Prophet Muhammad(sa), but also the authority they live under. What is written in the Qu’ran is one thing, what people feel is something else. I would not be foolish to take the Qu’ran as being the people.

COVID vaccines: Israeli hasbara versus reality. Still proving they are not what they say they are. Nobodys from outer space. Concocted, ancient ‘scriptures’, out of date, of no intelligent use in todays World. Scriptures, by, for the illiterate.

Islamic theology being taught in German universities. Islamic theology is second rate judaism as is Christainity. What’s wrong with people? How is it they do not see rewritten judaism. Comparing Bible and Qu’ran with jews scriptures will open their eyes, expose their fear of the jews > the jews are in reality ‘god’ they wrote the ‘Word of God’, the Bible and Qu’ran. Shocking, grownup people afraid to know and speak the truth. Jews overriding, off putting influence. Throw away the imaginary fear of nothing, the Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures. Allah is the same ‘god’ as the ‘god’ of the jews and christains, “the only one god” created by the jews. The jews are the creators of ‘god’ as we, today, are forced to accept. QU’RAN followers wake up, you are as dumb as the christians, they are born, grow up and fall for anything their parents fell for. Wasted lives, they choose suicide opposed to education.

The United States, the world’s oldest democracy, led the charge in embracing new technologies of empowerment. Thats a joke. Proven, they don’t have the education, intelligence, brains. The US has been under the jews thumb throughout the two World Wars, 1916 – 1945. The jews behind the trouble WWI, complained, caused WW2. The problem is the World being afraid of the jews and allowing them to know it. No one has as yet stood up for Palestine, shame on the World. When the jews blamed Germany the World jumped on Germany. The jews are proving the cowardice of the World. Instead of standing up to the jews, the World crawls off, shame, disgust. Shame on the World.

Jordan demands Israel end Al-Aqsa ‘provocations’. The jews don’t listen to anyone without World support. They are known to force themselves unto others whilst the World watches unaware they too are future targets. Not paying attention to the jews history.


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I am mindful that the masses live in ignorance of the Bible and the Qu'ran being copied extras of the (jews), original scriptures. My aim is to make the truth known.

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