I promised the jews, (stateless worldwide, ‘the wandering jew {Bible}), I would help them if elected President of the United States of America. Wednesday 3rd June 2020, on TV screen (news) bible in hand. The Bible, (as is the Qur’an), is a copied translation of the Jews scriptures plus Jesus Christ, his Diciples and Paul (Saul of Tarsus), applicable only to the Bible.


The Qur’an:>> Hadab:> The verse indicates that at the time of Gog and Magog, all nations of the world will indulge in religious fights against each other. Nations will wage war against other nations, like waves hit each other and kingdoms will attack other kingdoms.>> A similar description is found at another place in the Holy Quran> This is typical forward planning of the jews (the Qur’an is cpied off the jews scriptures phychologically by the/a jew + additions) > SAMPLE:> WW1, The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble {incl Ireland > Easter uprising 1916}”, through the Bible (followers blinded to the jews history, this being the SIXTH time, complained about the Kaiser, caused uprising, start of WW2, Dachau, Auschwitz and Belsen. “Christians will be dominant in the last age”. The Qur’an:>> This precisely is the most significant sign of that nation of the latter days which is known as Gog and Magog. As Hadab means elevated ground, it is indicated here that they would achieve all worldly heights, but be deprived of heavenly exaltation (relevant with “on Earth as it is in Heaven” Paul to the Romans (RCC) “will be called ‘The Holy Father’, christians= ‘all worldly heights’ jews=’heavenly exaltation’)


Trump’s America Now Leads the World—in Suicidal Stupidity > Another ploy in support of the jews aim of World Domination through occupation whilst the heads of State slumber. The jews were behind the trouble in WW1, they complained about the Kaiser after the war, resulting in an uprising ending in WW2. London handed Palestine to the jews after WW2, where they blend with the Bible Were in Palestine 2000 plus years ago (birth, life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ). Armed, financed and backup by the US (to date). Promised by Trump that he would help them if elected to position of President. Already pulled out of International climate Agreement, and withdrew funding of WHO, leaving dangerous loopholes to life on Earth, planning jews future whilst normal life deteriorates.


Proposing Daryl Davis as a Peace Maker for Palestinians and Israel, for he attends KKK rallies, despite being black >> HOW ABOUT A PROPERLY BALANCED UN > With fair, truthful, unbiased knowledge of right and wrong, fact and fiction, right and left, language, spelling, numbers, life an death, age, gender, civilised lifestyle, religion (original, awareness of copies e.g. Jews scriptures + copies).


No member of the Ahmadiyya community has been appointed to the minority commission, Religious Affairs Minister Noorul Haq Qadri clarified on Thursday. He said no member of any sect will be included till they accept the Constitution. CONGRATULATIONS. It’s GOOD to see religon being stood up to partcularly in relation to a constitution religion being the main instigation of unrest with the Qur’an and Bible under the direct influence of the Jews being copied attachments to the jews scriptures.


Europe unites at UN against West Bank annexation > THE ARAB NATIONS STILL LACKING > All show-off outbursts of nothing and nothing done > sit and watch the demise of the Palestinians/Palestine at the hands of Trump/US (memories of Iraq > thoughts of Iran> still to come, Syria> jews behind the trouble (thru the Qur’an). London> (under biblical influence) handed Palestine to the jews after WW2. US> (under biblical influence) armed, financed (10-yearly billions of dollars) and backup (unlimited). Both Bible and Qu’ran are copied extensions of the jews Scriptures.