The jews created their scriptures. Jesus Christ came, endowed the disciples with his knowledge (was crucified), the disciples carried on JC’s work from which came the Bible. At around this time the jews phychologically trapped Mohammad and overcame his mind (“lay in wait for his soul”), from which came the Qu’ran.


The Qur’an:>> Hadab:> The verse indicates that at the time of Gog and Magog, all nations of the world will indulge in religious fights against each other. Nations will wage war against other nations, like waves hit each other and kingdoms will attack other kingdoms.>> A similar description is found at another place in the Holy Quran> This is typical forward planning of the jews > SAMPLE:> WW1, The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble {incl Ireland > Easter uprising 1916}”, through the Bible (followers blinded to the jews history, this being the SIXTH time, complained about the Kaiser, caused uprising, start of WW2, Dresden, Dachau, Auschwitz and Belsen. “Christians will be dominant in the last age”. The Qur’an:>> This precisely is the most significant sign of that nation of the latter days which is known as Gog and Magog. As Hadab means elevated ground, it is indicated here that they would achieve all worldly heights, but be deprived of heavenly exaltation (relevant with “on Earth as it is in Heaven” Paul to the Romans (RCC) “will be called ‘The Holy Father’, christians= ‘all worldly heights’ jews=’heavenly exaltation’).


TMT:> The Pandemic and the search for the Jewish Messiah >> The Messiah the jews are referring to is mentioned in the Bible (Book of Job: “another will come”). Matthew “behold the Messiah”, “the Word became flesh”, he will be called Emmanuel. Book of John> Jesus Christ> “I will send a comforter”. Revelations> description of someone like himself “like unto the Son of Man”, he will be called “The Word of God” {read, , “only he knows his name” (obvious). This claim by the Jews is in retaliation to my having declared myself to HM The Queen of England (Faith Defender), some thirty years ago, but was not acknowledged. I am aware of the jews history in and post Bible amounting to six(6) times caught and dealt with, the sixth time being (”’WW1, The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble {incl Ireland > Easter uprising 1916}” through the Bible, (being a copied extension of the Jews scriptures through the diciples plus Apostle Paul (a jew).

William Gordon

Islamb Militant

CORRECTION > reference to World Domination > WW1 The Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”, this was the SIXTH time they were caught and dealt with on their way to World Domination. 5th: Banned from England (by the King). 4th: Surrounded by Roman Army, committed suicide. 3rd: Lettered by King Arterexes. 2nd: Moved by King Nabuchadnezzar. 1st: Requested to leave by Hinduism.


TMT ”I am Kishan for Hindus”: a.>>Scriptures:> Book of Job:> “Another will come”. b.>>Bible:> Book of Matthew:> Jesus Christ> born of Mary. c.>>The time marked for second coming of Christ or Messiah>> d.>>Bible:> Book of John:> JC:> “I will SEND a Comforter” >Bible:> Book of Revelations> ‘the Comforter’. e.>>Messiah for Christians/Jews>> f.>>Advent of Isa son Mary??? g.>>Bible:> Book of John:> JC ‘began to be about thirty’, h.>>JC crucified AD 30-33?, i.>>(noticed)> AD 1033> [1000 years]>,’end of the World'{?}, j.>>(noticed)> AD 2033> [2000 years]>, ‘end of the World'{?}.


BelfastNewsLetter Thurs 19th Mar 20. [MISLEADING INTERPRETATION]. The disabled beggar was a jew healed by Peter and John. Matthew 15 2nd half > p22, woman of Canaan, seeking JC to help her sick daughter, p24, JC: I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of Israel, p26, JC: it is not meet to take from the children and cast to the dogs. (Note: Jacob was named Israel by Abraham and declared to be the fruit of his bowels).