The Monkey Trial

Man is part of the evolution of species on the Earth. The bible depics a creation of the Earth and all that in there is. The Earth is a small part of the whole, Cosmos/Solar System/Universe. To regard the bible as fact is to diminish man’s psychological frame of mind. The Bible & Qu’ran are translated extractions of the jews Scriptures, thus providing overall psychological control. WW1 THE KAISER “the jews behind the trouble” thru the Bible/Qu’ran (includes Dublin)”> ‘Easter Uprising’ 1916).

The Bible

The jews Scriptures is the original of the 3-in-1 > Scriptures, Bible & Qu’ran (copied). The ‘creation’ of a small part of the whole i.e., Earth (planets), Sun (stars), all that in there is (evolution), is a figment of the jews imagination in relation to a natural phenomenon.

Unknown fact>”the Christians live in ignorance of the interpretation of the contents of the Bible”.

TMT: Biology of Our Human Family:- Who are we Related to? My reply: This is deliberate diversification by the Jews to draw attention to faith/religion in which they are the instigators, by the use of psychological’slavery’ (kneeling(Bible) /prayer mats (Qu’ran), blinding us to our own ability to trace our own ancestry. Our most recent observation being:> [WW1, The Kaiser “the Jews behind the trouble”. EVIDENCE: through the Bible and the Qu’ran:- Jews Scriptures (original), Bible from JC through the Disciples and the Apostle Paul, Qu’ran the Jews through Mohammed (“psychological”), all three are transliterations of the Jews Torah and Talmud (scriptures).