The people have to be told the truth ABOUT religion. The Bible is NOT the truth. It is copied from the jews scriptures. I discovered the truth about 40 years ago, 1980’s. It is necessary for the people to know the truth. A better understanding of people. People are not the books, they live in ignorance of the contents. My first solution is:: parents NOT to pass on religion to the children. Time needed to phase out. It is obvious the jews will become psychologically involved with both parents and children. As it is, its the jews who gain from religion. Proven to date. Invaded Palestine, got away with it, UN. They use psychology continuously, keeping ahead of all others, and of time. It must be made clear that the people are in ignorance. Proper teading of the related books would open up a completely new world to all. An already wanted world hidden from the people by religion. Being put off continually by the psychologically trained jews. Round the clock use of the awareness of religious interference.

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