JC::> {i} The Word became flesh. {ii} I am the door. {iii} I come like a thief in the night. {iv} I will send a Comforter. {v} You will see the son of man riding on an ass. Like unto the son of man{ii} {iii}{v}. He will be called the Word of God{i}. Only he knows his name{iv}. It is I{iv}.


The terrorist in question is a jew with a sketch of Mohammad, who he is making fun of aware that incitement could result in retaliation {as it did}, and in the knowledge that it was they {the jews}, who, in the first place psychologically forced Mohammad to do what he did (search the scriptures), Qu’ran: flee, cliff, Christains. TWO cover ups {1} Egyptian, {2} a “named” God. [Blowing in the wind ;> Belgian repeat!].


If Trump is re-elected will we be able to absolve the US this time. Having been blinded by the Bible they have been under the jews dictat since the end of WW2, arming, financing, fistfuls of billions of dollars and backing up continuously. Trump epitomises the state of the US in relation to the jews, he is making a point of proving his promise to them. People are too easily lead through the Bible and Qu’ran. They, the jews, are exposed to themselves in the New Testament: ex: i. Matt 15 2nd half, and ii. who is my neighbour? Both Bible and Qu’ran are copied from the jews scriptures rendering the followers of both open, vulnerable to prey by the jews. A fear of checking across books, [jews scriptures, Bible and Qu’ran is also in the jews favour]. I am aware of the jews in sheep’s clothing, they will be exposed! Jesus: (1) I am the door (2) I will send a Comforter (3) (you will see the son of man riding on an ass), Revelations Ch 1 : ‘Like unto the son of man’, ‘He will be called the Word of God’, ‘only he knows his name’.


Jesus is a crafty jew. “I am sent, not only, *{to the jews}*, but also the lost sheep of the House of Israel”. <*…*> part of speech omitted from the Bible. Speech designed to include only the [then and now], decendants of jews, i.e. omitting the ‘Gentiles’. Accounting for Abrahams’ curse on Jacob whilst adhering to the Scriptures, past {scriptures}, present {self-involvement}, future {the Word was, the Word became, I will send a Comforter}. The Comforter is depicted in the Book of the Revelations. //Jesus also foretold, in Paul’s letter to the Romans, the head of the RCC”> “He will be called the Holy Father”. to coincide with the L***’s P*****>. re:> “on Earth as it is in H******”. Latter days, known as Gog and Magog. As Hadab means elevated ground e.g. {H*****}, it is indicated here that they, [Christians] would achieve all worldly heights, but be deprived of H******y exaltation (relevant with “on Earth as it is in Heaven” Paul to the Romans (RCC) , christians= ‘all worldly heights’ jews=’heavenly exaltation’)

Istanbul mansion of Jewish architect who fled Nazis on sale for $13 million

BY DAILY SABAH WITH IHA ISTANBUL ISTANBUL AUG 26, 2020 An aerial view of Bruno Taut’s Villa (C) in Istanbul, Aug. 26, 2020. (IHA Photo) The Istanbul mansion of renowned Jewish German architect and urban planner, Bruno Taut, who fled Nazi Germany for Turkey, has been put on sale for TL 95 million ($12.8 million). The […].


Istanbul mansion of Jewish architect who fled Nazis on sale for $13 million