Mid-East latest.

Justice for the Palestinians can unlock Middle East peace. World still blind to the jews. The rot in mankind. Kuwait singer renounces Islam, converts to Judaism. Just a name change. ICC to elect new prosecutor after failing to reach consensus. Buckling. Jews object to Fatou Bensouda. Cowards come running. Close quarters >> stick the bootContinue reading “Mid-East latest.”

As We Are Now

How easily people are led. ‘Divine’ guidance, as the Bible/Qur’an presents it, is reliable because it emanates from the jews. Ones own mind, free thinking. ‘Interference’ Bible and Qu’ran, being copied from the jews scriptures. Clearly the jews scriptures renamed but plain to see on the knowledge of the existence and contents of the jewsContinue reading “As We Are Now”


Policies targeting Arabs and Muslims did not just start with Donald Trump :: >> They started with the Qu’ran. France, the way to Islamic reformation is to challenge institutions — not stigmatize Muslims – – is to know the Qu’ran is 99% Judaism (copied from Jews scriptures). Debate: Human Morality, Monotheism and Organized Religion?. WhenContinue reading “FAITH EXPOSED”


TMT:: Early Jewish History is Part of the Islamic History. I told you that ages ago, you continue to defraud your own kind. Yet another Stormont blunder:: >> They still haven’t handled the Constitution of Northern Ireland. + Why is SF in a Political position with a Constitution which is anti-Northern Ireland Constitution. The Prodestants/Loyalists/UnionistsContinue reading “PAST PRESENT FUTURE”