The “Holy” Bible or the “Whole” Bible?

Jesus Christ was the ‘promised messiah’ (full stop). The OT (jews scriptures) foretold the Messiah in Isiah, Maher Shalal Hasbaz > ‘He will be called’ <>, {son of Elijah} was the preempted indication to the coming of the Messiah. Jesus is also > ‘He will be called’ <>the same name as Maher Shalal Hashbaz. <>SEARCH Isiah and Matthew<>. On the cross cried out <“Eloi, Eloi” why have you forsaken me <> of “Elijah”.


Trump, being a jew, born and raised in contradiction to World standards, enforcing themselves onto others, is still pumping up the jews, ignoring their back-to-front interpretation of the ROTW’s living standards.

TMT::> Abrahamic faiths – you failed me, you didn’t believe me. The Qu’ran and the Bible is in the majority, <*extracts*> from the jews scriptures., making them jewish faiths, faith in/of the jews. The jews scriptures was thought up/created and written by the jews, about the jews, for* the jews.

TMT:: The Mayflower :: The %pilgrim fatherrs%, were jews relating the scriptures, christians joined in in their ignorance, as they still are today. It is also the jews who inspire the followers of the Qu’ran, it also consisting of, in the main, extracts from the jews scriptures.

The jews have been caught and dealt with openly six (6) times, lasr time WW2 result of WWI. They are now showing, openly what they are in Palestine. To Amin Maalouf.

One of the most widely recognised mechanisms that individuals utilise the world over in trying times is to turn towards religion. WWI: “jews BEHIND the trouble” through the Bible. World-wide: thru the Bible and Qu’ran chk “terrorists” > religion/faith <.

How to be Happy? The right way up > There IS Life WITHOUT Religion.


Still overlooking WWI, The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble” > through the Bible (copied from Jews scriptures). Update: now including the Qu’ran. Reading, Riting, Rithmetic going to waste.

The Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures it’s a TROGAN HORSE death trap.

Erdogan, a jew, is pushing for the jews. The oil in Greek and Cypriot wsters is a further step towards World Domination under cover of the scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran.

CYPRUS : VICTIM OF EXTERNAL EFFORTS – The JEWS at work, the world sleeps, there is a stench of cowerdice hiding behind ignorance of faith/religion. [{ Similar:- PALESTINE 1947 }]

Excerps in the Qu’ran are copied from the jews scriptures. Mohammad was ‘caught’ by the jews and made to do what he did. Jesus Christ created the Bible through his disciples. The jews copied Jesus and created the Qu’ran through Mohammad (arab) with a false name, Allah, on the God of the jews thus covering up their involvement.

Happiness is all in your mind and not in the circumstances or other people. A healthy mind makes a healthy body.


us’s war on terror that followed 9/11 has displaced 37 million people. The US is being used by the jews for their own purpose from immediately after WW2. Their purpose is World Domination, the TROJAN HORSE method {Bible and Qu’ran} plus occupation by stealth in most if not all Countries. WWI, The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”, jews complained, WW2 ‘hollow cost’, 6th time caught and dealt with.


A gift from the jews delivered by the Qu’ran. 9/11 >

You can fool Some of the people All of the time, All of the people, Some of the time but you can’t fool All of the People All of the time.

TMT:: ‘Minority’! report: Another step forward in the Jews plans for World Domination*. “The Jews ‘of’ Lebanon” {note the wording}, is the making ‘of’ the ‘advance party’ in the planned future. The claim to Palestine is the “small step” before the ‘leap’. *[use of the Bible, Qu’ran and ‘occupation’].


The Palestinian Issue: Solution > Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinians NOT the jews. The jews were in Palestine 2000 years ago, (the time of the birth, life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ). Jews are falsely laying claim to Palestine connecting to their time there 2000 years ago. It has been Palestine from BC times.

The Goldilocks Enigma.
Why is the Universe just right for life?
Answer: We grow into the Universe.

the military union between mostly Western countries is faltering’. SHORT MEMORIES:: WWI, The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”. Why do we keep repeating “*we will remember them*? and yet forget WHY we are” *remembering them*.

Charlie Hebdo reigniting contentious flame. Publishing Mohammad. Blatant incitement, obvious ‘invisable’ interference through the Qu’ran.

The jews, with the submissive ‘help’ from Trump, had the Capital of Palestine moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to coincide with the jews scriptures.

The Future of the Global Muslim Population, as with Islam, Anadi ? is under the psychological control of the jews as has been the case since 1947 under cover of the Bible targeting the UK and US.

The jews know the Qu’ran and Bible better than the followers.

All children’s religion is limited to hearing parents, being told, forced unto them, parents limited knowledge and lack of interest in reading. They in turn repeat the cycle. The clue to full knowledge is in the reading, knowing the contents of the relevant Book combined with told, hearing, forced, reading, parents knowledge, use of the eyes and ears.

Blasphemy Laws:: The Qu’ran and the Bible consist mainly of copied extracts from the Jews scriptures. The Bible by Jesus Christ through his disciples, the Qu’ran by the Jewry through Mohammad. {stories about Mohammad are made up to fit with the contents. Crux: The Qu’ran and Bible were created to support the jews scriptures.

Plain Water will Tell you the Story. Correction > we came out of the water. The planet Earth is made of Cosmic dust as is everything in it. Hence the phrase “dust to dust”. “Ashes to ashes” > the sun (star ), will collapse in on itself (Cosmic dust). Documentaries on TV. [Scriptures proven wrong again].

The UAE – Jew flight is the result of the jews use of their scriptures overcoming individual States through the psychologically created Qu’ran through Mohammad. Jesus Christ created the Bible [in two parts: jews scriptures {OT} , JC {NT}] through his disciples and Paul of Tarsus.

TMT:: At Least 37 Million People Displaced by US War on Terror, Study Finds. Bearing in mind the jews ‘behind the trouble in WWI’. Moved in on the US immediately after WW2, “laying claim to Palestine”. 2016 Trump promised the jews he will help them if elected, he was elected.


Peace deals with the jews. We sre now becoming aware of what deals with the jews actually mean. Whilst making those deals the jews have been making progress subjuing the Palrstinians, people forced from their homes, murder; houses, villages, business’s destroyed. Having no right to be in Palestine in the first place, they are continuing their poormouthing, begging attitude they used to blind the USA, slipped through London under cover of UK’s biblical blindness into Palestine having fooled the King and London as to their intentions.

Charlie Hebdo reigniting contentious flame. Publishing Mohammad. Blatant incitement, obvious ‘invisable’ interference through the Qu’ran

The jews, with the submissive ‘help’ from Trump, had the Capital of Palestine moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to coincide with the jews scriptures.