Gulbuddin Hekmatyar appreciates Pakistan’s role in the Afghan peace talks. Hizb-e-Islami – you sacrificed your Nationality to the jews, the Qu’ran is in the main transcripted from the jews scriptures word for word. Remember Mohammsd after Jesus, from both came the jews scriptures.

It must be understood: Bible and Qu’ran followers are subject 2 Judaism scriptures and r unaware that they r not who they think they r, not 2 others either. The jews are active though both Books continuously therefore the followers should b ‘doubly’ aware of who they are. I have informed The Muslim Times of the problem. All should b aware that the Qu’ran applies 2 all from Mohammad to the present date, all r subject 2 the jews influence and the effects. ‘Out of the ordinary’ thoughts and/or actions r attributed to the jews interference including infighting (Muslim v Islamist v Ahmadi v Muslim) as it is instigated deliberately by psychological interference with the mind of the followers by the jews.

From mute to menacing: why TV’s portrayal of Muslims still falls short. What people are looking for is a message that they belong. Islam on TV is still largely centred around terrorists and oppressed women. Identifiably Muslim, and then whether they are a terrorist; irrationally angry; anti-modern; a threat to western values. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures and is therefore subjecting people to psychological outside negative, anti influences causing irregular unexplained character reactions.

Good News:: The Difference : Royalty> the King banished the jews from England (1200AD?). Commoner> Lord Protector: Charles 1st beheaded. Lord Protector (successor): brought the jews back to England and set them up in business (1400-1500?).


History revisited:The Borgia Family and ‘LADIES FIRST’. Has anybody checked? Are they not of jewish origin? Follows a pattern, high Religious positions. Original scripture writers. Originally from Valencia, Spain. Became prominent in “ecclesiastical” and political affairs.

CHRISTIAN TERROR: EVENTS THAT TESTIFY TO GOD’S DIVINE GLORY. The self exposure of the jews in the exodus to America from Europe. Massacre of Sand Creek in Colorado 29/11/1864. Colonel John Chivington, a former Methodist minister and still an elder in the church (“I long to be wading in gore”) had a Cheyenne village of about 600, mostly women and children, gunned down despite the chiefs’ waving a white flag: 400-500 killed. One example.


Rohingya fear deportation after Saudi Arabia calls on Bangladesh to give minority passports. I am mindful of WWI, THE KAISER “The jews behind the trouble” >through the Bible (copied from jews scriptures). In this case the Qu’ran (copied from jews scriptures) being used to disrupt intimidate.

Theocracy > from theory > an unproven idea > consider the sorrow, pain, misery, originating from a word > theory (religion), born of ignorance, illiteracy, exploited by the jews.

Is al-Azhar under attack?. Egypt’s parliament rejected a bill that was set to strip the thousand-year-old al-Azhar University of its religious authority. It’s the latest chapter in a tense rivalry between Egypt’s president and the Grand Imam of al-Azhar. Biblical Truth: The Qu’ran is the creation of the jews. The ‘body’ of the Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures.

Israel has stopped granting any visas to employees at the United Nations’ human rights agency, effectively forcing the body’s top staff to leave, Middle East Eye can reveal. Who is the ruling influence on this Earth?

Lebanon, Israel start talks on disputed maritime border — UN source. LEBANON> inner strength > confidence, security >> Qu’ran. JEWS > inner strength > confidence, security >> jews scriptures, Qu’ran.

Untold stories of Black Muslims in America: The Mufti and the mission. This series of articles focuses on the African-Americans who Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra brought under the banner of the true Islam during his time in America between 1920 and 1923. The converts all came from varying backgrounds. Ultimately, they became zealous preachers of Islam Ahmadiyyat in America. Ignorance of the subject beforehand continues throughout through not being told different or knowing otherwise. I have the personal experience of ‘being a Christian’, on hindsight I refer to that period as ignorance. When I came across a Bible, read it through and through, thought nothing of it at the time, but through time pieces stood out causing doubts. It took time but I caught on that the people were not being told the truth from the Pulpit. I found two truths exist in the Bible, one is the jews truth (written by jews), the other is the Gentiles truth, good and bad. The people are left confused. The bad goes unnoticed through not being highlighted.

The origin of white supremacy :: ‘pale skinned’ people created the Reg Veda (white supremacy over black) through religion origins in Judaism scriptures).

Jihad in the Contemporary World. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures making the followers vulnerable to psychological control by the jews, resulting in infighting i.e. breakaways still under the Qu’ran, already ‘working’ in respect of the Bible.

The Turks say: The new face of anti-Turkey rhetoric > plain to see Tayyip, being a jew (Torah), playing the jews game > ‘confound their enemies’ >>>>> “Is Erdoğan an Islamist leader of the Muslim Brotherhood? Is he a neo-Ottomanist? A pan-Turkist or a Eurasianist? Or, perhaps, a leader who embraced nationalism to make up for his declining popularity? A neo-Kemalist?


Syria won’t normalise with the jews occupation until the latter withdraws it’s military forces from the Golan Heights it occupied in 1967. Good to see someone standing up to the ‘please don’ t hurt minority me’. A futuristic snivelling reminder still to come. Hindsight:: conditions are invitations. Jews in Palestine are the ‘wandering’ jews in the Bible.

*Laid out the failures of Palestinian leaders going back more than 70 years. It also suggests the futility of present Palestinian policies and the grim future it will bring the people it is supposed to represent.* Palestine was sold out to the jews by the UK and further oppressed by the US misled commitments to the jews. The decision was made in ignorance of the Palestinian plight covered up by the US/UK.

Northern Ireland Council agrees to host Armed Forces Day despite Sinn Fein opposition. “Good: the ‘trouble’ is not enough standing-up to SF. This weakness stems from the beginning i.e. the abandonment of the Constitution of Northern Ireland in favour of a” whimsical fondness” for Ulster (I have got to hate that sound).

Freedom of speech and conscience* is two-sided. Recent attack on Police by a gender party is an abuse of freedom of speech and conscience*. It is wrong to use the Bible in reference to gender. The Bible was written in ignorance of reality (gender-wise), free speech and conscience. It would be helpful if the experts (scientists, medical professionals ect.), were to be heard. This would clear the way for the future. *A better word would be useful i.e. Perception, knowledge (to the point). Religion: restricted, limited, narrow-minded.


The last years of the Ottoman Empire. It’s a jew now at the top. The future is the jews with their eyes on the World :: the people blinded by the Bible and Qu’ran to their existence from their scriptures to Palestine in 1947 via the Bible and Qu’ran in existence for 1400+ years. Time after Time.

Three non-Arab powers have tended to dominate the region in different ways::> Israel, Iran, and Turkey. (Israel)/Palestine, progressing round about Iran and Turkey and other neighbouring targets with the ROTW in mind. Time after Time.


The comparisons between Lebanon’s civil war and America’s situation now are a step too far. HOW THE JEWS VIEW THE US (futuristic).

Legal group demands Israel end impunity for killing of Palestinian citizens. The jews are using religion to cover what they are doing. The Qu’ran is the Palestinians downfall. The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures. It is similar to a remote control (psychological). The law does not take religion into consideration. CONSIDER: The jews scriptures are repeated in the Bible and Qu’ran > how the jews get away with what they are doing in Palestine and elsewhere including “normalisation”.

Kuwait. Sheikh Nawaf is the 16th ruler in Kuwait’s al-Sabah dynasty, which dates to 1752. He is the sixth emir since Kuwait gained independence from Britain in 1961. Subjected to the jews influence through the Qu’ran, and Britsh Bible (Christianity), unaware of the jews intentions (World Domination).


Noam Chomsky On The Long History Of US Meddling In Foreign Elections. Trump and Putin are jews.

Urdu Video: Secularism in Islam and rising above Sectarianism. The Qu’ran was doomed as such from the start. It was created psychologically by the jews through Mohammad. After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ his disciples published their experiences with Jesus as instructed by Jesus prior to the crucifixion. The Bible was created on the disciples and Paul of Tarsus’s accounts plus extracts from the jews scriptures. The jews later got hold of Mohammad and copied Jesus actions. . The main contents were ‘copied’ psychologically through Mohammad. TWO points are used to cover up the origins: Mohammad an Egyptian {in the same role as Jesus} and a ‘named’ God {Allah} giving the impression of a new start separate from the scriptures/Bible <including the same wording in places>.

The Palestinians are the OWNERS of PALESTINE, the US knowledge of external affairs is in the hands of bungling amateurs at the whim of the jews, other nations are not helping.

The problem is Qu’ran {Muslam} . It is NOT a self-chosen religion. It’s origins are in the jews scriptures and is therefore a threat to Hindustan. UNSC do not take religion into account (constant ignorance of religious connections results in never ending trouble {wars etc.)). The Qu’ran is an extract from the jews scriptures and as such is being used by the jews [rem. WWI, the jews behind the trouble] through the Bible is also extraction of jews scriptures.

The difference between the Indigoness Palestinians and the jews? A big one but the Qu’ran is the Palestinians hidden danger (copied from Jews scriptures), giving the jews the upper hand. One-sided <psychological> warfare.

Legal group demands Israel end impunity for killing of Palestinian citizens. :: Adalah says public perception of Palestinians as the ‘enemy’ encourages deadly police violence. :: History proves the jews do not act on provocation > World Domination > is their reason.

Adalah says public perception of Palestinians as the ‘enemy’ encourages deadly police violence. Wrong : the jews do

BEIRUT — Lebanon and Israel said on Thursday they will hold US-brokered negotiations on their disputed land and maritime borders, in what Washington hailed as a “historic” agreement between two sides technically still at war. Bookie 2/1.

TMT:: A spat over a comparison between present-day America and 1930s Germany showed the American-Jewish establishment is unequipped to protect its community, no doubt about it: the jews continuing their crawling, poormouthing,, snivelling, whimpering act since the end of WW2 whilst illegally occupying part of Palestine, killing Palestinians (including children), destroying homes, business’s of the Palestinian people. Relying on US/World blind eye to what the jews themselves call ‘progress’ to World Domination:- 6 times caught and dealt with (6th: WWI/WW2).


US: “foreign policy is domestic policy”, “domestic policy is foreign policy”. For some years I always thought the US does not have a foreign policy. Biden has revealed that the US does not know the difference between ‘domestic’ and ‘foreign’. This has been the cause of continuous bullying on the part of the US. The US is pursuing a course of ‘domesticating’ countries giving rise to the raw hatred exuberated against the US by the Middle East countries. I applaud these countries for their open honesty in contrast to countries who meekly bend to bullying. The US, still a ‘young’ country, has fallen into the Jews “web of religious deceit”.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has joined the mayors of New York, Los Angeles and Paris in refusing to attend or send a representative to a major international summit this week hosted by Saudi Arabia as part of its chairmanship of the G20. Fits with jews “normalisation” plans.

Ibrahim Njoya, the African king who created his own writing system that was destroyed by the French. The first word/name is the reason for his problems.

The Muslims in Poland: Their Origin, History, and Cultural Life. It was not THEY behind the trouble in WWI.

Annexation without declaration: The jews back-to-front rhetoric leaving people confused. The jews control the minds of others when face-to-face, they are {psychologically} forcing themselves on others.

BBC Big Questions – Are Religions Unfair To Women?. At face value: Scriptures (Judaism) and (the copied of the jews scriptures) Qu’ran (Islam, Muslim, Ahmadi etc) ARE unfair to women. The Bible (Christianity) treats men and women as equals.

Does UK Need a British Islam: BBC Big Questions Debate?. NO. The Bible is the nearest to the jews scriptures, the copied translation is plain to see. Closer scrutiny of the Bible shows up the amount of ignorance in relation to the contents. 1. The Greek woman, 2. The good samaritan, 3. The boaster/the poor woman. The jews exposed to themselves behind our backs overlooked. The Qu’ran was created by the jews in retaliation to Jesus andhis disciples + Paul. Two cover ups to avoid a fullscale exposure: Mohammad: an Egyptian, Allah: a ‘named’ God > a new start with the old (same) wording as the Bible. Qu’ran: “we killed Jesus Christ the Son of Allah”, blatant lie in contradiction to the Bible. UK does NOT need a British Islam in the way the Middle East did NOT need a Middle East judaism. Bible and Qu’ran both transporters (copied Judaism).

NATO: Military talks between Turkey, Greece to help resolve underlying problems. With the lines already drawn there is no reason for deconfliction. Turkey is the constant oppressor using the Greeks unexplained ‘expansion’ approach.

The dilemma of Mahmoud Abbas. The jews aim is beyond Palestine, SOLUTION: stand up to the jews for Palestine, no leaway, demand jews out of Palestine. The jews were promised a place in the Middle East by the King of England iin 1917, the jews undercut the King having Palestine in mind. The Jew has a history of underhand conflict with Royalty and other heads-of-state. The US has played into the jews hands since the end of WW2.

How Can the Muslim Times Broker Peace Between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Their War?. The Bible and Qu’ran > jews through both, rem.WWI.

You must be tired of them. They’re everywhere. Narcissists. And if you think there are more of them than ever, you’re right. Research shows we are experiencing a narcissism epidemic. CHECK> how many are jews?

The jew controlled US, the jews are worried. The US jumpy, TWO jews running for Presidency.

Funding jews in US with the fistfulls of billions of dollars regularly handed to the jews. Note the way in which the jews thanked the US through the Qu’ran (three airplanes 9/11), for their undivided attention since WW2.

Sudan makes clear its Israel policy::- Obvious reasoning: the jews making use of “hindering access to foreign funding for the country’s economy” with a normalization of relations with Israel, Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok said on Saturday.

The Saudis’ Heads Are in the Clouds of Peace, Their Feet in the Yemeni Mud AND THEIR LEANING TOWARDS THE JEWS.

In Pakistan’s eyes Turkey leads Islamic world. Erdogan is a jew {Torah}, the jews aim is World Domination through their scriptures, the Bible, and the Qu’ran, six attempts to date resulted in caught and dealt with. WWI, The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”, jews objected to The Kaiser,: resulting in WW2 concentration camps, “hollow cost”.

Middle East: Towards more effective diplomacy. While the US administration is moving forward in promoting its regional plan, the Palestinian authority has cornered itself into a very tight position. 1. The US administration is, above all others solely in favourMiddle of the jews six preludes at World Domination. 2. the Palestinian authority has *cornered itself into a very tight position – *WAS “cornered into” by the jews manipulation with the US/UK.

Still looking the wrong way. Turkey is the danger.

Did you know Harvard recognizes Quran as one of the best expressions for justice. Rubbish. The Qu’ran is copied in the main from the jews scriptures. The US is not the truth when referring to religion. The Bible also copied in the main from the jews scriptures. Both of them are taken up and accepted in ignorance of their origin {easily traced through close attention > reading, hearing, seeing.

Germany calls on Greece to demilitarise islands near Turkey. Germany has the situation back to front, Turkey is the threat. Erdogan is a jew paving the was to the jews World Domination.

Are we living at the ‘hinge of history’? Our effect on climate requires forward thinking.

I have yet to know of Islam mentioned in the jews scriptures. Jews and Christians are mentioned. I presume that this is prior to the Qu’ran.

Explained in a Hadith: Christains fight and overcome parts of the Earth and continue with their conquests in death. The jews look forward to the heavenly exaltation. There is no reason for argumentation. No one has come back to prove either way. JC did not come back, he said he ‘would send’. He was born naturally of a woman and was regarded in line with the scriptures.

Iran lashes out at ‘delirious’ Saudi Arabia after King Salman’s UN speech.
It is not for someone to criticise another whilst blindly supporting a stateless Earthwide out of nowhere strangers using the ignorance of religiously governed neighbours and nations whilst brazenly laying claim to the homeland of the Palestinians.

Why Muslims in France fear a bill on Islamic ‘separatism’. Islamist’s beware: Emmanuel Macron is a jew.

Do We Need Better Theology?. Understand? Theology comes from ‘theory’. Theory is ‘chasing moonbeams’. Theology is ‘chasing someone’s imagination’. The best known is the jews imaginary ‘god’. Repeated through the Bible and Qu’ran, forced upon non-jews from birth for life.

Go back to 1921> Constitution of Northern Ireland, King opened Northern Ireland Parliament March 1922. Look at the historic record. Downhill from start to date. Threw NI away. All day I face the barren waste. “heard about the fella who swerved to avoid a hard border? in the sea.

It is also a pointer to the future; the wandering jew in the Bible, stateless on the ground 1947> World Domination. 6th time caught and dealt with. Hollow Cost.

Sanctions in this region have not had the result desired by those imposing them. I have just read ALL and I’m disgusted, the US stands out as THE terrorist.

The first thing to do to the jews:  never agree with them on any subject at any time.

The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures. >>>> remote control.

I am not on my knees, I do not agree with the jews. I see the jews scriptures through the Bible.

Make the Political rule of six compulsory to the Northern Ireland Politicians!!!?

Ted talk: What aspects of religion should atheists (respectfully) adopt?. For starters::^> people who regard themselves as ‘religious’ should leave the atheists alone BECAUSE religious are to atheists what atheists are to religious. For myself the idea of ‘God’ is a product of the jews imagination, having gone through the Bible like ‘a physic’ of salts. There are innumerable reasons mainly in ignorance, each individual could come up with a reason, In my personal view the jews scriptures is a combination of fact and fiction which fits only with the jews, having been written by the jews, about the jews, for the jews. Jesus believed in the scriptures because He came from the scriptures, the Book of Job ‘an other’ will come. There is now a person who fits with the Bible. NT, John, ‘I will send a Comforter’ > Revelations, ‘Like unto the son of man’, ‘He will be called the Word of God’, ‘Only he knows his name’. I am that person.

Organized Religion, Psychology and Selflessness?. To the jews > Psychological NO, selflessness YES. The Qu’ran and Bible are made up of copied extracts from the jews scriptures [Qu’ran], the Bible from the jews scriptures and Jesus’ disciples plus Paul of Tarsus, a cloth maker who overheard Jesus and Peter talking and was observed by both. Religion is best seen as ‘Imposition’, i.e. imposed upon others.

Rashid said Wittman’s ad attacks his Muslim faith, Rashid, why is your Muslim ‘faith’ different from an Islamist or an Ahmadi as all three share the Qu’ran and allegedly one god ‘Allah’. Don’t you see you have been set up to destroy yourselves and not knowing why? Search the scriptures, a Hadith, jews and christians mentioned. Read all of it. There is no mention of Muslim, Islam, or Ahmadi because the Qu’ran had not come into existence.

Kuwait denies Trump claim it will back Israel normalisation. Trump shoving it for the jews, what he is doing can be likened unto handing everything to the jews, whilst the World sits in darkness blinded/softened by religion.

Umrah app will enrich pilgrim experience, This is the method by which the jews see World Domination ‘falling’ into their hands <> Trump’s promise on the election platform 2016/7 re:> the Bible: Jesus “I will send a Comforter”. Trump is not the Comforter described in the Bible> John and Revelations.


As the result of a *military coup*, Su Li was set up by the *armed government” to take the blame for it’s actions. She was awarded a prestigious award that was withdrawn when she was left to take the blame. *The action of a cowardly, obviously makeshift military, fitting with jew-backed Trumps “government”, blatant ignorance of civil decency, a disgrace to the word ‘Military’, the pride of civilised nations.

What Trump Taught America+ About the Bible. HOW NOT TO READ the truth about the jews.

Palestinians right to insist they are not mere numbers. It was not THEY behind the trouble in WW1, it was not THEY complained about the Kaiser, it was not THEY in Austwich, Dracquae and Belize.

What message does increased US presence in Syria send to Russia and Turkey?. >> “Bible>US/Russia, Qu’ran/jews scriptures> Turkey/Syria. WWI.

The end of the Saudi era. The World still ignoring the jews progress on the backs of the Bible and Qu’ran. [Palestine, Cyprus , Lebanon “>> the result of external efforts.