Career in India. Sir Mohammad Zafrullah Khan (Qu’ran). I see this as the jews third attempt of psychological influence in India, this time through the Qu’ran. History: (Reg Veda, created by “Pale skinned people”, modern day Jews), > later requested to leave the Country. [The Qu’ran and the Bible are copied extracts of the Jews scriptures], both Trojan Horse. The Bible being the means through which Queen Victoria became Empress of India.


Swiss efforts in Cyprus thwarted by reality.

TRUTH: Swiss efforts in Cyprus thwarted by Religion. The main theme in the Bible and Qu’ran is copied from the jews scriptures, giving rise to oversight by subjecting people, nations to psychological control by the jews, proven throughout history, six times the jews (up to and including WW2), caught and dealt with openly made known during WWI by The Kaiser.